How to Receive Adsense Earnings into Nigeria Bank Account


 As we already known nowadays most Bloggers monetize their blogs using Adsense Ads (the best advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers), but at same time  some find it difficult to receive their earnings to Nigerian bank Accounts. The method of payment used before is through Paypal which is not acceptable in Nigeria before Adsense think of making things easier for Nigerian Publishers to receive their earnings.

Although Paypal is now acceptable in Nigerian but not yet available for withdrawing funds, why should you keep using Paypal when you have a better way to receive your Adsense earnings straight into your Nigerian Bank Account so its time you switch to the new method and forget about selling Paypal funds. Although I spoke with a Paypal Agent from U.S. last week and she told me they are working on solving the problem of withdrawing fund in Nigeria.

For Now is better to use Direct Wire Transfer to banks, so how can you get this done. That’s what I would like to let you know today.

Firstly, you would need to verify your address that you are the true owner of the Adsense account, Adsense would send verification info to your place and would be delivered to the address you used to register with them probably your home but if you haven’t fill your home details go to payee profile and update it.

In the letter you would see 8 digit numbers which is your Verification PIN as shown below:

Go to Adsense Dashboard and verify your account with the PIN in the letter and you are ready to receive payments from Adsense.

How to Send Receive Adsense Earnings to Nigeria Bank Accounts
1. Visit Adsense Dashboard look top-right hand side you would see your email address followed by a gear settings icon.
adsense 3 1024x181 1 - HiideeMedia

2. Click on the gear icon and you would see a dropdown. From the dropdown menu click on Payments and another page comes up.

adsense payment settings2 techblogng 1024x475 1 - HiideeMedia

3. Click on +Add a New Payment Method and another page shows as below

adsense payment settings techblogng - HiideeMedia

4. Fill in your bank details but for SWIFT-BIC, it is the swift code of your bank for First Bank which am using the swift code is FBNINGLA. After completed mark the use as primary payment method and finally click on save.

5. Wait till you see the settings have reflected in your Account and see your next payment into your Bank Account.
Incase you have any problem on this or others relating to payment just add a comment below.

Adam Hiidee
Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Civil Engineer (GNse), Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and Serial Entrepreneur.

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