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Top 7 Android Mobile Phones for Students in 2017

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Are you also interested in Android smartphones? If yes, then here is the list of some of the best ones for you. Basically, Android has the largest market share in the field of the smartphone, and its popularity is increasing day by day, especially among students. But, the choice among so many Android mobiles phones becomes difficult, especially when you consider manufacturer, features, and benefits of each one.

On the other hand, right now, Android is the undoubted leader in the market, and regarding market share also it is capturing 83% of people. Further, there is a significant number of smartphone makers in the market who come up with the new types of smartphones every month, and there are many companies who are launching some upcoming campaigns in 2017 which will explain you about the new phones they will be launching in the coming year.

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Further, these devices will go to be the best versions of their own, and they are just going to rock the technology with their impressive features, quality, and uniqueness. Therefore, there will be a huge competition in the market in 2017, and that is the reason we are gathering some of the best one’s details for you.
Below mentioned is the list of top 7 and best Android mobile phones for students in 2017:

1. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeOne of the best Android mobile phone for students is Samsung galaxy S7 edge. Now, it is no longer the semi gimmick as it was before. Although some of the features are same as that of galaxy S5 but it has given fans what they are expecting from the Samsung. This Android phone now a refined and highly sophisticated piece of technology.
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2. HTC 10

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HTC 10Another one in the category of top 7 is HTC 10. HTC is a brand which is getting popular at a very fast speed and for which people are eagerly waiting because it launched many best android mobile phones in the past few years. This model of the HTC handset flaunts a superb QHD screen with an extraordinary sound and audio technology, powerful processor and a snapdragon processor. It is also well equipped with a fingerprint scanner for its better performance.

3. LG G6

LG G6The other Android smartphone, which is best for students is LG G6. It has made with the new technology, keeping in mind about the new generation and flaunts a new glass front and rear. One of the most interesting news coming about this model of LG is that it will feature a new type of scanner that used the same sensor as the phone’s front camera which is also a space and cost saving measure for students.

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4. OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3TOnePlus 3T is the other best Android phone for students. Basically, it has everything which a smartphone should have like its fast, slim and responsive. Further, it comes with an above average battery life and cameras that can produce stunning images. As long as you don’t want an iPhone, this will be best for you.

5. Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi Mi 6Xiaomi is a brand which is famous for its cheap, budgeted and high tech smartphones, which are best for students also. Students expect some uniqueness in phones and this model of Xiaomi will be a flagship killer. Just by adding some amount of money you can can get a latest Snapdragon processor, 128 GB storage space and 16 MP camera which is further capable of recording 4 K videos.

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Another best smartphone which comes under the category of top 7 is Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has recovered all problems which people were facing with note 7. Its launch will be most probably in February 2017. This new model of Samsung will have a 5.7 inch HD screen with a super quality S pen support system, dual camera, a powerful combo of processor and RAM, waterproofing facility and more.
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7. Sony Xperia Z6

Sony Xperia Z6Last but not the least in the category of top 7 Android mobile phones for students is Sony Xperia Z6. This handset of Sony will be a new flagship for the company and it will have all features like a 5.3 inch display with 2K resolution. It will also try to follow some of the features of Apple iPhone 6. So, overall it’s a good combo for every student.
Therefore, these are some of the best and top 7 android mobile phones for students in 2017.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. This will really helpful for students to choose the mobile phone easily.

  2. sso many phones to choose from, will settle finally for samsung s7, the little tikers would love these, thank you for sharing, wonderful blog

  3. Having an idea of getting One plus 3T or Xiaomi Mi6, not clearly planned yet. Anyway, the blog is great providing info on the high budget smartphones.


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