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Ultimate Checklist of Things to be Done to a New Smartphone

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Did you have a spanking new smartphone with amazing features and you have to transfer all your files and custom settings to the new phone. You also need to figure out how to use the phone. All this can be can be done but with a busy schedule it would feel a little bit harder.
To make this process easier, it is best to work with a list as you can set up everything at a go and forget about it.
Below are some of the things you need to do once you get a new Android phone:

1. Skip the Setup
When you first fire up a new Android phone from a major carrier, you will be presented with sign-ins for all sorts of unnecessary services. The only thing that is necessary is your Google account. Ignore the rest to save precious time.
2. Clear the Home screen
The phone will come with a set of apps installed already.
These apps and widgets will appear on your home screen by default. To clear everything, pinch the home screen to get a zoomed out view of the home screen pages. Now you can drag the cluttered home screen into the trash and create new ones. You can then add the apps and widgets you need.
3. Get Rid of Junks/Unwanted Apps
Android phones come with a lot of junk apps. Clearing your home screen does not uninstall these apps. You need to go to the settings menu and selects “Apps”.
Find the “All” subsection. Uninstall or disable any apps you do not need. You should take care not to interfere
with the core system functions. A good rule of thumb is– if it appears on the app tray, it can go.
4. Set Up Gmail
You might want to customize how you receive your emails on the Gmail app. To do this, open the app and click on the 3 dots located at the top right corner. Here, you can customize how you receive alerts among other settings.
5. Photo Backups
Today, most Android phones come with an app called Google+ Photos and existing users who update their Google services are also using the feature. It lets you back up your photos and videos to the cloud. There is only one problem with the app – it does not compress the files as it backs them up.
You end up exhausting the free 15 GB very fast. You can change this in the app's settings by capping the
image resolution to 2048 pixels.
6. Google Play Store Settings
By tweaking the settings on Google Play Store, you can control how you interact with apps – both new and old.
You can disable the automatic addition of apps to the home screen and change how you receive notifications on updates.
7. Set Up Android Device Manager
Device Manager allows you to wipe, locate or lock your phone after it has been stolen. To access Device Manager, open Google settings and select” Android Device Manager”. Here, you can enable and configure
the remote management features you want.
8. Install Apps & Move Your Datas in
Install all the apps you need on your new phone from Google App Store. You can as well collect Apps from friends phone and Install them.
You can as well copy your files from old phone to a computer and transfer to your new phone with the use of USB Cable.
9. Customize Widgets
Pick a few widgets and place them on your home screen.
They make it much easier to access information. To avoid cluttering the home screen with too many widgets,
select a few critical ones.
10. Inform Parents That You Are Using A New Phone
Finally, if you still live under your parent's care, you need to inform them that you are using a new phone. I know most of you would laugh at this but it's very essential to be done.
In case you have any questions am here to reply you, just add a comment below.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Content Creator, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, Flutter App Developer and UI/UX Designer.

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