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New Zealand Jobs for Immigrants: Careers to Work & Live Abroad

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Moving abroad in search of employment is a regular scenario for people these days. Many people who wish to relocate find New Zealand particularly appealing because of its stunning scenery, multicultural population, and affordable cost of living.  In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of firms seeking to hire foreign workers. There are many wonderful advantages to diversifying a business workforce, such as having access to more unique points of view and innovative problem-solving techniques.

Are you new in New Zealand and looking for a job? You've come to the right place! We've compiled a list of the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. Without further ado, let's get into it.

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How to Get a Job in New Zealand as an Immigrant 

Travelers from around the world can easily visit New Zealand without visa applications. If you are a valid visitor, the traveling visa waiver permits you to visit New Zealand without first applying for and receiving a visa. You can instead obtain a visitor visa on arrival by submitting your passport and arrival card  to airport immigration. However, the waiver is allowed for those who do not intend to work in New Zealand.

But if you intend to get a job in New Zealand, all you need to do is apply for a working holiday visa, and you'll get it. Opening your web browser through your cell phone and responding to a few questions is all it takes to find work abroad in New Zealand (though there may be a fee). You might be able to work in New Zealand for a year after receiving your visa. Your savings will cover all the other costs for that long travel, and you'll be set to begin looking for work in New Zealand. Foreigners can find plenty of work in New Zealand thanks to the backpacker culture; it depends on where and what to seek.

Immigration Jobs in New Zealand

Several job opportunities are available right now for foreign workers seeking employment in New Zealand. Businesses in the nation face difficulties due to a lack of skilled workers in many sectors, including manufacturing, information technology, and healthcare. Moreover, the process of job searching isn’t quite difficult. Here are the different types of jobs available for immigrants in New Zealand.

1. Registered Nurse

To be a registered nurse, you must have completed a two-year graduate entry master's degree or a three-year bachelor of nursing degree. Registered nurses work fulltime role in several settings, including hospitals, clinics, schools, and nursing homes. They administer and manage patient care while teaching patients about various health conditions.

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Nurses in New Zealand are quite special. Do you know why? Because they are in such great demand! Since the government has designated nursing as a long-term skills deficit category, there is no verification of the availability of qualified New Zealand nationals. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$146,000 ($90,000).

2. Psychologists 

Psychologists are specialists in mental health. They assist clients in overcoming challenges related to their mental health and enhancing their quality of life. The Immigration New Zealand green job list includes “Psychologist nec,” educational psychologists, clinical psychologists, and organizational psychologists. This indicates that the government of New Zealand is actively promoting the employment of qualified foreign psychologists in the country. Registration with the New Zealand Psychologists Board is mandatory for psychologists. If they are not just doing research or teaching psychology, they also require a valid Annual Practising Certificate. Also, psychologists can become skilled in different roles, such as clinical, community, forensic, and sports psychologists. This work is among the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$150,000 ($92,000).

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3. Teachers

Teachers prepare lesson plans and distribute materials to pupils of different ages. They are responsible for assisting each student in making the most of their classes, facilitating group discussions, and working one-on-one with each student.

There is a great demand for teachers in New Zealand because it is a popular destination for teach-abroad schemes.

The approach toward achieving your objective of obtaining Teacher registration in New Zealand is to meet the requirements and standards established by the Teaching Council. Teachers can work as primary or secondary school instructors, university professors, or in early childhood education. Moreover, teachers can pursue leadership or specialized positions as department head, curriculum specialist, or head of school for a specific year group. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$97,000 ($60,000).

4. Financial Advisor

A financial advisor collaborates with clients to develop plans that reduce risk, increase wealth, and facilitate achieving their financial goals. It's among the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. To work in New Zealand as a financial advisor, you must have a New Zealand Certificate in financial services with a focus on one of these: life, disability, and health insurance; Investment; residential property lending; and general insurance. You must also have a Financial Advice Provider license or be hired to work as a financial adviser or authorized representative under the terms of a Financial Advice Provider's license. Financial advisors can advance into management positions or launch their own financial planning services. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$179,000 ($110,000).

5. Ophthalmologists 

Ophthalmologists are medical specialists who specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing eye issues. The work is one of the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. You need to register with the Medical Council of New Zealand to work as an ophthalmologist. The regional skill shortage list for Immigration New Zealand includes ophthalmologists. This indicates that the government is actively promoting the employment of qualified foreign ophthalmologists in New Zealand. Private firms and state hospitals employ most ophthalmologists. District health boards employ all ophthalmologists hired by public hospitals. Many ophthalmologists function at private hospitals or surgery centers and are used in private practices as solo practitioners or in groups. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$625,000 ($383,000).

6. IT Manager

IT managers organize, oversee, and manage computer and information system-related tasks for their organizations. They also oversee tasks related to the upkeep and enhancement of the business's IT network, software, and hardware. There are opportunities in the various IT and tech sectors of New Zealand, regardless of your expertise. It competes successfully globally, is highly developed, and fosters innovation. Prominent corporations like Fujitsu have opted to locate their ICT operations in New Zealand. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$195,000 ($120,000).

7. Content Writer

Content writers assist businesses in promoting their goods and services by creating blog entries, advertisements, emails, social media posts, and other kinds of written content.

Being a content writer gives you the freedom to work for different organizations. Certain content writers write for non-profit organizations, while others work in the public and private sectors. You may be employed directly by a marketing or PR firm or work for a specialized business that offers content writing services to a range of sectors, such as manufacturing and mining. For example, you may write press releases and publications for the media, or your articles may be tailored to a specific audience. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$106,000 ($65,000).

8. Travel Agent

Travel agents assist clients with trip planning. They might work with tourists visiting New Zealand or locals wishing to travel abroad. Being a travel agent or advisor has no formal entry requirements because all the necessary skills are acquired on the job. However, travel wholesalers must have a travel qualification, like a degree or a New Zealand Certificate in Travel. They also need to have appropriate experience in a retail or wholesale travel business. This profession is among the top jobs for immigrants in New Zealand. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$114,000 ($70,000).

9. Customer Service Representative 

Customer service representatives engage with consumers through phone calls, emails, and chat messaging. They contribute to developing positive customer relationships and ensuring client loyalty. Becoming a customer service agent does not require any educational requirements. However, you can consider taking a customer interaction course and learning how to use MS Office and customer management tools. This helps to provide excellent service to the company. The average annual salary for this in New Zealand is NZ$97,000 ($60,000).

10. Panel Beater

Panel beaters examine damaged cars, calculate the cost of repairs, and bring them back to their pre-damage condition.You will also communicate with clients and uphold strict safety regulations. To succeed as a panel beater, you must have experience with body repair kits, welding and spray painting equipment, pneumatic saws, and hydraulic lifters. Proficient panel beaters enable timely and effective completion of body repair work while maintaining excellent client communication skills. You need to have a license to operate a recovery vehicle or panel beater certification to work. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$97,000 ($60,000).

11. Spray Painter

Spray painters are in charge of priming surfaces and utilizing a spray gun to apply paint to different materials. The spray painter must work quickly and pay great attention to detail to meet deadlines. To be a successful spray painter, you need to have proven experience and knowledge of materials and painting techniques. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$101,000 ($62,000).

12. Internal Auditor

The New Zealand Government has identified Internal Auditors as an occupation suitable for the simple “Straight to Residency” pathway on tier 1 of the Green List; thus, there is no better time to relocate than now.

Internal auditors conduct in-depth financial audits, analyze data, spot anomalies, and offer suggestions for improving workflows. As a result, they aid in protecting the company's resources and averting fraud. In addition, internal auditors are essential in identifying and mitigating operational and financial risks. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$163,000 ( $100,000).

13. Administrative Assistant

This is one of the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. Businesses need administrative assistants to help them keep organized. They handle scheduling, answering calls and emails, file organization, and other tasks.

Although it's unnecessary to have completed secondary education, it would be advantageous to have completed digital technologies, business studies, math, and English to work as an administrative assistant. Nonetheless, enrolling in classes at a post-secondary institution to earn a business administration certificate or certification can improve your chances. In addition, you require technical proficiency with office applications and bookkeeping. The average annual salary for an administrative assistant in New Zealand is NZ$87,750 ($53,750).

14. Electrician

One of the most in-demand professions in New Zealand is the electrician. It's an excellent area for electricians to work in terms of compensation and lifestyle. Many could maintain themselves well without attending college because trade was this country's lifeblood. An electrician is an essential employee in every area, particularly the commercial sector. Therefore, skilled electricians in New Zealand can expect good pay and other benefits. Their pay is determined by their level of experience and the different cities in New Zealand where they operate. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$127,000 ( $78,000).

15. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity is an essential role that works in the background to safeguard networks and computer programs against online threats. These cyberattacks have the potential to cause great harm to individuals or companies. They have the power to completely shut down international infrastructures that are vital to millions of people's well-being. Thus, cybersecurity professionals in this fantastic workforce are essential to a growing sector. It's one of the best New Zealand jobs for immigrants. Although many cybersecurity positions have no set prerequisites, businesses greatly value training or prior IT job experience. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$115,000 ($187,000).

16. Software Engineer

A software engineer can also be called a computer science professional. You're involved in the development and creation of software. This consists of a computer's operating system (OS) or an application, like a database or browser. Additionally, you are involved in developing applications for tablets and smartphones.

Since New Zealand is among the top immigration destinations to be, this engineering skills is good to have before relocating there. A job as a software engineer requires a strong foundation in logistics and analytics and system programming, general IT, and application coding. Therefore, a level 5 degree in IT or computer science helps in getting started. This at least places you in an entry-level role. However, when hiring software engineers, employers typically ask for a bachelor's degree. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$187,000 ($115,000).

17. Plumber

Plumbers, gasfitters, and drainlayers are professionals who build, install, and mend the drainage system, gas, and water supply pipelines, as well as fixtures and fittings that eliminate waste.

There is a labor shortage. Therefore, your chances of finding employment as a drainlayer, gasfitter, or plumber are good. Plumbers get different pay based on their experience and place of employment. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$110,000 ($67,412).

18. Civil Engineer

As a civil engineer, you plan and supervise the construction of public infrastructure. These include roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, and public transport. Since civil engineers design practical areas and infrastructure that support thriving communities, they are at the built environment's core. You need a license and bachelor's degree to work as a civil engineer in New Zealand. It's one of the top New Zealand jobs for immigrants. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$179,000 ($110,000).

19. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks enter data into a central database by taking information from one source. They are administrative specialists who serve a variety of large companies. Pay for transcribers and data entry operators varies according to expertise level, accuracy, speed, and kind of work. A good data entry clerk must have word processing and excellent computer skills. The average annual salary for a data entry clerk in New Zealand is NZ$97,986 ($60,000).

20. Account Executive

Sales experts are account executives. They ensure that the company keeps a positive relationship with a particular customer by managing their account and responding to inquiries and issues. It is not necessary to have a formal education to work as an account executive. With a high school diploma, you can get employment. That being said, most firms demand experience in sales or business administration. The average annual salary for this job in New Zealand is NZ$146,000 ($90,000).


New Zealand's stunning landscapes and friendly culture await! With these New Zealand jobs for immigrants, you can make your dream a reality. You can search and apply for New zealand jobs online. Take the leap, start your new life, and discover why Kiwis love their country – and you will, too!

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