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Cheap Kitchen Gadgets to Elevate Your Cooking Experience

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Discover the ultimate kitchen companions without breaking the bank with our collection of cheap kitchen gadgets. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a novice cook, these budget-friendly tools are designed to streamline your meal prep process and elevate your culinary creations. From handy utensils to time-saving appliances, our assortment of affordable kitchen gadgets offers practical solutions for every cooking task. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to efficiency as you explore our curated selection of wallet-friendly innovations. Experience the joy of cooking without the hefty price tag – discover the endless possibilities with our range of cheap kitchen gadgets today. Shall we?

Cheap Kitchen Gadgets to Elevate Your Cooking Experience

1. Food Scale and Measuring Cup

You can find almost any recipe on the internet, but that doesn't always imply you figure out the measurements. Never panic if the flour in a dessert you're cooking is indicated in grams rather than cups: All of the maths is done for you by this measuring cup and scale that work together.

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All you have to do is add your ingredients; the amount in the cup will be displayed on a tiny screen on the handle. This instrument also functions as a standard measuring cup when no conversions are required. It's available for $10 – $15.

2. Y Peeler

The Y peeler in your present drawer is likely dull and old. The Y peeler's ability to remove broader food strips than a swivel style is one of the key arguments in favor of using it. It's available for $5-$11 which is why it’s among cheap kitchen gadgets you can find.

3. Spice Carousel

You may finally end your tedious search through kitchen drawers for tablespoons and teaspoons. This handy device will automatically measure the ideal amount of spices with a single button click, saving you from making any wrong measurements.

4. Baking Sheet

This is one of the cheap kitchen gadgets that cost under $20. Baking sheets are being used for more than just baking. You can cook many different foods in the oven with a good one. This second layer helps to produce an air pocket that distributes heat evenly throughout the sheet, making it ideal for use in convection ovens with hot spots. Your sandwich biscuits will be baked beautifully and evenly throughout. Furthermore, they fall off the sheet on their own without any hassle.

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5. Foldable Whisk

This kitchen gadget for students costs under $10. The folding whisk in your utensil drawer saves significant space, as whisks often take up a lot of room. Use this dishwasher-safe silicone-coated steel cookware to ensure your nonstick cookware doesn't scrape metal. It can be used to combine gravy components or make fluffy egg whites by twisting the handle between the balloon and flat whisks.

6. Bamboo Cutting Board

This is a cheap kitchen gadget that cost under $30. Cutting various fruits and vegetables can quickly fill a cutting board with debris.

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This device features three compartments underneath to collect the newly chopped components and an opening to swipe them into. You can store components separately until you're ready to mix them, such as in soups and salads.

Use separate bins for your cuts and scraps to make it easier to discard single items into the compost or garbage.

7. Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest is among the cheap kitchen gadgets under $19. A beautiful wooden or ceramic spoon rest gives style and keeps the kitchen organized. Put away used spoons and spatulas from the counter, stovetop, plates, paper towel wadded up surfaces, and pot edge. There are full-length spoon rests, and those just large enough to accommodate the spoon or spatula's end.

8. Sandwich Maker

This kitchen gadget is under $35. Ever find yourself rushing through breakfast in the morning? This sandwich maker for breakfast has got you covered. You may quickly make a homemade egg muffin by arranging the ingredients in each compartment and pressing the button.

9. Spiralizer

Compared to standing counterparts, a handheld spiralizer is less expensive and requires less storage space. The spiky cushion helps avoid finger injuries as you approach the end of the vegetable, and the twist movement makes light work of courgettes. Harder veggies require more time to cook than those on a stand spiralizer, but who cares when you're working with something minimal in the kitchen and under $12?

10. Egg Separator

The egg separator is among cheap kitchen gadgets under $8. This small, dishwasher-safe egg-shaped separator is ideal for baking or breakfast. It stops drips on your favorite pan's sides or the tabletop by latching onto the side of a bowl. A plastic nub is included with the separator to make cracking it simple. This device also stops egg shells from dropping in, allowing egg whites to fall into a bowl without destroying the yolk.

11. Microwave Oven Cleaner

An example is the angry mama microwave oven cleaner, which costs under $7. Cleaning a microwave is quite annoying for some reason. It never seems to stay clean for very long, food gets baked on, and there are many nooks and crannies. But fear not—all of the muck can be removed from your microwave's walls and doors with this tiny kitchen tool, which just requires water and a small amount of vinegar.

Pour vinegar and water over the “Angry Mama's” midsection, then place her head on. Her head will emit steam, which helps soften any fat or food that has baked on.

12. Funnel Sets

The funnel sets are cheap kitchen gadgets under $10. It can be a messy process to decant ingredients, whether they are wet or dry. Sets are handy since they offer multiple size options; a narrow-mouth funnel works well for filling spice or other small bottles. While arranging the pantry to store rice, beans, and other dry items, take note of metal canning funnels that you can use to fill both regular- and wide-mouth jars.

13. Universal Pan Lids

Pans do not usually come with lids when you purchase them. However, a convenient cover will be helpful because cooking on a hob produces a lot of splash. We adore this multipurpose pot cover because it fits most pans and is available in various sizes. It's among the kitchen gadgets under $10.

14. Super Saucepans

Although these pots are among cheap kitchen gadgets that cost little more than £20, they are excellent value for the money. On a gas flame, they do slightly discolor, but it doesn't matter. With their long, tapered handles, they retain a safe distance from any heat source and heat up incredibly well. This set comprises three covered pans, a sauté pan, and a milk pan (which reheats soup in under five minutes). Since they're not too heavy, these would be an excellent purchase if weight is a concern. Not only are these a necessary addition to any kitchen, but they also fit snugly within any budget.

15. Collapsible Splatter Guard

Use this splatter guard to avoid microwave mishaps in the first place. They're among cheap kitchen gadgets under $10. Nothing compares to a multifunctional kitchen utensil. Steam can escape through the vent holes on top of the guard, but when turned upside down, you can use it as a colander to rinse fresh vegetables. It also folds for simple storage in a small area.

16. Baggy Rack

It has never been easier to organize meals on your own. These hand-free racks are beneficial for various tasks, such as freezing food or drying ziplock bags for later use. They leave the bags open so you may move food alone and avoid all the mess. They're also under $12.

17. Bench Scrapers

This is among cheap kitchen gadgets is under $10. Bench scrapers are very useful for cutting dough for square biscuits or slicing robust bar cookies. They may also be used to retrieve the final bit of dough from the bowl or off the counter. In addition, they can be used to level off ingredients in measuring cups or to clear dough or flour off worktops. Think about getting a set of plastic and stainless steel scrapers that nestle together for little storage.

18. Vacuum Cleaner

The crumb vacuum cleaner is a cheap kitchen gadget under $12. Though compact, this handheld hoover is quite useful. Use it to remove crumbs, pet hair, and other dirt from your kitchen table, prep surfaces, and counters without removing your bulky hoover.

19. Electric Can Opener

Although this opener requires more room than a handheld model, it is perfect for people who have trouble using manual openers because it cuts consistently well, is simple to operate with both hands and is easy to use. Moreover, it has a built-in bottle opener and knife sharpener, which will ultimately save you some money and space. It's among cheap kitchen gadgets under $20. To start the motor, place the can just beneath a metal guide pin and lightly press down on a lever. Then, using a magnet to hold the can in place while it cuts, the machine operates without needing hands. The machine automatically stops when the lid separates and holds onto the lid and can until the lever is released.

20. Meat and Potato Masher

This kitchen gadget is under $10. With its five blades, you can cut down on the time you spend crushing meat on the stove. You may use it with nonstick pans and cast irons without worrying about metal utensils scratching them because meat cannot stick to it the way it would a wooden spoon. This family-friendly spatula can make mashed potatoes, crumble sausage pounds, tender beef, or mash avocados for silky guacamole.

21. Pasta Timer

Isn't it nice to have a tiny assistant to monitor your pasta and alert you when it's done? What about little Al Dente, the dinner helper with a melody in his heart? To help you determine when different varieties of noodles are done, this floating singing pasta timer contains four different tunes that will start to sing at three, seven, nine, and eleven minutes. This kitchen assistant is under $20.

22. Jar/Mini Spatulas

This is among cheap kitchen gadgets under $10. 

You can scrape the remaining bits of mustard, honey, jams, and more out of jars with these slender tools. They can also help mix and sauté, depending on their size. They are particularly useful when keeping a sourdough starter in a canning jar.

23. Lid Organizer

It can be annoying to open your cabinets and find that one container that doesn't have the ideal-sized lid. That's why this organizer with an adjustable cover is unique. This kitchen gadget is under $10. Furthermore, you can avoid the inconvenience of digging disorganized stacks of plasticware by keeping your reusable lids neatly organized and conveniently accessible.

24. Meat Thermometer

This measuring fork meat thermometer is under $15. The temperature reading and control buttons on this meat thermometer are located in the handle, making it function as a large fork. When carving your joint, use the temperature to hold the meat in place. Tests of accuracy showed that this large, sturdy, no-nonsense thermometer worked effectively. The lengthy prongs make it ideal for a highly meaty joint instead of a single piece of chicken.

25. Kitchen Sink Splash Guard

Not only may the splash zone surrounding your kitchen tap be difficult to dry, but it can also harbor bacteria. This splash catcher drains water and germs from building up near your tap. Furthermore, this washable silicone mat with grips is ideal for soap and sponges to rest, drain, and dry. It fits snugly around the tap for a cleaner sink—this kitchen gadget costs under $10. 

26. Strainer

This handy device hooks onto the edge of your pot to make straining pasta easy. It's among cheap kitchen gadgets under $10. It replaces those big, awkward bowl strainers that never seem to fit just into the sink or cupboard.

In addition, this will prevent you from attempting to strain out all the water by simply leaving the pot's cover slightly ajar since, let's face it, that usually results in confusion and disappointment.

27. Reusable Storage Bags

Every kitchen needs sturdy, eco-friendly food storage bags like Stasher's. They withstand being in the refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven and are even used for sous-vide cooking because of their tight seal, which keeps the food visible but sealed. It also lessens the use of throwaway plastic bags.

28. Air Fryer Liners

Although air fryers are very popular, cleaning them isn't particularly enjoyable. Thankfully, there's a way to eliminate the inconvenience with these air fryer liners. These liners are easy to clean up because of their stick-proof, heat-resistant, and oil-proof designs! This kitchen gadget is under $20.

29. Marble Rolling Pin

Since marble doesn't melt and soften dough like other materials can, it's usually preferable when used with cold pastry dough. It's also the newest, most striking kitchen fad, and any marble pin will set you back a fortune. In addition, its rounded ends avoid leaving marks on soft bread. It's an excellent investment for your kitchen set because it is dishwasher-safe and has a 20-year guarantee.

30. Reusable Baking Cups

This is among the cheapest kitchen gadgets available for $6. You can acquire these reusable baking cups for a few bucks more than you would with disposable ones. Cupcake decorating will be perfect with these food-grade, BPA-free silicone baking cups. Remember to think outside the oven when using these cups because you can quickly clean them in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

31. Wand Wine Filter

Let's toast to a future free of hangovers and wine headaches! With the use of this innovative Wand Wine Filter, any red, white, or sparkling wine may be made purer by eliminating sulfites and histamines, which will improve the wine's original flavor, color, and aroma. In addition, it gets rid of all those bothersome after-effects of drinking, such as headaches, congestion, nausea, and redness.

That wine bottle you cracked open but never finished, too? Make it taste as nice as new again using this purifier—this kitchen gadget costs under $12.

32. Silicone Avocado Hugger

This silicone avocado hugger is among cheap kitchen gadgets under $15. Naturally creamy avocados are nature's butter, whether you have them sliced over toast in the morning, scooped out for a smoothie, or diced up for taco night. With these amazing silicone cups that snugly fit over either half of an avocado, you can keep your chopped avocado fresher for longer.

33. 4-in-1 Chopping Board

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, you’ll always need more storage. For this reason, having things with various uses is essential. With the help of this multipurpose gadget, you can quickly defrost meat on one side, which is useful if you need to make supper but forgot to take something out of the freezer. And all you have to do is turn it over once you finish defrosting it to make it into a handy cutting board. It even serves as a knife sharpener and a garlic grater! This kitchen gadget costs $15.


In the world of culinary adventures, cheap kitchen gadgets are the unsung heroes, effortlessly transforming cooking into a delightful symphony of flavors. So, here's to our trusty sidekicks – may they continue to sprinkle magic and spark joy in our kitchens!

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