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5 Actionable Strategies to Make Your Website More Effective

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There are billions of websites in existence today. Well, the vast majority of them are not in your niche. But there could be thousands of them competing with yours for online attention. What is more, most website owners are working as hard as you are to improve their visibility. What are you going to do to drive more traffic to your site and raise the conversion rate? Here are five actionable strategies to make your website more effective:

Improve the Speed and Do Optimization

Ensure your site loads fast. Some people cannot tolerate slow websites. Forty percent of people abandon a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. Find and fix broken links. Plugins can significantly reduce the speed of a WordPress site; remove slow plugins. Optimize your images and text. Incorporate interesting videos that include written translations. You can get help from any of the polished subtitling agencies you can find.

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Do Not Offer too Much Choice

You have created a website because there are things you want your customers to do. That is why you have several calls to action on the site. But did you know that too much choice could be working against your goals? Research shows that too much choice can create “choice paralysis.” The visitor becomes sort of immobilized and cannot make a decision. So what is the best approach?

Have One Compelling Call to Action

Realize that every piece of content, every video, and every link on your page is a separate call to action. Do not make it hard for people to decide. What is the one critical action you want them to take? Let us assume you have a site that aims to help your visitors become highly productive salespeople. Your call to action can be something like this: “Get Tools Master Salespeople Use Here!”
Do away with anything that does not support your primary objective. Focus. Create one compelling call to action. Check out the most successful websites you know, and you will see this is what they do.

Capture Visitors' Attention

Web visitors do not have much time. They know many of the web pages out there could be of little value. They do not waste time on bad sites. You have 10 seconds to present your value proposition. A cursory glance at your site should tell the visitor exactly what you do.
You can improve the chances that people will stay longer on your site. Use a short video and graphics that will capture users attention. Incorporating interesting videos that include written translations will ensure that people can understand the message. You can get help from any of the polished subtitling agencies you can find.

Incorporate Social Proof

Marketers have used this tactic for years. People tend to do things they see others doing. You can use social proof to increase your conversions, credibility, and revenue. But how do you incorporate it into your website?
Show your visitors they are not the only ones who think your product or service is cool. Use figures to tell them how many products you have sold. Display the number of followers you have on social media. Testimonials and quotes are powerful; use them. Testimonials can boost your conversions by 34 percent or more.
Show people all the credible publications that have featured articles you wrote. Get industry experts and celebrities to endorse you. But you say you have no connections. One way to get industry leaders to notice you is to show them some attention. Make them a part of your content, for example. What other ideas do you have?
These are not the only ways to make your website more effective. Research to find out more methods that can help you improve your site. You may want to consult with a professional who understands digital marketing. The best ones could be worth every dollar you pay them.

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