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Must-Have Smart Office Gadgets for Maximum Productivity

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Almost everyone prefers working from home. Everyone has lots of smart home gadgets that make our homes more comfortable than our offices. It's a fact that an over-relaxed office can make you sluggish. However, it is essential to bring in some level of ease to the office. Stressing too much hampers productivity over time. Getting some important smart office gadgets will help you achieve more daily.

Most smart office gadgets are meant to make your office activities more accessible and faster so you can deliver accurate results. Getting some relaxation gadgets will always keep your brain in great shape. A healthy mind is essential for productivity. Take a minute to learn about them so you know which gadgets will satisfy your needs. 

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16 Fantastic Smart Office Gadgets That Are Useful

We have rounded up the best smart office gadgets for your workspace., from cool relaxation toys to tools that improve productivity. Here we go!

1. UPS Backup Battery and Surge Protector

UPS Backup Battery and Surge Protector - smart office gadgets

Sudden power outages are disastrous, especially for offices. Imagine working on your desktop PC, and it goes off without saving your progress. In some cases, a damaged power source can destroy your equipment. This is why you need a surge protector and smart backup batteries for an uninterrupted power supply. 

This smart device automatically transfers your load to the backup batteries when your power supply goes off or exceeds safe parameters. The transfer is swift so as not to interrupt your work. However, an alarm beep notifies you. 

The best models feature a display screen and buttons for easy navigation. The alarm feature is to alert you when your primary power supply becomes unstable. The battery and surge system can be installed for a base price of around $200, depending on the capacity. You can also install solar panels or an AC inverter to charge the battery. 

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2. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad - smart office gadgets

This is one of the coolest gadgets for your office space. It is both fantastic and purposeful. This mouse pad makes working on your PC more exciting. It allows you to charge your wireless mouse while in use. This way, you don't always have to change your mouse batteries. 

The fun part is that you can use this mouse pad to charge your smartphones by placing the phone on the pad. You can also control the charging output using buttons provided on the device. The price for a wireless charging mouse pad starts at about $130. 

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3. Ergonomic Laptop Stand For Desk

Laptop Stand For Desk - smart office gadgets

The ergonomic laptop stand is crucial if you work with a laptop PC. You can adjust it and position your PC to stay at eye level. This is important as it prevents neck and back pain. It is usually lightweight and built with rubber pads to hold your laptop without scratching it. They also come with heat ventilation to prevent overheating that causes hardware damage. 

You can easily adjust it to keep your camera at a good angle for virtual meetings, hosting webinars, and online courses. 

It is foldable and light so that you can carry it along in your backpack. You can get an ergonomic laptop stand on Amazon for $69. 

4. Money Counter Machine

Money Counter Machine - smart office gadgets

If your job requires counting and arranging huge amounts of cash, you need an automatic money counter machine for premium efficiency and accuracy. You can rely on this machine to make your job faster, easier, and mistake-proof. The best models can also detect fake notes. 

This machine uses ultraviolet, infrared, dimensional, and magnetic waves to detect all kinds of counterfeit bills. The most recent versions can accurately count up to 1200 bills in a minute. A reliable money counter machine costs around $85 on Amazon or BestBuy. 

5. Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard

Mechanical Bluetooth Keyboard

A mechanical keyboard combines comfort and performance. These smart keyboards can be connected to your PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth. It also allows for customizable key mapping. The best models ease pressure on critical joints and place frequently used keys and shortcuts within immediate reach. 

Mechanical keyboards are addictive. They make for good, productive toys. The clacky noises help you feel relaxed as you type. You can get a reliable brand for about $200 on Amazon or Best Buy. 

6. Air Purifier

Air Purifier - smart office gadgets

An air purifier is one of the most recommended smart office gadgets. There is nothing better than a device that promotes good health. Breathing contaminated air affects your mindset and health. Having an air purifier in your office space where you spend long hours of your day will improve your health. And as we know, health is wealth. 

Smart Air Purifiers are designed to run when they detect contaminants in the air. They run automatically but require you to change the air filter periodically. Their sleek design is made to blend with your office decor. You can place it anywhere in the office, and it won't affect your daily activities. A good brand of smart air purifier costs around $145 in top gadget stores. 

7. Rechargeable Smart Desk Lamp

Rechargeable Smart Desk Lamp - smart office gadgets

A smart desk lamp can be integrated with your phone. Some top models feature colored lighting for ambiance. This feature is good for relaxing your brain after straight hours of working. The lamps are rechargeable and last for about 8-12 hours on battery. 

They usually come with a mobile app. You can use the app to create your own color schemes and animations. A lamp like this can lighten up your workspace and your mood. A long-lasting multicolored smart lamp costs around $50 on Amazon. 

8. Smart Desk Clock

Smart Desk Clock - smart office gadgets

Time management is vital in the office, especially in this modern era. A smart desk clock with an alarm is what you need. You can place it on your desk where it is easily accessible. Apart from keeping time, it can serve as decoration in your office.

It has a user-friendly designed luminous function that lets you see the time clearly at night.

Some come with USB ports and serve as power banks. It works on long-lasting rechargeable batteries so that you can charge it periodically. It has an LED screen and buttons to help set and turn alarms off. Some of them have mobile apps that can be controlled using your smartphone. A reliable smart alarm clock costs around $30 in gadget stores. 

9. Ergonomic Cell Phone Stand

Ergonomic Cell Phone Stand - smart office gadgets

Making long calls is expected in an office, so getting a phone stand is essential. You can place your phone on the stand while in a virtual meeting. This way, your hands will be free to multitask and achieve more in your office. It is built with an adjustable lever to accommodate different phone sizes. This stand has a charging hole that allows you to charge while on it. 

The best models are built with high-quality acrylic panels to protect your phone from slipping and scratching.

It is adjustable, so you can watch and make video presentations easily. This device is ideal if you use your phone for meetings, webinars, and customer support calls. It is portable and light enough to carry around. An excellent ergonomic cell phone stand costs about $10 in gadget stores. 

10. Automatic Electric Stapler

Automatic Electric Stapler

This is one of the most purposeful smart office gadgets. If your office work requires stapling a high volume of papers, an automatic stapler is a must-have for you. The manual stapler can only staple about ten documents at once, and you have to apply much pressure to do that. If you want a stapler that captures up to 30 papers without stress, go for an electric stapler. This stapler works on 6A batteries and can be recharged when the battery goes down.

Using this stapler is quick and hassle-free. It clips the exact point you want using a sensor without squeezing your documents. It is also portable and light so that you can carry it in your office bag. An automatic stapler costs around $63 on Amazon. 

11. Adjustable Desk

Adjustable Desk - smart office gadgets

The era of working on uncomfortable desks that cause back and neck pain has passed. You can get an adjustable desk that allows you to choose between sitting and standing positions seamlessly.

This desk promotes flexibility, thereby reducing back and neck pain. With such a comfortable desk, you will be more productive in your work. You can also get an electric model that allows you to control the position of the desk just by clicking a button. 

Adjustable desks are easy to set up and operate. Some advanced models offer additional exciting features like an adjustable footrest. The prices of these adjustable desks vary depending on size, materials, and extra features. You can get a comfortable basic model for about $200.

12. Compact Rechargeable Desk Fan

Compact Rechargeable Desk Fan - smart office gadgets

A USB Rechargeable desk fan will help keep your mind focused. This is especially useful in hotter countries during summer. You get a portable yet powerful fan that makes your workspace feel more comfortable by providing a cool breeze during long work hours. 

Since it's rechargeable using the USB-C ports, you can continuously enjoy a calm wind of cool air even when power is out. This smart office gadget is portable and can be carried in your office bag. Furthermore, you have to get the best models because they offer silent operation. They do not make any sound that will disrupt your calls and meetings. You can get a good brand on Amazon for about $60.

13. Smart Mug

Smart Mug - smart office gadgets

No one likes their coffee getting cold; that is where a smart mug comes in. You can keep your coffee at a palatable temperature using a smart mug. The best smart mug models come with an app that allows you to control the mug temperature using your phone. 

Smart mugs work on rechargeable batteries that last about 100 minutes. You can place the mug on a charging coaster to keep it on for longer. The best smart mugs on Amazon cost about $150.

14. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer - smart office gadgets

A desk organizer is used to keep essential office documents tidy and organized for easy access. It's made of heavy-gauge and sturdy material, which makes it durable. Each compartment is enough to accommodate a large volume of files, and the fifteenth compartment is bigger so that it can accommodate messages, files, and documents of different sizes.

It's made of light metals and steel so that each compartment can accommodate tangible documents. It looks attractive and can be placed on top of your desk. A desk file organizer costs around $58 On Amazon. 

15. Smart White Board

Smart White Board - smart office gadgets

If your office work requires mini-lectures, you will need a smart whiteboard. Smart whiteboards are designed with double-sided magnetic dry-erase and an adjustable frame. The frame is made of aluminium, making it durable and rust-free. It comes with an adjustable stand to set up in your office. This is suitable for presentations and teaching sessions. The double-sided design makes it so that two people can write on it simultaneously. 

It is built with durable materials. The inner side is made of high-density fiberboard to prevent board surface cracks. It is elementary to use. You can also use a clean textile material to clean the board. You have to use something soft to avoid scratching the smooth surface. 

The adjustable stand makes it perfect for teaching both children and adults. It is light and easy to assemble. The complete package, including markers and erasers, costs around $100. 

16. Smart Trash Can

Smart Trash Can - smart office gadgets

If you need a trashcan to put all unwanted papers and garbage in your office. Try a smart trash can with motion sensors; and it's easier to use and affordable. This trashcan comes with a motion sensor, so you don't have to touch it when disposing of dirt. The best models are water-resistant and prevent odor from coming out. 

The only downside is that they are usually small and may require taking out the waste bag often.  

The lid opens when you wave your hand near the sensor or use the foot-kick. It is made of high-quality ABS material, sturdy and durable, and the bottom is non-slip. They are built with an IPX5 water-resistance rating. The best smart trash can models cost less than $50 on Amazon. 


Office hours are hardly fun for anyone. However, having the best smart office gadgets can improve your office conditions. A less stressful office indeed makes for a more productive worker. Take advantage of these office gadgets to make the most of your office hours. 

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