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Fun and Crazy Things You can do on Facebook

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I am online on facebook yesterday but have no one to chat with, everything just seems bored to me then I need to do some things to keep myself busy. Although We all know facebook is a social media platform for chatting and having funs. But there are some times you would just feel bored and cannot think of what to do while you are online on facebook.
You can do plenty of mischief without annoying your friends on Facebook. Use your creativity to identify other ways of utilizing Facebook to create fun instead of being too serious all the time. Identify excellent ways through which you can use Facebook weirdly and funnily to amuse yourself.

Creative ideas that would turn your day from sadness and boredom to being fun-filled on Facebook

  • Posting faces without explanations

Do this on a friend’s wall probably late at night, or during the day. Take a close-up shot where you are neither blinking nor smiling but putting on a deadly serious face.

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  • Tagging yourself with engagement photos – not yours

People post photos regarding all manner of events, including wedding and engagement images. This is a goldmine waiting for you to tag yourself.

  • Commenting on a friend’s photo – that is more than 5 years old

Go to one of your newest friends. Visit their walls. Look for the oldest photos and comment on those with something funny or weird.

  • Commenting on friend’s previous life events that have nothing to do with you

Facebook allows users to mark life events for future reference, which is a good reason for going to a friend’s life event and commenting with something uncomfortable but not embarrassing.

  • Asking friends for their relationship status

Do this with friends who prefer to keep their relationship status hidden from prying eyes. Facebook has given you the tools with which to ask for such information – use them.

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  • Requesting friends for their addresses

You can send a friend request to a random people. If they accept, proceed to ask him for his addresses. Or you ask some existing facebook friends for their home address when you know you won't even go there lol. After all, Facebook allows us to ask people as many questions as w want.

  • Sending friend requests to a friend’s Family Members

These days, every person you can imagine is on Facebook. Go to one or several of your friends’ walls, look bottom and you would find your facebook friends family members. Identify their grandmothers or any other family members and send friend requests accordingly. Let your friends know.

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  • Poking a friend’s family

Do not stop at sending and accepting friend requests. Why not go further by poking the family members for a bit of fun? Be careful not to overdo this as it can create tension.

  • Interactions with Brands

We have plenty brands and well-recognized names out there on facebook. You can go to their pages and strike up meaningless conversations with them. Comment on their posts for a bit of fun.
You should not feel bored or lonely when a huge platform such as Facebook is available. Use this platform to annoy and amuse in equal measure. In addition to the aforementioned stuff, you can also create and post links to your friends’ walls. What your friends do not know about these links is that once clicked, they will end up on their own profile pages. If you want to be civil, creating group albums where all your friends can upload photos would be an excellent idea as well.

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Ogunrinola Adams
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