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Most Popular Attractions in London: Things To Do in London

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Welcome to London, where every street tells a story and every sight is a marvel! We're diving into the most popular attractions in London, those must-see gems that make this city truly special. From the grandeur of Buckingham Palace to the timeless beauty of the Tower Bridge, get ready for an adventure through the heart of this vibrant metropolis! Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or simply seeking unforgettable experiences, London has something for everyone. So grab your map and explore the magic of one of the world's most beloved destinations!

1. Visit British Museum

British Museum in London

If visitors are familiar with the Bloomsbury district, it's most likely because they have seen the intriguing artifacts at the British Museum. The museum was founded in 1753 and became public in 1759. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London. Centuries of expansions and modifications were needed to accommodate all the exhibits, giving rise to the museum today. One London site you will never truly “complete” is the British Museum, where you can always expect to witness dazzling gems worn by Persian civilizations amid Egyptian coffin traveling displays and collections. On exhibit are permanent artifacts such as the rosetta stone, a set of sculptures that originally graced the Acropolis in Athens. It has a decree written in three ancient languages that is necessary to understand hieroglyphics.

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2. Explore Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is among the most popular tourist destinations in the British capital, home to HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Frequently serving as a location for both national festivities and mourning ceremonies, the palace has been an integral part of London's Royal Life since 1837.

During the summer, guests can explore the palace chambers and learn about the building's rich history. They can also learn about the lives of its royal occupants by joining a guided tour.

Observing the guard change is another fantastic reason to visit Buckingham Palace. It takes place between 10.30 and 11:00 AM a few days each week, and attendance is free.

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3. Stroll Over Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London

Tower Bridge rises 200 feet above the River Thames and is next to the Tower of London. The most well-known and frequently photographed landmark in London is this one. It’s among the most popular attractions in London. You can stroll over the bridge from the Tower of London, even though exciting excursions are offered behind the scenes.

Choose a location halfway across for the finest views of the Tower, along with a peek of HMS Belfast and London Bridge. Even though it can get congested, especially after dusk, it's well worth the effort to arrive early in the morning before the tourists arrive. After that, visit the recently remodeled Butlers Wharf neighborhood on the south end of the bridge to WatchHouse Tower Bridge for a distinctive take on the traditional “full English” breakfast. Now a fashionable neighborhood, it offers an exciting mix of stores, restaurants, and luxury residences. It's a wonderful place to stroll around.

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4. Explore Covent Garden

Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden, despite its name, is more than just a garden. Instead, it's a piazza and a network of city streets with luxury shops, pubs, restaurants, art installations, and more. Put differently, it's a busy neighborhood in the West End of London. Shops provide independent labels and well-known trademarks like Mulberry and Ralph Lauren. Covent Garden features a covered market area with vendors selling different goods, from crafts to antiques, in addition to traditional stores and boutiques. Similarly, there are various places to eat, from casual pubs to gourmet hotspots like Balthazar and Sushi Samba. Given Covent Garden's open-air layout, Al fresco dining has more than 1,000 chairs, which makes sense.

The Royal Opera House is in the Covent Garden. You can take a tour of the opulent Royal Opera House even if you are unable or unwilling to attend an opera. 

5. Take Cocktail at Soma Soho

Soma Soho in London

A contemporary speakeasy, Soma Soho serves you some of the best cocktails in town. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London. The unmarked entry will greet you, and you'll be led downstairs to a subterranean area with a community bar where you may sit and watch the bartenders in action.

There are also tiny, private areas with dim illumination and dark drapes. But the real stars are the drinks. Inspired by the Indian subcontinent, they skillfully reinterpret well-known masterpieces. A clever take on a gimlet, The Leaf features curry leaf, kaffir leaf, Opihr gin, and pink peppercorn. It's a winner.

6. Lio London

Lio London in London

Lío Ibiza had been a success when it first debuted more than ten years ago. With a stage large enough for the gifted theatrical acts, from acrobats to dancers and vocalists, to properly showcase their talents, this amazing venue—housed in the once-iconic Cafe de Paris building—is a must-see.

Dinner and refreshments are supplied while you're engrossed in the performance (introverts, get ready to get swept from your seat for a dance). Also, the location transforms into a club with a capacity of more than 700 on Fridays and Saturdays after the sweets are cleared. Are you game for an exciting night on the town? Put it on the list right away.

7. Camden Market

Camden Market in London

There aren't many food marketplaces in London that satisfy as many palates as Camden Market. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London. The market is a lifesaver for big groups and picky eateries alike. Choose from mouthwatering Venezuelan arepas, colorful Pakistani street food, and freshly made crepes loaded with various toppings. You’ll also love the classic American burgers and even Yorkshire pudding burritos.

This eccentric area in North London offers a plethora of culinary options, not to mention plenty of exploration opportunities. Dine atop Primrose Hill and take in views of the capital long into the summer evenings. Or visit the kiosks offering odd goods and take a canal boat ride through the fabled lock.

8. London Eye

London Eye

There's just one spot to go for the best views of the city: The London Eye. Standing more than 130 meters above the city, this enormous observation wheel offers views of the north bank of the River Thames and Waterloo. It is reported that Windsor Castle, about thirty miles away, can be seen on a very clear day.

It is without a doubt, one of the most captivating things to do in London at night is to take in the magnificent vista with all of the city's bright lights laid out below you.

“The Eye” provides a view of several of the most beloved city icons, such as Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. You can also see the Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Houses of Parliament.

9. National Gallery

National Gallery in London

It is nearly impossible to visit London and not see the magnificent National Gallery. One of London's top attractions, this famous museum is on the edge of Trafalgar Square and is home to unique artworks.

The National Gallery in London, one of the best art museums in the world, offers a nearly comprehensive survey of European paintings from 1260 to 1920. The museum's holdings of Italian Schools and Dutch Masters from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries are its finest assets.

Highlights include a preliminary drawing of Leonardo da Vinci's Madonna and Child and Botticelli's Venus and Mars. It also includes Michelangelo's The Entombment,  van Gogh's Sunflowers, and Monet's The Water-Lily Pond.

10. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

From Hyde Park Corner, a little stroll will lead you to The Grenadier. It is a small tavern tucked away along a cobblestone alley. Originally an officers' mess when it first opened in 1818, it today offers traditional pub meals and beers in a setting filled with wood and character. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London.

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are open spaces northwest of Buckingham Palace and north of the Royal Albert Hall. West Carriage Drive divides these areas. Public access to Hyde Park makes it a must-see location for tourists seeking a peaceful break from the bustle of the city. There are a few noteworthy sights in Hyde Park that are well worth seeing among its winding bike and foot trails, lush vegetation, and wildlife.

11. Bar with Shapes for a Name

Bar with Shapes for a Name

The three shapes above the door are the sole things that identify this Bauhaus-style pub. The wood-accented interior shouts “sleek utility,” and the bartenders are dressed in bright boiler suits. The rear bar is devoid of bottles; its exquisite, fragile glassware is stored in a massive fridge; the cocktails are flavorful but have a simple appearance. The raspberry and rhubarb pastel in a bottle is a great way to start things off, and the Kasimir comes with an ice cube with a light prism inside. It's always open until three in the morning, so mark it on your mental hit list for the next time you're looking for martinis after midnight. London isn't exactly known for its late-night drinking scene.

12. Great British Bake Off Game

This is one of the most popular attractions in London. Featuring monthly challenges and themes, the Big Bakes experience lets you live out your fantasy of being on everyone's favorite cake-heavy show for the day. That is, you have endless opportunities to come back.

You'll be shown to a workstation where ingredients and instructions are waiting for you, along with your teammate. After completing your work, it will be evaluated by a professional judge in the vein of Paul Hollywood, who will select the ultimate winner.

You can treat yourself to a cocktail or cup of tea after that and start snacking on whatever delectable dish you were creating at the on-site bar/café. Perfect for hanging with friends, going on dates, and giving as a Mother's or Father's Day gift.

13. Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a great place to visit in London if you want to escape the bustle of the city. Royal mansions have influenced this part of southwest London. Nevertheless, the walled facility welcomes millions of tourists annually and was established in 1840 when the Royal Horticultural Society declared the gardens to be a single, 75-acre national botanical garden. There are about 300 acres to explore in the gardens, which were added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list in 2003.

More than 50,000 live plants are present in the complex, including rare and endangered species in Temperate House, the biggest Victorian glasshouse in the world. Pop-up movie nights and gourmet events take place during the long summer hours, while the walks are lit up by thousands of dazzling lights and illuminating sculptures in preparation for Christmas.

14. Warner Bros Studio Tour

A tour of Warner Bros. Studios is highly recommended if you're searching for the full Harry Potter experience. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London. This enchanting tour of the Warner Bros. film studios, which features many of the most beloved sets from the film series, will be a highlight.

Enter famous locations, including Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, the Forbidden Forest, and the Great Hall. View props and movie costumes, such as memory vials, potion jars,  ball gowns, and Quidditch uniforms, among many other items.

15. St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral, the biggest and most well-known of London's numerous churches and unquestionably one of the most magnificent cathedrals worldwide, is atop the site of a Roman temple. After the Great Fire of 1666 destroyed the original church building, Sir Christopher Wren designed the new one. 

St. Paul's is a classic of English architecture, with its twin Baroque towers and enormous 365-foot dome. Walking the steps offering breathtaking views of the dome's interior, including the Whispering Gallery—unquestionably one of the best things to do in London—is highly recommended if you're up for the challenge.

16. National History Museum

Visit the Science Museum next door for interactive displays and live science presentations before or after your visit, and don't forget to see a movie at the IMAX, one of the largest screens in the UK. Museum admission is free. However, some exhibitions cost extra. 

This South Kensington museum has information about 70,000 species, ranging from little protozoa to mammals, and features displays highlighting anything from dinosaur skeletons to earthquake simulations. Families love the Natural History Museum, so it's always full of children.

17. Seed Library

Mr Lyan, also known as Ryan Chetiyawardana, is the most renowned barman in the UK. His creation, Seed Library, is in the basement of the One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel. It’s one of the most popular attractions in London. Simple cocktails that give traditional drinks a distinctive and frequently sustainable twist are combined with a nod to '70s cool. Our recommendations are the beeswax or the coriander seed gimlet. The presence of vinyl records ensures the music is consistently upbeat, while the snack menu features cheeky items like potato smilies dipped in cheese. With his latest creation, London's best cocktail bar, Mr Lyan continues to offer his impeccable style. 

18. Big Mamma Restaurant

If you haven't visited one of the remarkably popular Big Mamma Italian restaurants yet, we recommend you do so immediately. With interiors aimed at capturing the attention of Instagram users, there are three options: Gloria in Shoreditch, Circolo Popolare in Rathbone Square, and Ave Mario, the newest restaurant to open in Covent Garden. But it's not just about the Instagram-worthy photos; the food is also delicious and has earned a spot on our list of the best pasta restaurants in London. A helpful tip: make reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment.

19. Jikoni

Jikoni is one of the most popular attractions in London. Sunshiny chef Ravinder Bhogal gained experience in Michelin-starred Trishna before starting her restaurant, a “no borders” eatery that sources ingredients from Indian, African, and European kitchens. Interior design experiments using candy color patterns and pastels. All the dishes are delicious; try the hand-dived scallops with congee, and the delightful fish pie with golden saffron. You can also try the prawned toast Scotch egg and pickled cucumbers. If you're not drinking, try one of the expertly chosen tea options, or choose from the brief cocktail list that emphasizes eastern spices. This is a lovely restaurant with meals that will put a smile on your face.

20. Smoking Goat

Some of the most popular restaurants in London are Ben Chapman's Thai-spiced eateries. They combine carefully picked delicacies from Soho and Shoreditch with authentic tastes from northern Thailand. 

The intense heat of a scrumptious duck laab may cause your cheeks to sweat. The main courses are pretty large. The giant goat shoulder could easily occupy a table of four flavored with massaman paste and the platter of drunken noodles with the charred beef brisket. The lesson here is to travel in large groups to sample everything. You may just stop by Smoking Goat for a drink, which is a good feature. In addition, there are counters where you can wait for a table while browsing the menu and sipping a pint of One Mile End Brewery's Juicy 4 pm lager—a tasty, affordable, and enjoyable Shoreditch restaurant. Grab a few large sharing dishes and a magnum of artisan beer, then relax. You can also try our other locations by checking easy destinations from London


London boasts an array of captivating landmarks, museums, and cultural sites, making it a haven for travelers worldwide. From the iconic Big Ben to the mesmerizing British Museum, these are among the most popular attractions in London, promising unforgettable experiences for all visitors.

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