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Best Jobs in Canada for Immigrants

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Canada is a place of opportunity, drawing visitors worldwide with its thriving economy, varied landscapes, and lively Canadian culture. If you're considering relocating, it's important to know the best jobs in Canada for immigrants.

Canada has one of the world's most reliable economies, and there are plenty of opportunities available to assist immigrants in settling in the nation. So, what are the best jobs that will help you settle, succeed, and flourish in your new home? Let's explore them together!

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Getting a Job as an Immigrant in Canada

With a few exceptions, most foreign nationals require a work permit to work in Canada. Most applicants will need a Canadian employment offer backed by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to submit an application for a work permit.

However, there are some instances in which foreign employees can apply for a work visa without submitting an LMIA or a job offer. For example, the spouse of an individual who holds a valid work or study permit in Canada. There are two major ways to get a work permit in Canada: a closed and open work permit.

Closed work permits are linked to certain employers, so a foreign citizen who receives one must continue working there for that employer unless they amend their work permit.

An open work permit is one that isn't associated with a specific employer or place of employment. This implies that an international worker may be employed by several companies in various areas within Canada as long as they have a current open work permit. You can learn more about how to find work in Canada here.

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Best Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

The evolution of Canada's labor market presents several lucrative opportunities in many sectors. The demand for qualified specialists is increasing in various industries, including healthcare and technology, as well as transport infrastructure development. If you're looking to explore the best job opportunities in Canada, here are the top jobs for immigrants.

1. Medical Anesthesiologist

The duty of an anesthesiologist is to ensure the patient's health before, during, and following the operation. They visit patients before surgery to review their medical history, do any necessary examinations, and choose the appropriate anesthetic.

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The kind of surgery and the patient's condition are considered when choosing an anesthetic. They are also in charge of monitoring patients throughout surgery and ensuring they react appropriately to any emergency. Following that, they are in charge of safely waking the patient from anesthesia and writing a prescription for painkillers if necessary.

You need to pass the exam of Surgeons of Canadas and the Royal College of Physicians to work as an anesthesiologist in Canada. You must also apply for a license with the right territorial or provincial body. The average base salary for this job in Canada is $390,000 (C$532,000).

2. Administrative Assistant

This is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Administrative assistants manage day-to-day operations, do routine follow-ups, and assist with business needs. Managing events on the organization's calendar, keeping an eye on all tasks, and communicating with stakeholders and outside organizations are among the main duties of this job profile. While a college or university degree is not necessary for employment in this area, Canadian employers may favor hiring applicants with one. The annual salary for a qualified administrative assistant in Canada is $50,000 (C$68,000).

3. Registered Nurse

A nurse's responsibilities include monitoring patients' vital signs, giving medication, interacting with physicians, and caring for patients. They have many work options and play a crucial part in healthcare facilities.

If you were schooled abroad and are looking for nursing posts in Canada, you'll need to apply to the NNAS ( National Nursing Assessment Service). Because of the great need for nurses, there are various immigration alternatives available to candidates abroad with nursing expertise, which encourages them to consider Canada as a potential immigration destination. The average base salary for this job is $70,000 (C$95,000).

4. Software Development Manager

Software development manager is one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. A software engineer analyzes user or client needs based on their understanding of development concepts. Then, they create unique applications to fulfil the needs of the users. Before a product is released, software developers create and test it.

Software engineers are in constant demand in Canada. Companies need qualified software engineers to create and manage software systems since the IT sector is booming and digital technologies are being adopted at an increasing rate. It's one of the best jobs for skilled immigrants in Canada.

Your education provides you with the skills necessary to be a software developer. However, to improve your skills, you must have practical experience.   Software engineers require soft and hard or technical skills to manage their duties. The average salary for this job in Canada is $97,000 (C$132,000).

5. Dentists

A dentist is a certified healthcare provider who treats, examines, diagnoses, and counsels patients on oral health issues. They conduct extractions and surgeries and fill cavities. In addition, they clean teeth, and encourage good oral hygiene.

You must have a university degree from an accredited dental institution to be eligible to practice dentistry. A license issued by a provincial or territorial regulatory authority is required. More training is necessary to move into a specialty dentistry practice. The average salary for dentists in Canada is $56,000 (C$77,000). 

6. Cardiologist

Cardiologists specialize in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating conditions of the heart and blood arteries. They either collaborate with a medical facility or operate alone. It’s one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Working in Canada as a cardiologist usually requires accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada after completing residency and fellowship. The annual average salary for this job is $386,000 (C$527,000).

7. Retail Sales Supervisor

A retail sales supervisor promotes and increases sales, cultivates long-lasting connections with the clientele, and pushes goods and services to grow and stabilize the market. It usually's important to finish secondary school. In most cases, you need to have prior experience working in retail as a telemarketer and cashier. Having experience as door-to-door salesperson, rental agent, or sales clerk is also necessary. The annual average salary is $43,000 (C$60,000).

8. Web Developers

A web developer is an expert who works on creating websites and applications. The kinds of projects that one could be able to work on are usually quite diverse. Tech workers have several opportunities to immigrate to Canada due to the country's expanding tech sector. It’s one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. The Global Talent Stream in Canada gives web developers a solid route to getting a work permit. You need a Bachelor's degree and the necessary skills to be employed as a web developer. The annual average salary for this job is $72,000 (C$98,000).

9. AI Specialist

Canada now has more places to research AI, including Toronto,  Vancouver, and Edmonton.  There is a clear increase in demand for AI specialists, as seen by the 15,000 AI-related job postings on the most popular job portals for the Canadian job market. Canada's banking, healthcare, industrial, and transportation sectors are actively seeking AI experts with technical know-how and commercial savvy to grow the nation's AI industry. You need good programming skills and proficiency in machine learning to work as an AI specialist. The annual average salary for this job in Canada is $106,000 ( C$144,000).

10. Pharmacist

Canada needs more healthcare professionals to help maintain the happiness and health of its expanding population. An increase in pharmacists will contribute to the availability of additional healthcare workers throughout the provinces. Only pharmacists are authorized to prescribe specific drugs and renew existing prescriptions in Canada. It’s one of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants.

To work as a pharmacist in Canada, you must take a national board exam. You can apply through the Pharmacy Examining Board or Canada. The annual average salary of a pharmacist in Canada is $92,000 (C$125,000).

11. Surgeon

Surgeons are medical professionals who operate on patients to address various ailments. Although they can do general surgery, many are specialists in a particular field of medicine. In addition to operating on patients, their major duties also involve:

  • Formulating surgical and treatment plans based on the patient's medical history.
  • Studying novel surgical procedures.
  • Doing examinations on patients to determine whether they require surgery.

You have to pass the MCAT and complete medical school to become a surgeon in Canada. The annual average salary for this job is $378,000 (C$516,000).

12. Transportation Route & Crew Scheduler

In Canada, there is a great demand for this type of profession. Skilled professionals in these fields plan their daily duties and implement the necessary tools and procedures to ensure optimal efficiency and results. These job profiles are essential for a well-organized and effective workplace. Typically, a few years of expertise in a relevant transportation area are needed. The annual salary for this job is $36,000 (C$50,000).

13. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers must be able to create, evaluate, and define electrical systems. They play a crucial role in the entire process. These people design, build, and test these systems. Those in this kind of work are expected to keep these parts and systems maintained so that they continue to function securely. This job typically calls for a high degree of education. It’s among the best jobs in Canada for immigrants. Their annual average salary in Canada is $91,800 (C$125,000).

14. Cybersecurity Consultant

One of the best jobs in Canada for immigrants is cybersecurity consultant. Their role is to secure a company's data and information systems against online attacks. Cybersecurity Consultants create and implement security procedures, evaluate risks, and ensure pertinent laws and guidelines are followed. They operate in a variety of industries. You need to be an expert in security tools and technologies to be employed. The annual average salary for this work is $102,000( C$139,000).

15. Audiologist 

When someone has a communication disorder or hearing loss, speech-language pathologists and audiologists help them heal and communicate. These competent individuals may pursue private practice or work in medical facilities like hospitals and rehabilitation institutes.

Researching speech abnormalities and hearing loss is one of the job requirements, as is diagnosing patients and offering them rehabilitation options. Additionally, you must hold a master's degree in speech-language pathology or audiology to work as an audiologist.

Depending on the province in which you operate, you may also need to register with other regulatory agencies and the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists. The annual average salary for this job is $84,000 (114,000).

16. Psychiatrist 

The medical discipline that treats mental illnesses is psychiatry. It’s one of the best jobs for immigrants in Canada. In order to fully comprehend the conditions and requirements of psychiatric patients, a thorough biological, psychological, and social assessment is necessary. A psychiatrist provides this by doing a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosing, and formulating a care plan for the patient's care and recovery.

Psychiatrists operate in many environments, and their responsibilities may change depending on the situation. You need to have your medical license and take a certifying examination to practice as a psychiatrist in Canada. The annual average salary for this job is $333,000 (C$454,0000).

17. Human Resource Professionals 

Human resource specialists grow businesses and match organizational objectives with HR strategy. They offer organizations guidance on hiring, interacting with employees, promoting talent, employee engagement, employee welfare policies, and other related issues. 

A successful human resource manager possesses both technical and soft skills. Their average salary in Canada is $73,000 (C$100,000).

18. Truck Driver

In Canada, truck drivers are frequently listed as having the highest demand for job opportunities. They are important for the coast-to-coast movement of commercial commodities in practically every Canadian province and territory.

Truck drivers who wish to relocate to Canada have excellent employment prospects because, according to Statistics Canada, the truck transportation industry has a vacancy rate of about 8%. You have to complete the truck driver training and get the proper licensing to work as a truck driver in Canada. Their annual average salary is $46,000 (C$62,000).

19. Welder

By 2028, Canada plans to add 23,000 new jobs to the economy. This indicates the country's strong demand for welders. It’s one of the best jobs in Canada forimmigrants. Welders are skilled individuals who use metals to create and repair products. Welders have a wide range of skills and can work in several industries.

Welding jobs are especially in great demand in Prince Edward Island and British Columbia. Those with welding expertise will have a significant edge across the country when deciding where to immigrate. You only need on-site training, prior experience or a certificate to work as a welder. Their annual average salary is $50,000 (C$68,000).

20. Business Development Executive

Businesses and organizations seek leaders with experience in business development, public relations, and marketing. In short, you will be the face of the company or brand. One's job duties involve:

  • Organizing and carrying out offline and online advertising campaigns.
  • Gathering and evaluating market data.
  • Finding clients.
  • Keeping up connections with the media and clients, among other things.

It is necessary to have a degree in journalism, marketing, public relations, or communications from a university or college. On average, public relations and marketing managers make $83,000 (C$113,000) a year in salary.


We've explored the best jobs in Canada for immigrants, and it's clear that the country offers endless opportunities. Canada welcomes skilled foreign workers with open arms, from tech to healthcare and finance. Make the move and start thriving in your new career! You can start applying for Canada jobs today.

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