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Best Things To Do in Thailand 🇹🇭

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Thailand is the most visited country in South East Asia. With beautiful beaches, top-notch hospitality and attractive temples, it’s easy to see why many people love this place. From the time you step your feet in this country, you’ll enjoy every single moment of your time here. Even for those pleasure-seekers on a budget, they’ll still have an unforgettable experience.

But because there are so many incredible places to visit, it becomes hard for visitors, especially the new ones to narrow down their list of things to do. Well, there are many attractions and hotspots that one should try, but we’ve narrowed them down to this list of the top 11 things tourists should do in Thailand.

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1. Rock Climb in Railway

If you love climbing, there are hundreds of routes to climb for climbers of all levels. Even if you’re just an amateur, there are many schools that offer such courses. Thailand offers beautiful settings for rock climbing. We chose Railway because there’re plenty of places where you can stay nearby.

2. Visit the Grand Palace

This is the most famous tourist attraction there is in Bangkok. It was home to the king and his entire government for 150 years. There is so much to see in this area which is about 218, 400 sq. meters. The huge walls built around this palace and offices make it a great attraction. But note that there is a strict dress code, so you’ll need to dress appropriate clothes or otherwise you’ll not be allowed inside.

3. Go Island Hopping

Thailand has over 300 islands. If one loves the beautiful scenery of the islands, then they won’t get disappointed. Exploring Thailand’s gorgeous islands is among the most amazing things tourists can do. While it can be hard to visit all of them, you can start by writing a bucket list then plan on island hopping from there. However, for those who need some suggestions, the best ones include Andaman sea, Phuket, Similan, and Koh Yao Yai, among others.

4. Get Your Foot Massage at Wat Pho

Wat Pho is Bangkok’s oldest temple. It’s an attractive Buddhist temple whose gilded Buddha attracts tourists. It’s also called Wat Phra Chetuphon and has numerous collections of Buddhist images, including 150-foot long reclining Buddha. However, note that there are usually long queues in the massage area. So, immediately you arrive, head directly to where Wat Pho’s Traditional Thai Massage is and book a foot or body massage.

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5. Explore Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Thailand has several floating markets. But Damnoen Saduk is the biggest and most popular. Sellers go up and down with boats selling all sorts of foods and fruits. Visiting this place will give one a glimpse of how things were done many years ago. For photographers, the narrow canals and wooden stilt houses will give you countless opportunities to take pictures. This market is approximately 100km outside Bangkok, but your trip will be worth it.

6. Get a Sak Yant Tattoo

A tattoo is a great souvenir that will last forever. This Sak Yant tattoo is not like other ordinary tattoos done with tattoo guns. It’s a traditional one that’s done by a monk or a Sak Yant Master who has had years of training for magical arts, using a metal rod. People say it’s blessed with magical powers to protect you. The monk decides which area you need protection and draws you a tattoo based on that area. And that is what makes it unique. However, an individual can also tell the monk what they’d like protection for, if they prefer.

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7. Visit Elephant Nature Park

If you’re fascinated by wild animals, especially elephants, this is the right place for you. Located in Chiang Mai, this park serves as a rehabilitation center where elephants and other animals are given a second chance thanks to caring volunteers and visitors. Elephant Nature is the largest park of such kind in Thailand. Elephant riding is not allowed here. Instead, tourists walk with these animals along the trails.

8. Take a Trip to Nana Plaza

Your visit to Bangkok will not be complete without spending an evening at Nana. This place is said to be an excellent sex complex full of gogo bars and seductive girls. If you’re all about the nightlife, this is where you’re guaranteed to have an exciting night. Just relax in any bar in this Plaza and let the girls entertain you all night.

9. Watch Muay Thai Fights

One shouldn’t get out of Thailand without watching this interesting fight. A Muay Fight is considered a national sport. It’s otherwise known as the art of eight limbs since fighters use their fists, knees, shins, and elbows. Major cities in Thailand have rings for this sport. But, Bangkok hosts some of the best fights. Head over to Lumpinee Stadium for some real action. Or an individual can even take Muay Thai lessons which are inexpensive.

10. Visit Sky Bar

Cocktail lovers haven’t been forgotten. Sky bar is an open-air bar located in Bangkok. It’s found on the 63rd floor of State Tower and while up there, one can enjoy spectacular views of this city. Well, there are many rooftops bars in Bangkok, but none compares to this one. It’s perched on a glass-floored ledge and offers countless activities. This bar serves some of the best cocktails you’ll ever taste. Not forgetting that the outdoor music played will calm your nerves. Unless you’re on a tight budget, there’s no reason you shouldn’t go there.

11. Attend Wonderfruit Festival

If you happen to be in Thailand in December, this eco-conscious arts festival is not something you should miss. It happens for four days each December at Siam Club fields in Pattaya. This festival brings together beautiful people and ideas from all over. It features ethereal art installations, transformational talks, as well as boutique camping. Those who’re looking for inspirations shouldn’t miss it.
Thailand is a dream destination for many people. Well, there are many other things one can do, but consider these destinations we’ve reviewed above for fun-filled experience. Just get your feet and camera ready for an awesome stay.

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