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Is Your Child Dealing with Digital Dangers? Protect Them Using Parental Apps

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teenagers mobile addiction
The social networking sites usually fuel many problems among teenagers like cyber bullying, body shaming or throwing insults to each other etc. Depression is one of the many negative impacts that these digital dangers leave on a child’s mind.

Signs that Your Child is dealing with a Digital Danger

Your teen needs your support to deal with the digital dangers and parents can only detect whether or not their child is dealing with a problem by staying informed about the warning signs.
Here are a few signs that your teen may be suffering from anxiety or depression due to a digital problem:
1. Withdrawal from Other Activities
When children use too much technology, they withdraw themselves from other activities. Has your book lover child stopped reading novels? Is your child skipping his/her swimming practice?
Technology slowly takes over all the other activities and interests of children. Your child may adopt such behavior due to screen addiction. Depression can be another reason for withdrawal. What if your child is being bullied online? And they are feeling depressed because of that. Get involved if you notice any sign of withdrawal in your child.
2. Inferiority Complex
Teenagers feel obsessed to post the perfect selfie and greatly depend on what others have to say about their appearance. They start building unrealistic expectations regarding their figure and body shape while watching videos on YouTube. If your child is developing any sort of inferiority complex, then social media might be playing a gigantic role in it.
3. Disturbed Sleeping Pattern
When children suffer from a digital danger, they feel depressed. This directly affects their appetite and sleeping pattern. Has your child started showing disinterest in meals? Or is your child becoming insomniac? A teenager juggling with distress displays disturbed sleeping pattern. Keep tabs on your child if you detect any of these warning signs in their routine.

How Can Parental Apps Help in Protecting Kids from Digital Dangers?

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Parental apps empower parents to monitor their kid’s activities. You can protect your kids from digital dangers if you stay in touch with their digital conduct. Use a considerate parental app such as FamilyTime parental app to switch to digital parenting.
With the help of the FamilyTime app, parents can regulate their teen’s screen use, can view what type of apps their child uses and can block their access from questionable ones. Parents can observe their teen’s web behavior by checking their browsing history and can monitor their text messages and call logs to know if their child is being bullied via text messages.
To download the FamilyTime app on your teen’s device, go to google paly store, iTunes.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Content Creator, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, Flutter App Developer and UI/UX Designer.

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