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Warning: Don’t Update Your Infinix Smartphones after Rooting

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Infinix are really providing customers with latest Smartphones updates but if you have a rooted device never perform an update. I rooted my Infinix hot, then after sometime I noticed an OTA update.
Infinix Hot Update Problem
After performing the update, the phone bricked instantly, and needed some long processes (Which involves downloading Stock ROM and flashing) to restore it back.
Also a guy complain this to me about infinix hot note and thank God he finally found the solution but he knew what he passed through before the phone got back on stage.
If you own the Infinix Hot or Hot Note or any other Infinix Smartphones and already
rooted, please ignore the OTA update to avoid stories that touch, and if you haven't rooted, go ahead and run the update.
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Ogunrinola Adams
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    • If you unroot and you don’t have any root permissions enabled your update should be successful via flashing but am not guaranteeing you succcess via OTA which is system update found on phone.

  1. I have bricked mine already. lools. infinix hot 2 x510. any help? maybe where i can download a stock rom or something. please o. its just been 4days since i bought it.

    • Hello cj, probably you are the first person to launch this problem. But you ought to have backedup you rom before performing anything on it, though the stock rom of the hot 2 is scarce but click here, Register and create a new thread with complain that your hot 2 got bricked. Hope that’s helpful.
      Have a nice day.

  2. My infinix zero 2 is hanging especially when I want to make call the contacts takes time to display & I don’t know what could be cause of this pls…. Thks this is really troubling me seriously. …

    • Hi Akeem, on your hot 2 Check if you can disable the app from connecting to network, if not possible you would just skip the update if you have a rooted device. It do stay on the notification tray but later it would disappear.

  3. Comment… I downloaded several apps like Facebook messenger, Twitter, Instagram on my infinix x510. the phone shows they are installed but I can’t find or launch them. pls assist. thank you

  4. Comment…pls my infinix hot happens to be rooted before this update come, and unknowingly i procceded with the update, during the process it stack with an error mgs and that is all. pls any help again?

  5. After updating my Infinix Zero x506 with lollipop (Fly_IQ4511_L_20151019-STOCK), the touchpad ceased to work. I will really appreciate any help since i have tried everything i can, from flashing back to stock Lollipop, stock KitKat…… I’m totally out of ideas now and will really appreciate any assistance…. Thanks!

  6. Do i go with download only or format + download or firmware upgrade, and which one do i flash first, as in the infinix x506 MTK Backup first or the X506-J609-16G-20141111

  7. The touch is not working sir. I cant even get pass the setup screen after boot. Ihave tried both stock roms from kitkat J608/609 to lollipop J608/609. Still nothing!

    • I thought you are asking for how to downgrade to Kitkat only. Why adding lollipop in the reply. Or did you want to upgrade to Lollipop as well??
      And we have to know the version (either J608/J609) and internal storage to get it done easily.

  8. Ok. The whole story is this. I got my touch broken, and I just fixed a new touch yesterday. It was working very well….PERFECTLY! I was using a custom rom already (Android_L_Stable, Lollipop 5.0), then I installed a newer version the lollipop (Fly_IQ4511_L_20151019-STOCK) with a custom rom. After phone reboot, the touch is gone. I have flashed all other roms possible, including the links you sent me, but none of it works. Touch is still not responding. And in the power menu there’s no Airplane mode, only Power off and Reboot. I’ll really appreciate any assistance. Their office here in Accra Ghana suggests I change the touch again, but I don’t think that’s the way out.

  9. I’t of no use. Still touchpad not working! A couple of people have complained about the same issue. There seem not to be any solution to it. It’s just a dead end i believe. My infinix Zero x506 16gb 2gb ram IS GONE!. I guess i just have to get used to it! (I’ve almost given up, but any other assistance will still help sir. Thanks!)

  10. My infinix X506 display launcher is not desponding, underneath it display wait, OK. If I click wait or OK. The phone will not respond on till I shut I it down. What is the immediate solution?

  11. my infinix hangs n trips off when I try booting
    and when I format it, it got back again. this is the second time now same thing has happened since I rooted and later unroot it.


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