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Grandstream Telephone System for Business Growth & Development

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With the emergence of VoIP as a cost efficient and productive way of communication, the corporate sector has witnessed a tremendous boom. IP Phones is now being recognized as the key to making businesses prosper and expand throughout. Grandstream is a company located in Dubai. They deal with High-End IP Phones, Extension Modules, Basic IP Phones, Softphone App, Cordless IP Phones as well as Mid-Range IP Phones. They offer a wide-range of IP phones suited for each business and user type. Grandstream IP Phones is good and works best for all types of business activity from small business IP phones to Enterprise IP phones as well as DECT Cordless IP phones. Grandstream IP Phones are trusted and deployed largest enterprises and VoIP services around the world.

What is GRanstream IP Phone?

IP Phone is going to change the way you think about making long distance phone calls. This technology turns analog audio signals (for example the sounds you hear when talking on your regular telephone) into a digital signal (which is then transmitted over the Internet). Grandstream Ip phone have been more popular because it means that by getting your hands on some of the free software that's available right now, you can totally bypass your telephone company, and start making long-distance phone calls for free! This revolutionary technology has the ability to totally change the phone system of the entire world!
The GXP series color-screen IP phones offer 3, 4 and 6 line selection options with a suite of advanced VoIP calling features to optimize enterprise productivity and communication. GXP Series IP Phones features HD audio support, a full color-screen, various BLF/Speed dial/extension module options and built-in Bluetooth. The GXP1600 series of IP phones are designed specifically for small business and office use. These IP phones provide a user-friendly calling experience that includes a number of advanced VoIP calling features. Grandstream DP series of DECT Cordless IP Phones allows business, retail, warehouse and residential users to mobilize the power of VoIP telephony. These Cordless IP phones allow users to move around an office, store, warehouse or home while always having access to their phone lines.
Some Grandstream IP Phones includes:

Grandstream Telephone System

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If you are running a business with 25-40 employees, you will be in need latest type of communication equipment and services. Your office telephone systems will need connectivity with all the departments of the organization but instead of calling direct, it is best to route through the centralized operator who can facilitate the calling or call routing, and this is what the Grandstream Telephone System will do. Grandstream’s UCM series IP PBX offer an extensive set of unified communication features in easy-to-manage IP Telephone System. This Grandstream PBX is a one premise Telephone system with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per feature. The UCM6100 series is designed for small and medium businesses as it supports up to 500 users and the UCM6510 is ideal for small and medium enterprises as it supports up to 2000 users.
With the Grandstream Telephone system, you can scale up to 2000 users within a single control unit, giving you a fail-safe phone system solution that offers added resilience to your business. License free structure allows you to grow your system without the need for extra licensing, thus eliminating deployment time and saving you cost of purchasing new products.
The UCM Series IP PBX System coming in model range That is UCM 6100 Series and UCM 6500 Series.The UCM 6100 IP PBX Series which consists of 4 models designed for small and medium business users by supporting up to 500 users.The UCM6510 IP PBX Dubai, which is best suited for small and medium enterprises by supporting up to 2000 users. Those looking for support for E1, T1 or J1 networks, then UCM6510 is the perfect telephony option.

Grandstream IP PBX Models


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