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Essential Must-Do Things Before Taking an International Flight

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Flying, in general, can be a perplexing and peculiar experience, particularly for inexperienced flyers. Especially, traveling internationally can be daunting for anybody traveling for the very first time out of the country. Actually, even several experienced flyers still find it a distressing event and have trouble taking international flights. So, especially for these kinds of travelers, the present list will comprise of things to do during and before an international flight to make your experience a little more enjoyable. An international flight can be made fun if you pursue the right steps. Regardless of whether you're traveling to America or any other country, below shared international flight travel tips could help make your traveling experience more positive and hassle-free.

In order to try and make the lead-up to your vacation trip as stress-free as possible, we provided a list of things to do before an international flight. With this tips to prepare before for your international flight checklist in your hand, you will have the clarity, what actually to do before going for your international trip and truly enjoy it a lot without facing any problem.

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Travel Documents

  • Check visa regulations and guidelines. Make sure to apply for a visa and other similar documents in advance.

  • Check your passport. Ensure it is substantial long enough (normally it should be legitimate for at least another 6 months)

  • Make a duplicate copy of your international ID and keep it separated from your wallet

  • Scan your passport (or photograph it) and keep it in someplace where you can approach from all over the place (Dropbox, email account), email it to your parents, or to someone you can absolutely trust

  • Write down all addresses, contact numbers and other important details on an additional bit of paper and don't keep it in a similar spot as your telephone.


  • Make sure you have international health insurance and you might likewise require insurance to secure your valuable items like camera, laptops, etc.

  • If you are traveling to any unusual destination, make sure to check if you need vaccination.

  • Check if you require any additional medication

  • Try to make yourself familiar about the “don’ts and do´s” related to the destination you are going to land up.

  • Make it clear that you need a suitcase and carry-on luggage for your trip.

Pack wisely; specifically, the carry-on luggage is significant and handy for the trip.

Flights / Transport


  • Book your flight in advance and print out your ticket/download e-ticket for a better experience

  • If you are on an exceptional eating routine, kindly tell the airline corporation

  • Keep some of your favorite snacks with you while you are on a trip, you´ll never know when or what you will get the chance to eat

  • Try to keep a neck pillow- when your trip is for more than five hours


  • Think in advance about the internet – there can be a possibility that you can get cheaper internet packages if you contact your mobile operator in advance. If you are getting wifi from the hotels and restaurants, where you are going to stay, make sure to switch off your roaming, so there won´t be getting a rude shock when you return from your trip to your home.

  • Do not forget to keep the international adapter with you (make sure to check which one you actually required), it is not necessary that all hotels provide them for free.

  • Always attempt to keep the power charger of your mobile phone with you on a trip. It extremely benefits those who use their phone quite a lot of time in a day.



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  • If required take your laptop with you.

  • If you are not carrying your laptop, keep your tablet with you whenever you are traveling

  • Mobile phone- without any qualm, it is one of the most useful and significant travel items

  • Camera – If you cherish taking shots this ought to be in your carry-on bag.

  • If you don’t have a kindle, so a “real” book is often essential.

  • Good music is fundamental while traveling – so try to keep your iPod installed with your favorite songs.


Travelling Money

  • Even if you have the plan to pay your all bills by (credit) card make sure you have some spare amount of money for emergencies

  • If you intend to utilize your credit, make sure you have the pin (this is because some places do not accept a signature) and if you are using a debit card, while you are in an international trip, make sure your bank knows about this.

  • Carry some change for tips (especially for the very first day).

  • Convert some money in advance.

  • Carry extra currency (don’t keep it all in the same place, though)



  • Try to wear the most comfortable outfits, when you are on a long-distance flight. It genuinely has so much impact on how you feel while you are traveling.

  • A big and warm scarf you must carry with you, which you can use for various purposes.

  • Flat and comfortable shoes should be on your list

  • Always carry warm socks along with you.

  • A sleep mask, which is must-have for several travelers

Apart from the above-shared list that is grouped according to the important list of things required during the international flight, below is the list of tasks that you have to perform before taking your global flight.

A Month prior to an International Flight

  • Double-check passports, your international IDs and visas.

  • Apply in advance for a travel credit card.

  • Book your stay in time.

  • Get your traveler's insurance.

  • Make a reservation in advance for all the popular activities that you want to enjoy.

  • Schedule your appointments for any immunizations.

A Week prior to an International Flight

  • Get connected to your any known living over there

  • Confirm your vacation time alongside with your work.

  • Make two duplicate copies of your passport, other important IDs, immunization card, visa, and driver's permit.

  • Buy any essential attire.

  • Research daily things to do over there.

  • Finalize arrangements for your pet (if any).

A Few Days prior to an International Flight

  • Confirm your hotel or other essential reservations.

  • Try to do some research related to public transportation.

  • Start your packing.

  • Let your banks know you will be on your international holidays.

  • Make arrangements for your all significant mails.

  • Finish eating all perishable food items.

  • But leave something to eat upon your arrival.

The Day before an International Flight

  • Finish all your packing.

  • Put together all food items for the international flight journey.

  • Set your null email response.

  • Place all your obligatory paperwork documents in your small bag.

Hours before an International Flight

  • Turn off the water of your household, if conceivable, and set timers for your lights and other things.

  • Do some stretches.

  • Take a shower.

  • Eat something considerable.

  • Drink sufficient amount of water.

Flying international is very common in today's time. If you mix the above-discussed tips to prepare before for your international flight along with your other preparation, then you will surely enjoy your trip without any problem. So, it is better for every traveler to follow the strategies related to comfort and calm for a more peaceful and enjoyable traveling experience.


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