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Spectacular Things to See and Do in Azores, Portugal

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In case you’re traveling to the Azores, this is for sure that you’re on one of the best trips of your lifetime.
Located in the Atlantic Ocean, this place has several best-kept natural secrets. It is not just an island itself but a complex of various beautiful islands. The islands are Flores and Corvo, toward the west side and the places like Graciosa, Terceira, São Jorge, Pico, and Faial in the center. Else São Miguel, Santa Maria, and the Formigas Reef are at the east plus the central one is Ponta Delgada. In this article, you will get to know about the best places to visit in the Azores.
The Azores has amazing natural sceneries! Even for the most demanding travelers, there are plentiful of things available to explore on the Azores islands. Here is the best list of things to see and do in the Azores, Portugal

Popular Attractions Hotspot in the Azores Islands

Simply put, the Azores islands are unlike any other place in the world. They're an ideal vacation destination for those seeking a great vocational trip. Below is the list of some of the best sightsees and attractions spots that these islands of Azores have to offer to its travelers.

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Caledeira das Sete Cidades

According to the folktale, this was at one time the site of seven towns, all of which sank underneath the water. The Calediera is home to twin lakes, one a splendid green, and the other a shimmering blue. Jeep visits take visitors to the Calediera in style, allowing them to focus on the natural view while relaxing. It is genuinely striking.


On the island of Sao Miguel, there is a small township named Furnas. This romantic getaway is brimming with natural hot springs, and local people utilize the warmth of the ground to slow-prepare suppers. To experience this region custom, guests are free to utilize the ground ovens too. Pack your swimwear and spend your some time in the warm pool at Terra Nostra, where you'll be encompassed by verdant gardens.


This beautiful promontory on the island of Faial was shaped quite recently by a volcanic emission. Guests here get a glimpse into how the islands themselves were framed, and how they more likely than not looked until the neighborhood widely varied flora and fauna populated them. It is really a sight to see.


This little island is brimming with caves to be investigated, reefs to jump, and natural scenes to wonder about. Dynamic vacationers appreciate climbing to Timao summit, and understudies of history wonder about the gathering contained in the Graciosa Museum, a previous distribution center presently devoted to exhibiting the relics of the island's whaling and winemaking exchanges.

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Algar do Carvao

This is the only single place on the whole planet where you can really step inside a volcano. Not to worry; as contemporary, this is not active. At the base of the cavern, you'll discover a lake shaped overages by the water streaming down through the earth. In spite of its amazing excellence, this spot is rarely crowded, so it is an ideal spot for some calm consideration travelers.

Baixa do Ambrosio

This marine reserve is one of the most prominent SCUBA diving destinations in the whole Azores islands. Divers here get a chance to encounter Devil Rays, schools of Bluefish, and even Yellowmouth Barracudas. Amateur travelers may want to snorkel close to the surface, but more advanced dives are certainly plausibility.

Pestana Gramacho Resort Golf Course

Numerous golf aficionados state that the course at Pestana Gramacho Resort is one of the most delightful courses in the whole Azores islands. This detached course is challenging yet accessible and well disposed of, learned assistance consistently staffs the clubhouse.

Octopus Diving Center

Octopus Diving Center
If you are anxious to explore the crystal blue waters of the Azores islands, yet apprehensive about taking your first journey, at that point Octopus Diving Center of Terceira is an awesome spot to begin. The proficient and professional diving teachers will make sure that you are perfectly ready to take your first adventurers water dive.

Whale Watching With HortaCetaceos

Known as one of the debut whale watching outing organizations in the Azores, HortaCetaceos gets admiring reviews from admirers of marine life. The aides are proficient and energetic, and visitors consistently leave the experience having gained pictures to show, and stories to tell.

Exploring Azores Portugal

List of things to do in Azores Islands.
Let's take a look at the best things to visit, explore and do on this marvelous island Azores.
Quite delightful volcanic shorelines and water sports.
Some of the beaches in the Azores look like those of Santorini, Greece due to the volcanic ground. Over here, the travelers can enjoy scuba diving, stand-up paddle-boarding, surfing, and swimming.

Vila Franca do Campo Islet
Except if you've been to Santorini, Greece or in some other volcano caldera, at that point you will be one of only a handful few to have swum in such. You can do this in the Azores, at the islet of Vila Franca do Campo. That is spread around a kilometer off the bank of São Miguel.

Above is a tidal pond that is in the islet, with seawater in it. It is shielded from sea flows as it faces the port.
Horse-drawn carriage ride like old times
Mosaic pavements and houses with wooden entryways and window edges make you have a feeling that you have returned in time. Accomplish that by having a visit around Ponta Delgada with such a carriage, enjoying and bathing in Azores sun.

Go to one of the numerous celebrations
Plan to go to any of the various melodic, religious or themed celebrations during mid-year. These festivals are celebrated on different time in each island of the Azores islands.

The Architecture
Simply enable time to explore and view local architecture. Every one of those wonderful houses will let you with ideal recollections of the towns of the Azores that will aggregate up to superb scenes.

The Azores place is a multi-day voyaging experience. Simply the climbing part-experiencing all these greenery-is just one that one of a kind encounters.

Admire the staggering Lagoa do Fogo from the height
The climate in the Azores is famously fussy. Turns out, that is very normal: the name of the lake; Lagoa do Fogo, actually implies “Lake of Fire”. While it pays praise to its volcanic, red hot birthplaces, it likewise has another importance, as the ever-present rings of haze lifting off the lake look like smoke a ton of the time.

While you should undeniably add this to your list of favorite places and things to find in the Azores, know that the chances are for the most part not to support you with regards to seeing this renowned tourist spot!

Visit the deserted chapel at Furnas Lake
These excellent, deserted sanctuaries on the banks of Lake Furnas are one of the most extraordinary spots to visit in the Azores. In spite of being in a spot so wonderfully alive that even the ground heats up, this chapel is a place of harmony and calm.

The above-shared list of tourist attraction to visit in Azores islands is just a few names, as the list of traveling places along with things to do in the Azores islands of Portugal is endless.

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