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The Best Text Messaging Apps

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In an era where instant communication is king, the right messaging app can revolutionize how we keep in touch with family, colleagues, and friends. Whether you're seeking enhanced features, improved privacy, or simply a user-friendly interface, the realm of text messaging apps offers diverse options to cater to your preferences. From robust group chat functionalities to encrypted messaging for heightened security, the best text messaging apps provide myriad tools to streamline your conversations and keep you connected wherever you go. Let's explore a curated selection of top-tier text messaging apps, each delivering its blend of innovation and convenience to elevate your messaging experience.

1. Messages by Google

Messages by Google

Google Messages is the default messaging software on Pixel and Galaxy phones, but the company is also pushing rich communication services (RCS), which is SMS's replacement. It’s among the best text messaging apps on this list. Many features that are now typical in contemporary messaging apps, like group conversations, read receipts, and improved photo and video capability, are in this new standard.

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Depending on what the person you're conversing with has access to (taking into account their SMS app, phone, network, and country), messages will either use RCS or SMS. When RCS is enabled, all of the chat messages in your account will be end-to-end encrypted, and you'll notice notification bubbles in place of an “SMS” label.

Even if it's not the most complex or feature-rich software you've ever seen, it still has much to offer, particularly with RCS. Like Gmail, Google can use AI to set up suggested replies. Links and phone numbers can also be checked for spam threats, scheduled messages can be supported, and you can retrieve your chats online.

2. WhatsApp


In many of the globe, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the leader in free smartphone messaging. Facebook purchased WhatsApp in 2014. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 to send messages using an internet connection instead of SMS. The service's user base and feature set have expanded since then. It is a surprisingly good service, which explains why, as of 2023, it has about two billion users.

The application is a feature-rich text messaging client that facilitates voice messaging, audio and video conversations, photographs, brief movies, and text chats. You can communicate with people one-on-one or in groups of up to 512.

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WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption for every communication, even though it's the most widely used messaging app globally and is owned by Facebook's parent company, Meta. Every message you send is completely encrypted, even file transfers. Even after being sent, encrypted communications are deleted from WhatsApp's servers.

3. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS was one of the first and greatest third-party texting apps and is among the best text messaging apps. Since then, it has developed into an app that supports Material Design and still has many features, like group messaging, MMS, emoticons, SMS blocking, and quick alerts. It supports Wear OS and Pushbullet and should function flawlessly with Android Auto and Link to Windows. Although the software is helpful for SMS, the adverts are a little bothersome.

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4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Besides Facebook's enormous user base, which is integrated into Messenger, Messenger does not separate much from its closest rival, WhatsApp. With approximately 65% of the market, Messenger has become the dominant chat app in the United States just because of this.

Furthermore, unlike WhatsApp, Messenger does not require a phone number; therefore, using it doesn't require a plan or a phone. Messenger has a more simplified mobile app than its PC counterpart, which is integrated with Facebook.

5. Telegram


Telegram claims to be the quickest chat service available, with millions of users. It’s among the best text messaging apps. It protects chat by 2048-bit RSA encryption, Diffie-Hellman secure key exchange, and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption. You may also store conversation history in your cloud..

Stickers and GIFs, picture and video editing, and group chats with a maximum of 200,000 participants are supported. Features include audio chats that one can plan, animated stickers for images or videos, a media editor that one can use to add text and stickers to videos, and the ability to configure messages to erase after 24 or 7 days of transmission automatically. 

6. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS

Like Messages by Google, one of Pulse SMS's selling points is the ability to access your SMS online rather than only on your smartphone. The software offers more services as well. However, we should note that some call for a paid membership that costs $1 per month.

As long as the person you're texting is likewise using Pulse, end-to-end encryption is applied using Pulse SMS. Additionally, you can password-protect specific chats for added security. Pulse offers a robust search function in case you can't recall precisely who said what and when. Chats may also be pinned to the top of the screen or arranged into folders.

With auto-responses, delayed sending, and scheduled messages, you have many options for your message. You can use templates to compose messages more quickly, apply themes to your unique chats, and snooze messages to return to them later. A lot more is in the Pulse SMS than just the standard SMS user experience.

7. Signal 


Signal is among the best text messaging apps in the world. Almost everything is on a single screen in Signal, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional texting programs. There are few customization options besides picking one of three themes or a background. It's often suggested as a replacement for WhatsApp; in fact, you'll notice double ticks, like WhatsApp, to indicate the status of your messages while conversing. Voice and video calling with other Signal users is another feature. Like any communications sent through the app, these chats are encrypted from beginning to end.

You can communicate via text, picture, video, document, voice, and group chat. Unlike WhatsApp, group chats can have up to 1,000 participants. The application encrypts all messages sent through the service from beginning to end, allowing users to set expiration dates for individual conversations. Your communications are permanently lost once they expire. 

8. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent is among the first well-known third-party texting apps on Android phones, along with Chomp SMS. It is a feature-rich texting program that is robust and strong, much like Chomp SMS. Some features include a privacy box to save private conversations, eCards, emojis, themes, and SMS backup. One of the more intriguing features is the ability to type on both your computer and tablet with Handcent Anywhere. Regarding bugs, it has its ups and downs, but overall, it's pretty reliable.

Although a membership is available, it is only necessary if you plan to use Handcent to back up your messages.

9. TextPlus

Google Voice and TextPlus are comparable. However, TextPlus includes more restrictions. It’s among the best text messaging apps which is why it’s on this list. It provides free SMS texting to the US and Canada via Wi-Fi. If you've been dying to have a Manhattan 212 phone number, you can also select the area code of your new number (subject to availability).

You can modify the Manhattan number at no cost to you. The app's inability to text outside the US and Canada is one of its drawbacks, although one may use it to make inexpensive international calls (with rates as low as $0.02 per minute).

10. Skype

Another well-known program that enables international texting and calling is Skype. You can use the app on both your PC and phone for convenient access. It's among the top apps available for video conferences as well. For personal and business purposes, the app's features of screen sharing, recording conversations, joining free video chats, and file sharing can be quite helpful.

In addition to noise reduction, personalized reactions, and a Together mode that allows you to see everyone simultaneously, the video call feature also offers other features to enhance your experience. Features include real-time translation in 42 languages, end-to-end encryption for messages, and a variety of screen-sharing options like zoom in and out.

11. SMS Organizer

SMS Organiser is among the best text messaging apps. It has much to offer if you need a place on your Android phone to save SMS chats, even though it might not have the same profile as the more official Microsoft apps. It is updated frequently with new features.

Reminders regarding flights, bills, movie dates, and other events with text-based info is what you can produce automatically from your SMS texts. You can record voice memos, create texts with text backups, and rapidly filter your conversation list to identify unread messages that require attention right away.

We also enjoy how customizable this device is, with choices to change the font size, ringtone, and notifications in addition to a dark theme. It's simple to filter spammers within the app and star messages so you can respond to them promptly. It's all encapsulated in a stylish interface that makes simple words appear captivating.

12. Textra 

Among the best text messaging apps on the list is Textra SMS. This well-known and fashionable app is the most well-liked SMS app on the list. It has a dark mode, slide-to-delete, delayed sending, floating notifications, a theme selector where you can customize colors, and many more features. Furthermore, it directly supports Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and other apps. Most of the functions are available to you free of charge.

13. KaoKao Talk

The most used messaging app in South Korea is accessible in the United States as well. KakaoTalk has become the preferred chat app for many due to its speedy and dependable messaging regardless of the network you're on. The app's incorporation of e-commerce is a noteworthy feature. Users can share special offers and coupons from well-known firms on KakaoTalk with friends and family.

Due to the app's increasing popularity for transactions, users can now use their virtual currency to purchase branded credit cards. Creating your calendar and setting up appointments and reminders for meals, meetings, or get-togethers are extra features. You can use the app to organize group video chats with your pals.

14. Line

With over 230 million active users globally each month, Line is among the text messaging apps in Asia. It is the top app in Japan. A timeline akin to Meta (Facebook) allows you to post and receive comments from your friends, in addition to all the typical functions of messaging software. There are free video or audio calls between lines and calls to landlines. Also, a sizable store filled with stickers featuring well-known Asian Line characters is there. It encrypts chats, and group chats can accommodate 500 users. Brand and artist feeds are also available online.

15. WeChat

WeChat is China's most widely used app, and it has over a billion users. It has all the typical messaging app functions, including voice calling, video sharing, and photo sharing. However, WeChat also offers features like location sharing, which makes it easier to locate pals nearby and allows users to share specific moments or day-to-day photos. In addition, this software allows for gaming and much more. It is compatible with Apple Watch and Wear OS as well.

16. Dust

Last on this list of best text messaging apps is Dust. Dust describes itself as “the world's most secure messenger,” so downloading it could be worthwhile if privacy is an issue. All messages on the free app are deleted after a day. For those “oops” situations, you may unsend a message at any moment and have it instantly removed from the recipient's phone. Additionally, the app will alert you if someone screenshots one of your conversations.

Messages that you remove from Dust are permanently lost, so you have total control over your privacy. This one is among the safest messaging applications available. Blasts, which allow you to share images and ideas with your followers, are among the most well-liked features. Like messages, they expire after 24 hours.


Navigating the world of communication is made seamless with the abundance of options available. From feature-rich platforms to simplicity in design, the best text messaging apps cater to diverse needs, ensuring efficient and enjoyable interactions for users worldwide. Just head to your device appstore, search and download any one of your choice.

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