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Best iPhone Apps For YouTubers

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Managing a YouTube channel and keeping it profitable requires effort and attention. Moreover, you can easily keep up with the trend with access to the right gadgets and applications. For the apps, Apple's App Store is packed with resources to help you grow your YouTube channel right on your mobile phone. Join us as we unravel the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. These include apps for creating thumbnails, creating and editing videos, monetizing your channel, and more. 

Best iPhone Apps For YouTubers

Here's a list of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. 

If you're a YouTuber seeking mobile apps to improve your trade. We have explored the App Store to highlight some of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers in this post. Check them out to know which one suits your needs. Let's go…

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1.  YouTube App – Streaming 

You cannot be a successful YouTuber without using the Official YouTube App. This is because, in addition to watching videos and listening to music, you can record and stream on YouTube. The best part is that this does not require advanced skill but access to the feature and the right resources.

If you are already a mobile YouTuber, it is the most convenient way to go live on your mobile phone. However, you must have 100+ subscribers to live-stream with the YouTube app.

2. YouTube Studio – Channel Management

This is the official YouTube Studio app from Google. It helps you understand and connect with your community using your smartphone. You can easily get an overview of your content and channel's performance with the new channel dashboard. The app helps you assess your channel and know which videos perform better by providing detailed analytics. You can also see performance data for different types of content in the Analytics tab.

Furthermore, you can improve your relationship with your audience by sorting the comments for the most important conversations in your community. Lastly, you can make changes in your channel and manage individual pieces of content by updating the information for individual videos, Shorts, and live streams. 

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Additionally, it opens the window for monetization when you apply for the YouTube Partner Program. Like most apps from Google, YouTube Studio features an easy-to-navigate layout and is available on the App Store. 

3. TubeBuddy – Video Optimization and SEO Tool

TubeBuddy is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. It allows you to do advanced keyword research so your videos can grow fast. It provides a lot of other functionalities that help with the growth of your YouTube channel and management. For instance, you can use it to compare the stats of your channels with those of other similar channels.

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It is a crucial app for YouTubers. Moreover, you can access the web version using a browser extension. You just have to install it on Chrome and Firefox browsers for keyword research.

4. Canva – Graphic Design App

Canva is a simple graphic design app featured among Mobile App Alternatives for PhotoShop. YouTubers use it to design professional video thumbnails, channel art design, and other required graphics for your YouTube channel and video marketing. Canva offers a wide range of preset graphic design templates, stock photos, elements, fonts, and a lot more.

It's one of the most popular apps among content marketers and graphic designers. It helps you design beautiful graphics for YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and content marketing with any design experience. Along with iPhone users, Canva is also available for Android and desktop users.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a video editing application available for iPhones. The app boasts advanced features such as color correction, speed adjustment, and customizable animated titles. Also, it offers access to basic video editing features like trimming and cropping videos, as well as flipping and mirroring video clips. You can also use this app to add stickers, overlays, filters, transitions, and effects to your YouTube videos. 

With the premium version, you can access an advanced audio tool that uses Adobe Sensei AI for sound balancing and auto-ducking. All in all, Adobe Premiere Rush is an excellent app for editing YouTube videos on your iPhone.

6. Social Blade Statistics

Social Blade Statistics is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. This is because it is important to learn from performing competitors. This app lets you track your channel and similar channels to compare performances.

If you want to know the top-performing channels and apply their methods to improve your own, this is the app to download. You can check overall statistics, including views, subscribers, monthly or yearly income, and channel performance. This data will help you adopt new tactics to build a more productive channel.  

It is available on the App Store and compatible with all recent iOS versions.

7. Pro Camera by Moment

Pro Camera is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers and is vital for making good YouTube videos. This app has a way of improving your camera quality to make even better videos than your default camera app. The app is compatible with most iOS versions and features a user-friendly layout. 

The Pro Camera app helps you capture cinematic videos like a professional. It offers access to more camera features to make nicer videos. Furthermore, you get access to audio controls and sound filters. You can also use the slow shutter mode and time-lapse mode to enhance video quality. While most core features are accessible for free, you must upgrade to premium to gain full access to all features. 

8. FiLMiC Pro

Filmic Pro is a highly advanced cinema video camera designed for mobile YouTubers. Due to its advanced capabilities, this app is a favorite amongst filmmakers, musicians, vloggers, and newscasters. With Filmic Pro, you can shoot in a true LOG gamma curve with HD & 4K resolutions, making it ideal for professionals. 

Furthermore, the app offers a wealth of advanced features with an easy-to-navigate user interface. It is compatible with most recent iOS versions and requires minimal processor power to perform. While the app is free to download from the App Store, some of its features require in-app purchases to be accessed. 

9. Luma Fusion – AI 3D Photo and Video

LumaFusion is a popular AI video editor available on the App Store. Its user interface is elegant and resembles that of YouTube video editing software. With an intuitive timeline, powerful features, and all the necessary tools, you can create videos for various purposes, including YouTube, Instagram, and content marketing. 

The software enables you to add layer effects such as chroma key, blur, distort, and unlimited keyframes to animate any effect and colors with advanced color correction tools. Additionally, you can include color LUTs like FiLMiC deLog to enhance your videos. Once you start using LumaFusion, you will discover many more exciting features.

10. Videoleap – AI Video Editor

VideoLeap is a top video editing app that uses AI to enhance videos. It is featured among the best iPhone apps for YouTubers because it comes packed with top-tier editing tools to work on your YouTube videos. The layout is user-friendly, so even first-time users can upscale their videos to pro-quality before uploading them to YouTube. 

Furthermore, Videoleap features nice filters, sound effects, and keyframe animations. The most impressive tool is the green screen effect. Additionally, the AI Video Generator tool lets you create amazing transitions for reels and YouTube shorts. To create auspicious video content, you can access premade AI templates via in-app purchases. 

11. Streamlabs – Live Streaming App for YouTube

The Streamlabs platform is a feature-rich streaming platform that makes live streaming a lot easier. The app lets you go live on video streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also personalize your streams and share your phone screen to stream your mobile game.

Furthermore, Streamlabs lets users customize their stream using professional mobile themes. You can add beautiful overlays to make your streams unique. Also, the customization feature lets you add a logo, images, and text to your stream. It is vital for YouTubers who make video presentations that require adding text and images. 

Lastly, the Streamlabs app is compatible with many devices and can be synced for better integration. 

12. KineMaster – Vlog and Video Editor

KineMaster is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. The app lets users cut, trim, splice, and merge multiple videos. You can also add photos, stickers, effects, fonts, text, and 3D materials to your videos using KineMaster. Many users benefit from its impressive range of transition effects, change of voices, color adjustments, and library of copyright-free music and trending audio effects. 

Also, you can use advanced features like chroma key (green screen), speed control (slow motion), reverse video, and background removal to make cool videos. Viewers will surely be impressed by the improvement in your video quality if you properly use the KineMaster platform. Additionally, it is ideal for vlogging as you can easily cut and merge video parts when editing your vlog. 

13. Lexis – Audio Editor

Lexis is a free audio editor, mixer, recorder, and player app. It is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers. The app lets you import MP4, 3GP, and 3G2 video files and then export them as MP3, WAV, Flac, M4A, AAC & WMA audio files. You can also trim, fade in & fade out any audio file. Furthermore, it controls noise reduction and normalization.

You can directly import and export to iCloud on your iPhone. Lexis has an excellent rating and reviews on the App Store. Lastly, you can check for tutorials on how to navigate the Lexis app on YouTube if you get confused by the icons.

14. VSCO – Photo & Video Editor 

If you're searching for an all-in-one photo and video editing app for your iPhone, VSCO is the one for you. It's an incredibly user-friendly app that offers a wide variety of creative tools for both photo and video editing.

The video editor aspect of VSCO is often overlooked by users. However, it sports many premium video templates & advanced editing tools. With its advanced tools, you can easily adjust the white balance and experiment with color control with HSL. Not only that, you can easily create short video GIFs as well.

15. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik is one of the best iPhone apps for YouTubers who publish vlogging content. It lets you control your camera remotely if you possess a GoPro Camera. Moreover, you can preview the shots and transfer the content via this app.

Also, you can edit your videos on the app even if you don't own a GoPro camera. The app comprises robust editing tools to help you quickly transform your videos. To sum up, GoPro Quik is an outstanding video editing app for iPhone.

16. Filmora – Video and Vlog Editor

Filmora is an amazing app for creating movies on your iPhone. It offers numerous features to help you unlock your creativity. This video editor is vital for YouTube videos because it lets you trim and edit them. You can also use it to add music, transition effects, text, emojis, and filters, giving you a plethora of options to choose from.

The timeline-based video editor of Filmora is incredibly intuitive, which makes video editing a breeze. Once you're done editing your video, you'll have the option to share it directly on YouTube.

17. Record It – Screen Recorder 

Record It can be found on the App Store and is one of the many screen recorder apps available. This app is ideal for recording gaming, tutorials, training, or demo videos. Once you have recorded your preferred video, you can use the video editor tools to improve video quality. 

Additionally, you can add FaceCam reactions and personalize them by selecting the shape, position, and size. You can also record audio-only commentary for your videos. The best part is that you can easily export your videos by sharing them directly on YouTube. Furthermore, your data is synchronized on other devices, so you can continue editing on your laptop with ease.

18. Prism Live Studio – Live Streaming

The Prism Live Studio is another Video Editor platform featured on our list. With this option, you can produce captivating live streams featuring stunning effects. 

While streaming, you can enhance your content with emotion stickers, music, images, background filters, and interactive effects. Moreover, you can simultaneously broadcast your mobile screen on multiple social networks in real time. Lastly, the app allows you to interact with your audience by chatting on the same screen as the stream.

Final words

The best iPhone apps for YouTubers can improve content quality and boost productivity. The apps on our list range from camera optimization, video editing, YouTube channel management, and graphic design apps; they are the most reliable in each category. We also considered compatibility and user experience to ensure we highlight the best options available on the App Store. 

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