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Putting The Smart In Smartphone: Doing The Necessary Backup

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“I broke my phone today. What do I do now?”
“I lost 16 gigabytes worth of contact information, photos, apps, music and other important data. How do I get them all back?”
“What exactly is backing up? That sounds like something my toilet would do.”
“What is this cloud they speak of?”
If you’re guilty of asking some of these questions then you definitely need to read on to find out more. (Not to worry, nothing about toilets here)
These days, the need for backing up is no longer limited to just your laptop or desktop. Now, it’s also necessary to back up your mobile phone as well. Let’s put it this way, when you’re out and you need to write down a phone number, what’s the first thing you try to get hold of- a pen and paper or your smartphone? The obvious answer would be the smartphone. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to store dozens of phone numbers without the need of writing it down and needing to keep that piece of paper forever. Because of this convenience, we tend to store about a million other different things in our mobile phones. It could be family photos, business-related emails, mobile banking apps, your boss's phone number, etc. We trust this gadget with so much information that it should be a necessity to think of a backup strategy if in case our smartphone breaks. So how do we do that exactly?


Iphone Techblogng

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If you’re an iPhone user, your first option for backing up data on your iPhone is with the use of iCloud. The iCloud is Apple’s online service where one can share data such as photos, music and apps between iOS devices. Apple offers 5GB of storage on iCloud for free but you can upgrade to additional amounts for a fee. 20GB is $0.99 per month, 200GB is $3.99 a month, 500GB is $9.99 a month and 1TB is $19.99 a month. To enable iCloud backup on your iOS device all you have to do is to navigate to the Settings > iCloud > Backup > Sign in to iCloud if prompted > Tap “Back Up Now” to begin backing up. The use of iCloud is ideal for those who rarely connect their iOS device via USB to their PC since an iCloud backup is done over Wi-Fi.
Another option is to backup via iTunes. This is free and pretty simple to do. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone via USB to a PC or laptop where iTunes is installed. Once the summary page is reflected, select “Back Up Now.” This type of backup is a lot faster since it relies on a USB connection rather than your Wi-Fi’s Internet speed. Although, you must always remind yourself to connect and backup as this is a manual backing up option.


AndroidBacking up on an Android phone is also simple and straightforward. With Android, you have Google Sync. This ties all of your data and information into the Google system using your Google account. With Google Sync, your data is synced across various devices automatically, if you are signed in to them with your Google account. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts > Select Google > Select Google Accounts > Make your sync selections. When you get a new phone, all you need to do is simply sign in to your Google account and once the sync completes, all of the data stored into your Google account will be put into your new phone.
Another option would be to simply plug the Android phone into your PC with a USB cable, wait until the disk drive appears on the desktop and from there, you’ll be able to find your photos, music, etc. in their corresponding folders. From there, you can just copy and paste the data you need to your computer. Easy peasy, right?
Now that you know how to backup your smartphone, it’s important to remember how necessary this process is. If your smartphone breaks and your insurance has provided you with a replacement phone, you can easily restore the data from your broken phone to your new one. So make it a habit to back up your phone. It’s so easy! A few minutes doing so can save you from the headache of losing all your data. Be a smart smartphone user and backup that data! To avoid iPhone and Android issues, why not invest in gadget insurance? Guarantees repair or replacement for your smartphone, tablet, etc. in case of malfunctions. Invest in gadget insurance today!


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  1. I use an old iPhone as my primary device, yeah storage is a big problem to run my day, I used lot of 3rd party apps to clean my phone but unfortunately nothing worked, I I’ll try the steps mentioned in the article, hope will a get a solution.
    Thank you!


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