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8 Amazing Facebook Tricks you don’t know

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Am very sure you are a facebook user but if you are not then you need to signup for Facebook now .
Today i would be introducing to you some facebook amazing tips and tricks that is very useful and which have tried out.
Am very sure when you try them your friends would ask how did u do it. Without much talks lets talk about the amazing 8 facebook tips and tricks i have for you:1. Make Free Calls With Facebook Messenger

Bet you that most of the people do
not, till now know, that they can make free calls from Facebook too. It’s been two years (January, 2013) when Facebook added a voice (free) calling facility for its account holders. This is possible only if you download Facebook Messenger app on your smartphone (As it is unavailable for web). Get it’s upgraded version from the Google Play Store, and thereby get connected with your loved ones by clicking on the call button made on the top right of its window.

2. Don’t Let Anyone See Your Friend List

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Sometimes you want to keep it a secret who all are there on your list!
Yes I do believe, that the friend-list should be hidden from others. You just need to login to your FB profile and then straight away go to your Friend’s list and tick down the ‘edit’ option. Clicking on it will serve you a dropdown option on which you need to choose the ‘edit privacy’ option. This enable you to see a ‘pop-up’ from where you can change the by-default ‘Public’ (can be visible to everyone) option to ‘Only me’. Similarly, you can hide your Followings and Followers list.

3. Without Clicking On Picture you can See Their Enlarged View

With the installation of Photo Zoom for Facebook as an extension of your browser (say Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox), you can get the Facebook images in its larger form as and when you hover over them. It makes your journey of watching your friends and family photo album. Just click on it and get a full-size photo on your screen.

4. Make Your Facebook Chat
Inoperative With ‘Seen’ Feature! Sometimes when you are online, you get irritated with the flood of
messages you get in your inbox. But if you do not reply to those messages you’re the most arrogant person on earth (as the person who’s texting believes). Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like chatting with anyone you needn't have to bother about the same. Just download the lightweight chrome extension – Facebook Hide Seen (or alternatively Facebook seen Notification for Firefox) which enables the hiding of ‘Seen’ notification on your chatbox.

5. Spy On Facebook Messenger

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Conversation Worried about what your partner does on Facebook?
Smile! now you can monitor your spouse remotely. You will get an entire details of what he/she
does on Facebook and with whom it chat whole day and/or night with ample amount of spywares in market.
One of them is Spymaster Pro. You can buy these kinds of spy app/software online and therein download and install it on your partner’s cell phone (or on anyone’s cell phone whom you want to monitor). With this you can read/see the complete chat conversations your spouse makes with his/her friend on Facebook (It consist of many more other features).

6. Making Your Facebook Status or Chat Messages Flow Upside Down

This is real fun! Trick your friends by chatting with them hanging upside down. Confused?
This means you can play prank by updating your status or posting anything in a way that the
person who is reading it would have to flip itself to see it because whatever you will type will be seen in inverted version.
How can it be done? Just click here and type anything then copy the overturned text from there and paste it as your status or in the chat text box.

7. Download The Entire Album In No Time
Suppose you want to copy and save the entire photo album of a particular event that your friends have uploaded on FB. Ideally you cannot download the entire album, posted by someone on Facebook, at a time. Or if you copy it one by one it will take whole of your day to do that. So here is a smartest idea to do it. Download and Make FB FacePAD as your browser extension. Now, you can quickly download the entire set of pictures with just few clicks.

8. Use Your Face Instead Of Facebook Emoticon
People nowadays are more into conversing with each other using emoticons also known as smileys. Smileys definitely add flavor in chit-chatting with your loved ones. But now, you can also use your own face as an emoticon or smiley. All you need to do is to visit any FB profile, official
page, etc. which you want to use as the expression, and then place your
username within double square brackets [[hiideemod]] then enter the same in the Facebook chat box and see the magic.

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Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams is a Web Developer/Designer, Graphic Designer, Content Manager/Writer, Digital Marketer, and UI/UX Designer.

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