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Top 10 Sites to Download PC Games for Free

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There are more than 1.2 million people worldwide who are in gaming activities. The best excellent place to play gaming for maximum experience is on a PC. However, most gamers do not know where to download the games, and therefore we end up been frustrated as we try to download from the wrong sites. Consequently, we are going to analyze the top 10 sites where you can easily download PC games without frustrations. Scroll down to learn more about these sites that offer a wide range of PC games for free.
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Top Sites to Download PC Games for Free

1. Acid Play

This website provides different PC downloadable games under a single platform, and therefore, you can download your choice of the game without hustles. It has a variety of recently released games, and you can you filter option to choose from hottest, top rated or the newest. It is, therefore, the best site to download PC games in 2018. Also, it has features that allow you to select games of your genre preference such as puzzle, action, board, and others.

2. AllGamesAtoZ.com

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The sites allow access to gamers who use PC, Linux, and MAC into one single platform. The website is easy to use as the games are listed in alphabetical order making the search easy. It does verification of free games to assure their clients that the games available are secure to download. If you are a first time visitor, you will be prompted to register and sign up. You will be using same login details during the subsequent times that you visit. The games are easy to such as they are listed with the theme, genre and game title. You can, therefore, use any to search your game of interest.

3. Caiman.us

The website contains some of the recent, innovative and introduced games. They updated their website frequently, and therefore, you are sure to find the recent game already listed. It has both 2 D and 3D games to make sure that they satisfy diverse client’s needs. After opening the website, you will see a list of games on your left side. You should tap it and will prompt you to search for your desired games. You will then be given a downloadable link to the games of your choice so that you can download it anywhere.

4. Origin on the house

Origin on the house captures more of your attention since it has various games and deals. However, they keep changing and revising their deals from time to time and therefore, it is advisable to visit them regularly to make sure that you don’t miss any deal. You should click their website, and after opening, you will see the store on your right-hand corner. Click the store, and it will display options you can choose from such as deals and free games. If you get the deal, you will be prompted to purchase recent games at relatively low prices. The deal can also give you the chance of free trials of selected games.

5. Mega Games

They offer all the games that you need for free. It is designed like an app, but it is added more features such as trainers, headlines, cheats, and freeware. The recent games are listed under freeware tab, and therefore you should click it to see the recent games. The games are easy to search as they are arranged in alphabetical order. The best thing is that its software allows fast download and therefore, you don’t waste on time.

6. Skid Row Gammers

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This is a place you can get old licensed and new PC downloadable games. They update their games frequently, and therefore you are sure to find the type of game you want. The website also gives the game updates regularly; it also gives the list of games downloadable to PC. At the top of the website page, it streams the recent games alongside with their descriptions, date released and their genre. They give you a downloadable link where you can download the game anywhere.

7. IGG Games

This is one of the oldest game sites, and therefore it has a lot of experience in gaming. It offers free gaming downloadable links as well as game video tutorials and their descriptions. They also have a gaming guide which teaches you on how to best play game they display. It is easy to use website, and they also have customer online help services. They have many games which you can download to your PC.

8. OVA Games

This website is designed in search a way that it meets the modern day expectations since it works just like our minds. It has many games that you may want to download, but when you cannot find the game of your choice in the list, the website allows you to request for it. Sometime the game you ask will be available to be downloaded for free within a short period. However, this depends on the number of requests sent. You choose the game of your choice and use the download link to download it directly.

9. Apun Ka Games

This is a gaming blog, and it gives the games with about ten different genres. It provides more than one link to download the game and displays the top rated ones on the screen for easy search. It has various games which include, barbarian invasion, mercenaries 2, Rome, total war and Clancy rainbow among many others. It is one of the best gaming site.

10. Gamer Sky

It is a Chinese gaming website, but it also lists in English. It is best for anyone who wants to download either old or recent games since it has all of them. After clicking the game, the website will redirect you to the download link. It is easy to use since it gives games download link but it does not offer games description. You are required to search the game you want and download it directly.
The above-listed sites are the best where you can download PC games for free. Most of these websites will give you a license to the games. However, some of them do not have a game license. The license does not affect or interfere with your online gaming, and therefore there is nothing to worry. Choose one today and enjoy the gaming experience.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Content Creator, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, Flutter App Developer and UI/UX Designer.

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