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The Best Brazil Tourist Attractions to See

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Step right into the sizzling samba of Brazil tourist attractions! Hold onto your hats because we're about to ride wildly through this land of carnival vibes and incredible sights. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping moments at the colossal Christ the Redeemer statue – it's like the superhero of landmarks! But that's not all, folks. Get ready to dance through vibrant street festivals, where the whole city joins the fun. Want some sun-soaked thrills? Copacabana Beach is calling, where the waves and warm sand are your playmates. And who could forget the Amazon rainforest? It's like a real-life jungle adventure with animals, plants, and surprises at every turn. Brazil's tourist attractions aren't just places – they're pure excitement waiting to happen! Let's dive into the carnival of wonders together!

1. Cristo Redentor and Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor and Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil tourist attractions

This is first on our list of Brazil tourist attractions. Christ the Redeemer, a huge Art Deco statue, is 28 meters tall and looks out over Rio de Janeiro. At a height of 709 meters, it is situated within the boundaries of Tijuca National Park.

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The 30-meter statue, created in 1931 by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa and Polish-French sculptor Paul Landowski, is made of soapstone and reinforced concrete.

In addition, the eight-meter foundation houses a chapel that is frequently used for weddings.

Although this is one of Brazil's most well-known icons, it is commonly referred to as The Christ of the Andes, as it is mistaken for the older statue that marks the border between Argentina and Chile. The railway stops at a midpoint, from where trails wind into the vast Tijuca National Park, home to waterfalls, springs, and a diverse array of tropical plants, butterflies, and birds. 

2. Iguacu Falls

Iguacu Falls - Brazil tourist attractions

This is also among Brazil tourist attractions. Situated on the border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguaçu Falls is one of the world's greatest natural wonders. There are 275 waterfalls in the Iguazu River waterfall system. The Devil's Throat, a U-shaped structure rising to 82 meters (269 feet), is the most outstanding.

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Also, the cities of Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, Puerto Iguazú in Argentina, and Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil are all close to the falls. A lengthy trail that stretches to the lower base of the Devil's Throat runs beside the canyon on the Brazilian side.

3. Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro

Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil tourist attractions

Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro's readily identifiable icon, rises 394 meters above the beaches and city from a tree-covered headland. Tourists flock to its summit first, enjoying views of Rio and the harbor and the exhilaration of riding in a cable car, hung between Sugar Loaf and the lower peak of Morro da Urca, from where the second cableway links to the city. Rio's original town was below these hills, close to the lengthy Praia da Urca beach. Furthermore, the star-shaped Fort São João is one of the three early forts you can tour.

4. Amazon River

Amazon River - Brazil tourist attractions

Amazon river is among the popular Brazil tourist attractions. Bounding nine South American nations, including Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, the Amazon River is the world's largest river by volume of water.

This mighty river, which sustains the world's largest rainforest, is yet largely uncharted territory that holds mysteries and opportunities. Manaus, the only city in the Amazon Rainforest with a population of more than a million, is located in northwest Brazil.

In addition, travelers from all over the world come to Manaus to have the opportunity to explore, whether through hiking through its verdant Amazonian rainforest or on a unique Amazon river cruise. Through these adventures, you will get the rare chance to see macaws, toucans, sloths, and the amazing boto, a pinkish-colored river dolphin.

5. Copacabana

Copacabana - Brazil tourist attractions

The most fashionable and popular part of downtown Rio follows Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana. This town is surrounded on one side by four kilometers of white sand and breaking waves. A wide promenade in a black and white mosaic resembling Lisbon, Portugal's undulating streets, separates the beach from the buildings and traffic.

In addition, the beach is more than aesthetics. On clear days, it's also a bustling playground with swimmers, youngsters making sandcastles, and sun lovers. Explore the streets here to discover eateries, chic boutiques, coffee shops, and stunning historic structures from the era when Rio served as Brazil's capital.

6. Pantanal

Pantanal - Brazil tourist attractions

Also among the best Brazil tourist attractions is the pantanal. The Pantanal is the world's biggest flooded grassland and tropical wetland area, most located in Mato Grosso do Sul and parts spreading into Paraguay and Bolivia.

These wetlands span more than 29 states in the United States and almost nine nations in Europe and are an incredible wonderland of the splendor of the natural world. Also, ten million caimans call this wildlife reserve home, and just as many jaguars live here because they hunt caimans in the Pantanal.

In addition, this is home to the hyacinth macaw, the largest parrot in the world. The Pantanal is home to many incredible species, such as capybaras and toucans, attracting millions of tourists annually. These are just some amazing creatures that call this region home.

7. Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach - Brazil tourist attractions

You should definitely add this to your list of Brazil tourist attractions. Beyond the Copacabana beaches, the magnificent white sands combine with the equally famous Ipanema beaches.

This area is a popular social zone all year round, with a line of hotels, restaurants, cafés, art galleries, and movie theatres set apart from the sand by the same wave pattern that runs along Copacabana's vast promenade.

In addition, the beaches of Leblon are located further on, past the Jardim de Alá Canal, which drains the lagoon of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Also, sundays are particularly busy because of the Feira de Artesanato de Ipanema, which is bustling with street food, music, art, handicrafts, and the antique market at Praça de Quentaland.

8. Salvador Beaches

Salvador Beaches - Brazil tourist attractions

Salvador is the capital of Bahia, a province in northeastern Brazil with some of the country's biggest beaches. You can include it to your list of Brazil tourist attractions. The lovely white-sand beach of Praia Itapua is filled with coconut trees, palm fronds, and stars.

In addition , the beach is close to Itapua, a neighborhood known for its artistic and cultural diversity. Also, the unique and bohemian atmosphere of the surrounding locations is enhanced by the delicious live music and culinary selections, which include the spicy fried bean dish “acaraje.”

Come hang out with the locals in Boa Viagem, a beach strip lined with seafood restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs on the beach, as well as a boardwalk ideal for beach strolling. Boa Viagem's shallow waters are protected by coral reefs, making it a great place for families to take their kids for a beach day.

9. Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto - Brazil tourist attractions

This is also among the popular Brazil tourist attractions. The interiors of churches in Minas Gerais' old capital, Ouro Preto, make it easy to visualize the state's wealth during the colonial period. Entire walls have gold and diamonds from the city's neighboring mines in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Furthermore, Ouro Preto is a gem of a colonial town, nestled into a steep valley and encircled by mountains. However, despite its allure for tourists today, its narrow streets and mountainous surroundings were inadequate for the demands of a developing provincial capital.

Also, Ouro Preto was left in its time capsule while the government relocated to Belo Horizonte, the recently constructed capital. The town of Ouro Preto is so rich in colonial architecture that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The greatest examples are the 17th-century Baroque and Rococo churches of São Francisco de Assis and Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Pilar. 

10. Historic Center of Olinda

Historic Center of Olinda - Brazil tourist attractions

Olinda is a historic city located in Pernambuco, north of Recife, on the northeastern coast of Brazil. It’s also among Brazil tourist attractions. The city was established in the sixteenth century and is regarded as one of Brazil's best-preserved colonial cities.

Rich with lush landscaping and an oceanfront backdrop, the Historic Centre of Olinda is brimming with architecturally magnificent buildings. Furthermore , the Catedral Alto da Se is the ideal representation of Olinda's charming architecture and rich past. Strolling about Olinda's Historic Centre is like taking a trip back in time to Brazil. A trip where you can find churches, monuments, and century-old homes.

11. Museu do Amanha

Museu do Amanha - Brazil tourist attractions

The Museum of Tomorrow's futuristic architecture in Rio de Janeiro hints at its contents. Thought-provoking exhibits enable visitors to imagine what the world might be like in the future. Also examining scenarios of how our planet might develop over the next half-century.

Furthermore, examining these periods of rapid change in culture, technology, and the physical environment, the museum encourages visitors to contemplate numerous paths into the future and how each opens up based on the decisions we make every day as people and as a society.

12. Bonito

Bonito - Brazil tourist attractions

Bonito, located in the Bodoquena Sierra of Mato Grosso do Sul, is a small village and popular ecotourism destination. This is why it’s on our list of Brazil tourist attractions. Crystalline streams and rich woodlands surround Bonito. Rio de Prata, sometimes known as Silver River, is one of Bonito's most popular attractions.

In addition, the river's azure water teems with friendly fish, making it an ideal snorkeling destination. Another is the Gruta do Lago Azul, often known as Blue Lake Grotto. Also, the grotto is a mysterious underwater tunnel with blue water. Scuba diving, swimming, and snorkeling are everyday activities at the grotto; if lucky, you might find fossils of prehistoric species! Aquario de Natural, a marine sanctuary located within Bonito, is simply a short journey through the bush. Swimming, snorkeling, and glass-bottom boat cruises are popular here.

13. Ibarapuera Park

Ibarapuera Park - Brazil tourist attractions

The largest park in South America, Ibirapuera Park, is a sprawling green area with structures. Oscar Niemeyer and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx from Brazil did those structures. Showcasing contemporary architecture, the park serves as a hub for Brazilian culture.

Among its monuments, parks, playgrounds, paths, and lakes are museums and performance spaces. This includes Oscar Niemeyer's Auditório Ibirapuera, a top music venue in São Paulo. A Japanese Pavilion containing sculptures, clothes, and traditional crafts is nestled among rock gardens and a fishpond.

In addition, the Museu da Aeronáutica e do Folclore, or Aeronautics and Folk Art Museum, houses hundreds of folk art and exhibits on traditional cultures from around Brazil. The lower floor is dedicated to aeronautical equipment and model airplanes.

14. Botanical Garden of Curitiba

Botanical Garden of Curitiba - Brazil tourist attractions

If you’re still looking for Brazil tourist attractions, here’s one. Curitiba's Botanical Garden opened in 1991, emulating the design of French palace gardens from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Low, sculpted hedges outline formal beds in a geometric pattern based on the city's flag. Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds provide life to the surroundings, and there are native tree forests with walking trails in the park that encircle the gardens.

The main greenhouse, an Art Nouveau-style conservatory composed of glass and white metal reminiscent of Victorian London's Crystal Palace, is the focal point of the botanical gardens. Also, three domes that blend into the rectangular base give it an odd form.

In the Garden of Native Plants in Curitiba, even the grass is a native type, and it’s blossoms attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Situated within a 200-yard wisteria tunnel, the Garden of the Senses (Jardim das Sensações) features over 70 plant species chosen for their aromatic or tactile qualities. To properly experience the garden through their other senses, guides encourage visitors to attempt walking around it while wearing a blindfold.

15. Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara - Brazil tourist attractions

Jijoca, often known as Jeri, is Jericoacoara, a modest fishing village turned popular beach resort. It's one of those dream vacation destinations where you want to stay longer. Also, it’s among Brazil tourist attractions so you can try it out.

Jericoacoara, west of Fortaleza in Ceara, is a well-liked location for swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, and hiking. Sand, not cement, cover the roadways as the beach's unspoiled coasts, crammed with dunes, stretch for miles.

Lagoa do Paraiso, a gorgeous blue lagoon with hammocks and cafés nearby for refreshments, is one of the highlights of Jericoacoara National Park. Place an order at neighborhood eateries for fresh lobster, oysters, and other seafood meals. Furthermore, when night falls in Jericoacoara, visit the many clubs and bars where locals and visitors can enjoy live shows.

16. Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande - Brazil tourist attractions

Ilha Grande, an island between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and São Paulo, is a stunning and popular weekend getaway spot. It's easy to lose track of time when on vacation in Ilha Grande, with its abundance of lush woodland trails for trekking. And also crystal-clear water for swimming, and white-sugared beaches for lounging.

For locals and visitors seeking a place to escape, unwind, and engage in outdoor activities, Ilha Grande has become an ideal destination for vacationing. Lopes Mendes Beach, one of Brazil's most often rated best beaches, is close by hiking. It has an easygoing, tranquil vibe due to its vast beach, calm atmosphere, and crystal-clear ocean.


Discovering Brazil tourist attractions is like embarking on a vibrant carnival of adventure. Brazil promises an exhilarating journey from the iconic Christ the Redeemer to the breathtaking Amazon Rainforest. So, pack your sense of wonder and get ready to samba through a land where every corner whispers tales of excitement!

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