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Top Destinations in Costa Rica: Fun Places to See in Costa Rica

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Welcome to the tropical paradise of the top destinations in Costa Rica! You've landed in the right place if you're yearning for adventure, stunning landscapes, and a taste of Pura Vida. Costa Rica, nestled in Central America, is a traveler's dream with its diverse ecosystems, vibrant culture, and friendly locals. From the lush rainforests of Manuel Antonio to the pristine beaches of Guanacaste, each destination promises a unique experience.

Get ready to zipline through the canopy, spot exotic wildlife, or relax under swaying palm trees. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, thrill-seeker, or someone seeking tranquility, Costa Rica has something for everyone. Let's embark on a journey through the top destinations, unlocking the secrets of this enchanting country together!

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1. Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano National Park - top destinations in costa rica

This is one of the top destinations in Costa Rica. Arenal Volcano is a prominent feature in Costa Rica's self-proclaimed adventure capital. Arenal Volcano National Park is one of the most scenic areas surrounding the Arenal Volcano.

In addition, the park is filled with beautiful green trees and offers breathtaking views of the volcano. The park also includes various hiking trails for nature lovers, leading to waterfalls and other spectacular sights.

This national park is home to one of the world's most active volcanoes and breathtakingly beautiful scenery! The National Park is home to the breathtaking La Fortuna Waterfall.

2. Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park - top destinations in costa rica

This park, named for Costa Rica's first democratic leader, President Manuel A. Figueres Ferrer, provides breathtaking hikes through rainforests and waterfalls! It's among the top destinations in Costa Rica.

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Situated on Costa Rica's Central Western Coast, Manuel Antonio National Park is well-known for its stunning beaches and wild forests. While there are plenty of activities in Manuel Antonio National Park, hiking, swimming, and animal viewing are some of the best. Furthermore, watch for the park's resident monkeys, sloths, and tropical birds as you explore.

3. Tamarindo

Tamarindo - top destinations in costa rica

Tamarindo is an excellent destination in Costa Rica if you're searching for something fun. The mild waves of Tamarindo Beach, the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy the sun, make this beach town famous for its fantastic surfing conditions.

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In addition, it won't take long to have a good time in Tamarindo because it is home to many fantastic restaurants and pubs. Tamarindo's quick access to the beach has a significant impact on the town's culture.

Furthermore, the folks here are usually eager to have a good time and are recognized for being low back and pleasant. Also, the town's architecture, cuisine, and music reflect the unique mix of cultures that call Tamarindo home.

4. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve - top destinations in costa rica

There is a good reason why the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is among the top destinations in Costa Rica. The most amazing species in the nation, such as jaguars, vibrant frogs, and wailing monkeys, may be found in this reserve.

In addition, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is an ideal location for outdoor exploration since it offers an abundance of stunning waterfalls and hiking paths. Get up close and personal with a heart-pounding zipline across the canopy while watching the local wildlife with an unforgettable wildlife spotting trip.

5. Cocos Island National Park

Cocos Island National Park - top destinations in costa rica

Cocos Island is highly underappreciated, and its wonders match those of the Galapagos Islands. This magnificent national park is difficult to reach. Most people are unaware that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well-known location for fantastic whale watching! Isla del Coco is a diving hotspot.

Moreover, it suits all diving levels; however, most visitors are intermediates. Depending on the season, the waters are frigid, ranging from 55 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Year-round residents include white-tip reef sharks and humpback whales. Furthermore, Cocos Island is one of the most pristine national parks in Costa Rica. You might even see some dolphins on your journey. It's a real-life Isla Nublar for Jurassic Park lovers.

6. Montezuma

Montezuma - top destinations in costa rica

Montezuma is captivating with its calm atmosphere and abundant natural beauty. It's among the top destinations in Costa Rica. Adventurers can zipline through rainforests or explore Montezuma Hill for panoramic vistas. For a more relaxed pace, canopy excursions provide an immersive rainforest experience. Horseback riding along the shore offers a unique view of the coastline.

A three-hour bus ride from San Jose takes you through picturesque countryside. Furthermore, taxi and rental automobiles are available for individuals who prefer direct transport, albeit they are more expensive and need navigation. Montezuma is a location that seamlessly blends tranquility and fun.

7. Bay of Papagayo and Papagayo Peninsula

Bay of Papagayo and Papagayo Peninsula - top destinations in costa rica

The Bay of Papagayo and Papagayo Peninsula, located in Costa Rica's northwest region, encompass the spirit of peace and natural beauty. Breathtaking sunsets, beautiful beaches, and tropical rainforests surrounding Santa Rosa National Park will always welcome you.

In addition, the peninsula, a luxurious refuge amidst nature's splendor, boasts many world-class resorts that promise a comprehensive relaxation and vacation experience. There are several gorgeous beaches along the Papagayo Peninsula, each with its unique story of beauty and attraction.

Playa Hermosa, with its crystal-clear waves, can become my haven for times of tranquility under the sun. At Playa Panama, the waves' pace mirrored the heartbeat of the local culture, providing a taste of Costa Rica's famous seafood.

Meanwhile, miles of soft sand beachfront at Playa Danta and Playa Ocotal will invite you to relax and enjoy the small pleasures of sunbathing and morning strolls. These beaches are like canvases of the natural world.

8. Rincon De La Vieja

Rincon De La Vieja - top destinations in costa rica

This is also one of the top destinations in Costa Rica. The Guanacaste province of Costa Rica is home to the volcano Rincon de la Vieja. Because of the breathtaking natural environment and the wide range of activities, it is one of the nation's most popular tourist attractions.

In addition, Rincon de la Vieja offers hiking, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, swimming, and ziplining, among other activities. The Rio Negro Hot Springs, where you may have a mud bath and relax in hot springs of various temperatures, is a must-see.

9. Tortugero National Park

Tortugero National Park - top destinations in costa rica

While there are many breathtaking locations in Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park is among the most spectacular. It is most famous for the wide variety of leatherback sea turtles that nest there.

This park is well-known for its kilometers of pristine beaches and verdant tropical jungles. It's also a fantastic spot to watch various species, such as crocodiles, sloths, and monkeys.

Furthermore, accommodations in the vicinity of Tortuguero National Park are excellent. The Mawamba Lodge, situated in the center of the park and provides visitors with an extraordinarily distinctive and unforgettable experience, is still among the greatest.

10. Nosara 

Nosara - top destinations in costa rica

Situated on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, the Nicoya Peninsula is renowned for its verdant rainforest and stunning beaches. On the Nicoya Peninsula, Nosara, Tamarindo, and Santa Teresa are a few of the top destinations in Costa Rica.

In addition, the little town of Nosara is well-known for being an excellent beach vacation spot with stunning beaches and vibrant jungles. Nosara has activities to suit every interest, ranging from ziplining and animal viewing to surfing and stand-up paddleboarding.

11. Irazu Volcan National Park

Irazu Volcan National Park - top destinations in costa rica

One of the most famous tourist spots in Costa Rica is the Irazú Volcano National Park. Irazú is the second most active volcano in the nation, and the park bears his name.

In addition, the volcano is a Tenorio Volcano National Park component in the Cordillera Central mountain range. Fifty-eight square kilometers comprise the Irazú Volcano National Park, created in 1965.

Furthermore, the park has many landforms, such as lava fields, cloud forests, rainforests, and paramo. Hot springs, waterfalls, and crater lakes are also available to visitors. Lastly, the Irazú Volcano is well-known for its magnificent outbursts, which are visible from a considerable distance.

12. Dominical

Dominical in Costa Rica  - top destinations in costa rica

Dominical is an ideal island destination featuring charming wooden homes, breathtaking beaches, affordable accommodations, relaxed dining options, and an excellent atmosphere. It's among the top destinations in Costa Rica. Surfers who visit the location are stuck, and their visits typically last longer.

In addition, Dominical also attracts an affluent clientele who prefer small luxury hotels on hills or overlooking the town's outskirts. They are frequently separated from one another, allowing guests to get a close-up look at creatures like howler monkeys waking them at sunrise and toucans flying past pools.

13. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in Costa Rica - top destinations in costa rica

If you want a truly unique Costa Rican experience, visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. Visit Puerto Viejo de Talamanca for a genuinely distinctive Costa Rican experience. This town, which lies in Costa Rica's Caribbean region, has a unique atmosphere from the rest of the country.

In addition, there are little cafés and cantinas, and the air is filled with the sound of reggaeton music and the aroma of coconut curries. Travelers wishing to experience the Afro-Caribbean culture of the area fully are drawn to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca because of its relaxed vibe.

The golden sands, turquoise waters, and beautiful beaches are ideal for lounging beneath a palm tree, swimming, and surfing. Furthermore, visitors can explore the neighboring Cahuita National Park, renowned for its lush rainforest full of wildlife and stunning coral reefs off the coast. Take advantage of the chance to sample mouthwatering Caribbean food like plantains, rice and beans, and fresh fish while you're there.

14. Punta Renas

Punta Renas - top destinations in costa rica

Puntarenas, a fantastic beach city, is approximately an hour and a half away from San José. It's among the top destinations in Costa Rica.

Also, numerous activities are available in Puntarenas Province, including boat tours, bird watching, and delicious cuisine. While here, take a boat excursion to see the gorgeous ocean views and plentiful wildlife, including dolphins, sea turtles, and colorful birds.

In addition, spend a day visiting Tortuga Island, where you can go hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and eating. You can even hire paddle boards or wave runners there. Furthermore, discover some of the best cuisine in the nation at Puntarenas' numerous eateries, and enjoy the fantastic beaches this town has to offer.

15. Central Valley and Highlands

Central Valley and Highlands in Costa Rica - top destinations in costa rica

A trip to Costa Rica's Central Valley and Highlands is a must because of the incredible volcanoes, verdant coffee farms, and Tico culture. In an area of incredible scenery and a pleasant year-round environment, this region provides outdoor adventure and genuine local experiences, such as visiting coffee plantations and mouthwatering eateries.

Come to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where you can take a dizzyingly short trip on the Sky Tram to get up close and personal with one of Costa Rica's most breathtaking waterfalls, trek through trails, bathe in natural pools, and zip line over it. See sloths, toucans, monkeys, and other exotic wildlife at Selva Verde, an animal rescue that assists wounded animals in returning to their natural habitat.

16. Corcovado National Park

Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica - top destinations in costa rica

One of the top destinations in Costa Rica is Corcovado National Park. Known for its unique biodiversity, this park is situated in the isolated Osa Peninsula in southwest Costa Rica. In addition, the park is a fantastic spot to go birdwatching and is home to iconic Costa Rican creatures, including jaguars, tapirs, and monkeys.

17. Braulio Carrillo National Park

Braulio Carrillo National Park in Costa Rica - top destinations in costa rica

Braulio Carrillo National Park, which offers visitors the opportunity to see its unique biodiversity, is a monument to the magnificence of nature. It is situated within the stunning landscapes of Costa Rica's Central Volcanic Range.

In addition, the park is a shelter of flora and animals, with places that seem to have escaped the passage of time. It is home to towering volcanoes like Barva and Cacho Negro as well as dense woods that span across mountainous terrain.

Furthermore, a complex botanical habitat that is both beautiful and educational is painted here by the sheer variety of flora, which includes the majestic manú caoba and towering ceiba. With its roads leading to tranquil views and rivers sculpting through canyons, Braulio Carrillo National Park greatly illustrates Costa Rica's vast biodiversity.

18. Jaco 

Jaco in Costa Rica - top destinations in costa rica

Jacó, located on Costa Rica's central Pacific coast, has a laid-back ambiance and affordable luxury, making it an ideal spot for creating your own Costa Rica experiences. Also, Jacó is among the top destinations in Costa Rica because of its vibrant nightlife and beaches, which provide ideal surfing and swimming conditions.

Here, you may rapidly immerse yourself in the simple pleasures of savoring the rich flavors of a traditional casino, the country's national meal, and feeling the exhilaration of ziplining above beautiful forest canopies.

Visit El Miro, an abandoned home transformed into a graffiti-adorned viewpoint with panoramic views of Playa Jacó. Furthermore, visitors can witness the majestic majesty of Costa Rica's wildlife, from crocodiles sleeping along the Tárcoles River to the colorful plumage of macaws and toucans adorning the treetops. The park's famous Crocodile Bridge provides an exciting view of nature's primeval splendor, untamed and natural.


Costa Rica, a tropical haven, beckons with its vibrant landscapes and lively culture. This Central American gem captivates adventurers From lush rainforests to pristine beaches. Whether you're into thrilling ziplining or serene beach strolls, the top destinations in Costa Rica ensure a vacation filled with unforgettable moments and pure Pura Vida joy!

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