Introducing HDM KeywordsHub, a powerful plugin designed to transform your content management workflow. This feature-packed tool empowers you to efficiently manage keywords, writer earnings, and payments, providing a comprehensive solution for content platforms, blogs, and SEO optimization.


Easily add new keywords or titles with a straightforward interface. Keep your content organized effortlessly. Streamline your workflow by adding keywords in bulk with commas between them. Save time and enhance efficiency with just a few clicks.

Instructions for Writers.

Provide clear instructions for writers associated with each keyword/title. This ensure consistent and high-quality content creation. Navigate through the "Manage Keywords" page with ease. Our clean UI ensures a hassle-free experience for users of all levels.

Edit Keywords with Precision.

Made a mistake? No problem. Edit keywords seamlessly to maintain accuracy and relevance. You can also assign keyword/title to any writer of your choice as a task and set hours for them to submit it for review.

Set any Currency.

Configuring your preferred currency with HDM KeywordsHub is a breeze. Our user-friendly settings make it simple for you to set and manage your currency of choice. Whether you operate in dollars, euros, yen, or any other currency, HDM KeywordsHub adapts to your financial preferences seamlessly. Experience the flexibility of managing payments and earnings effortlessly in the currency that suits your business needs.


Take control of your content creation costs with HDM KeywordsHub's flexible "Cost Per Word" feature. Tailor your budgeting strategy by defining the cost associated with each word, empowering you to manage expenses efficiently. Whether you're running a blog, content platform, or SEO-driven website, this functionality allows you to align your payment structure with your financial goals. With just a few clicks, you can set the cost per word to suit your needs.

Set Plugin Theme Color.

Customizing the visual experience of HDM KeywordsHub is a breeze with our intuitive theme color settings. Tailor the plugin's appearance to seamlessly integrate with your platform or personal style. Choose from a spectrum of colors to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment, ensuring that HDM KeywordsHub not only streamlines your content management but also aligns seamlessly with your unique aesthetic preferences.

Custom Plugin Roles

HDM KeywordsHub Plugin comes with four custom roles explained below (Administrators have access to all the section of the plugin);


Power to access the plugin interface. Can select any keyword or title they wish.
They can also write and submit articles for review.


Power to access the plugin Manage Staff Payments Interface. Can select any keyword/title, and move it into progress. He/she can also write and submit article for review.


Power to access the plugin Manage Keywords/Title Interface. Can select any keywords/title, move it into progress. He/she can also write article and submit it for review. Can also edit other peoples post to fix SEO issues with content.


Power to access the plugin interface and Manage Keywords interface to add instructions. Can select any keyword/title for review, and publish them. He/she can also write and publish articles. Can edit or proofread other peoples post and publish them.

HDM Earnings Interface


HDM KeywordsHub Writers Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of their contributions. Writers can effortlessly track their published posts and earnings, with a convenient filter option by month and date. This intuitive dashboard not only promotes transparency but also allows writers to gauge their performance over specific periods, enhancing their engagement and motivation.


Manage staff payments with the HDM KeywordsHub Staff Payment feature. This concise tool displays a clear list of posts, author names, word counts, and corresponding earnings. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive overview of each staff member's contributions, payment information, and the corresponding amount earned. With this organized and transparent view, HDM KeywordsHub simplifies the payment process, enabling you to efficiently track and compensate your staff based on their valuable contributions.

More HDM KeywordsHub Features

Editing and Correction Notes.

Editors now have the ability to seamlessly add notes during the post editing process, providing clear instructions and communicating any changes that should be made. Simultaneously, writers can utilize these notes to save key points or reminders, ensuring that crucial details are not overlooked.

Custom Payment Information.

The flexibility you need in managing payments comes with HDM KeywordsHub's "Custom Payment Information" feature. You now have two customizable boxes for manual payment information, with default placeholders for Paypal ID and Payoneer email. The beauty lies in its adaptability – tailor these fields to your specific needs. Whether it's your bank name and account number or any other preferred payment service, you have the freedom to redefine the information you wish to capture. Users can update these payment details from their user profile.

Custom Payment Notification.

Tailor your payment communication with HDM KeywordsHub's "Custom Payment Notification" feature. While it comes with a default message stating, "Payment for last month's work will be processed within the first 1-5 working days of the new month," the power lies in your hands. Customize this notification to convey any message you prefer, whether it's specific payment details, instructions, or simply a personalized message to your writers.

Receive Email Notifications.

Stay informed and streamline your content review process with HDM KeywordsHub's "Receive Email Notifications" feature. Admins and Editors can now receive prompt email notifications every time a new post is submitted for review. This proactive system ensures that your team stays in the loop, allowing for swift and efficient content evaluation.

Correction Notes Email Notifications.

Using HDM KeywordsHub's "Correction Notes Email Notifications" feature. Writers will receive instant email notifications when correction notes are added to their WordPress posts or articles. This real-time communication streamlines the editing and revision process, ensuring that writers stay informed about specific feedback and corrections.

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Need Help Using HDM KeywordsHub?

Get intouch with our team if you need help using the plugin. Support period for the plugin is one year & it is renewable. Don't forget to send your purchase code along with the email.


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