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Must-Have Good Tech Gadgets for Students

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The sheer excitement of starting your university journey is unbeatable. It's all exciting but can be expensive. Nowadays, it's not just tuition and accommodation fees. You cannot evade many essential add-ons, like some good gadgets for students. Gadgets and smart devices have become essential for more effective learning. As a result, the cost of quality education has increased dramatically. 

Tech gadgets are helpful for students; however, you shouldn't lose most of your budget by buying everything you find on the market. You have to learn about the gadgets that make a student's life easier to know, which will be helpful for you. From taking notes on tablets to researching your laptop, the usefulness of gadgets keeps increasing. Learning about these purposeful gadgets will help you use them better. 

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Top 14 Good Gadgets for Students

We're ahead of the era where smartphones and laptops were considered a distraction for students. Today, they are good gadgets for students that help optimize learning. In this post, we have reviewed the most actionable gadgets for students to help them make more informed choices on what to buy. Here are the most useful gadgets for students. 

1. Amazon Kindle

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

The Amazon Kindle is one of the good gadgets for students. Carrying textbooks and heavy school bags can wear you out. E-readers are compact and lightweight so that you can study at any time. However, more recent models can be used for more than just reading books. It is cost-effective to go for the Amazon Kindle as it is perfect for every student. You get an expansive library of e-textbooks and other reading materials. 

It is cheaper to buy books online as some of the classics are free. The special e-ink feature makes the e-reading experience similar to reading hard copies. The Amazon Kindle is also invaluable for students. It offers an essential feature that allows you to search for a specific text. This is great for reference books as it promotes convenience and enhances learning. It also helps you organize your reading materials and prevents you from getting distracted as you can only use them for reading. 

You can get a reliable e-reader like the Amazon Kindle for about $35 in gadget stores. 

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2. Personal Computer – Laptop

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

Laptops are portable PCs and are considered a basic necessity today. As a student, laptops will improve most aspects of your studies. We are in the information era where we need internet access to research, gather reading materials, and communicate with reading partners. Nowadays, many schools have adopted virtual classes and examinations. You need a PC to access these learning platforms. A laptop offers you a portable solution for your PC needs. 

There is a laptop to suit every need and budget. Depending on your computer needs, you can choose affordable Chromebooks or more expensive models for their processor power. Whichever one you get, your laptop remains an invaluable study tool. Furthermore, your computer is handy for important essays or research papers. Laptops work on a wireless connection and use rechargeable batteries. 

For most smartphone functions, a laptop can be used as an alternative. You can also connect it with your smartphone to ease information sharing. A laptop is a perfect tech gift for students. An average used laptop costs around $100. The more powerful models cost more, especially if you buy a new one. 

3. Smartphone or Tablet 

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

The era where mobile phones were considered a distraction for students is long gone. Nowadays, having a smartphone is essential. Whether for attending online classes, watching educational videos, checking your email, or browsing the internet, a smartphone is the gadget of choice. You can install note-taking apps to use during lectures.

Tablets can also be an option, as they have larger screens and better resolutions. For instance, an iPad has a higher aspect ratio than an iPhone, which means it has a larger resolution and screen size. However, an iPhone is more compact than an iPad. Therefore, when deciding to buy either, weighing your needs and choosing accordingly is essential.

4. Smart Watch

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

You cannot talk about good gadgets for students without mentioning smartwatches. Time management is crucial for students; you don't want to miss deadlines. A smartwatch is basically a wearable smartphone. You can read your emails, messages, and notifications and set reminders on a smartwatch. This helps you to stay on track with assignments, study sessions, and extracurricular activities. 

In addition to accessing most phone functions without taking your phone out of the pocket. A smartwatch can offer several practical features, such as fitness trackers, health tracking features, and sending quick replies using templates. Some smartwatches have LTE access and can work independently. This is very helpful when your phone is low. 

5. External Hard Drive/USB Storage

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

If you want to buy good student gadgets, portable USB storage is a valuable choice. There are smart devices that can be used to store data and media files. You can also use them to share files between devices.

An external hard drive can be used to access files on another computer if your laptop is low. It helps you save space on your internal drive so your PC does not lag. Depending on the storage space and processor speed, you can get an external hard drive or portable USB flash drive for around $5 to $100. 

6. Wireless Headphones and AirPods

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

A quiet environment is ideal for studying. If you want a gadget that can keep off the noise so you don't get distracted, get a pair of headphones or AirPods that support the noise-cancellation feature. Most Noise-canceling headphones today can be connected to smartphones and laptops via BlueTooth or Wifi. 

Getting a wireless model is excellent when you cannot carry your connected device. You can control the device remotely. It helps you focus on studying even when you have people around. It is one of the good gadgets for students because it helps improve your mental state after long hours of lectures or studying. 

7. Wireless Printer

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

A printer is a necessity for students, especially in the university. A printer is crucial if your course of study requires printing hard copies of research papers and assignments. Owning your printer saves you time and money. It also allows you to do your printing whenever you want. It's even better when you use a wireless printer. 

Most wireless printers are new models. They use eco-friendly refillable ink tanks instead of cartridges. You can print over 2000 pages before your next refill is due. If you own one of these, you can enjoy hassle-free printing without having to leave your desk.

8. Wireless Mouse

An efficient setup is essential to make the user journey easy when operating a system. Using your laptop's trackpad can be tiring, and this is where a wireless mouse can help the student with its extreme flexibility and convenience. 

This device makes navigating files and documents easier, creating presentations, and scrolling through different folders. Most importantly, it is very easy to carry this mouse around. This is one of the easiest student gadgets to use. You can get a comfortable wireless mouse for about $20 in gadget stores. 

9. Wireless Keyboard

Convenience is something everyone wants to enjoy. Consider using a wireless keyboard if you are tired of too many wires taking up your desk space. They are compact and portable to fit in your backpack. You can also connect them to your laptop and type from the comfort of your bed. 

There is a foldable model of wireless keyboards. This makes it more convenient for students to carry them wherever they go. One of the best things about this foldable keyboard is that it connects via Bluetooth. It does not require a USB chip like some older models. A wireless keyboard and mouse set costs about $45. There are more powerful models for advanced application areas. 

10. Portable Power Bank

Having the right gadgets and accessories can positively impact a student's life. But these gadgets need to stay on to be helpful. You need a Powerbank to keep your phone on during field trips and other activities that take you away from electricity. 

Power banks can charge multiple devices at once. It is important for students who need their phones while away from an electrical outlet. A portable Power Bank ensures that your devices stay powered. The price range for a reliable Power Bank is between $30 to $100, depending on the battery capacity and other features. 

11. Smart coffee maker

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

Coffee is good for all minds. As a student, you must take coffee to stay active during long, boring lectures and reading time. Getting a smart coffee maker will bear the burden of making coffee off your shoulders. With a smart model, you can preset it to make coffee at any time of the day.

If you love having coffee every morning on your way to class, this coffee maker can help you get ready faster. Some recent models of smart coffee makers can be integrated and controlled using Amazon Alexa and Google Virtual Assistant. A smart coffee maker goes for between $90 and $130 for a reliable brand. 

12. Smart Desk Lamps

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

Most college students prefer to read at night. A reading lamp is ideal if you share a room and want to read at night without disturbing your roommate. A smart light can automatically be set on and off based on your routine. It is a subtle way to wake you up as the light comes on while you sleep. 

There is also a Dim feature that helps rest your eyes. A lamp like this can also be connected with Alexa or Google Virtual Assistant. There are also cool colors that promote the ambiance of the room to help you sleep better. A reliable smart desk lamp costs as low as $48. Some more expensive models offer advanced features. 

13. Smart Speaker

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

A wireless speaker is the perfect balance between recreational and useful gadgets. Check out wireless speakers if you enjoy listening to music while reading or working on school projects. Smart speakers are portable and powerful. They can be controlled using your phone. 

Some models offer good battery life to last all day. You can vibe to your favorite songs whenever you want. Whether you want to relax during your study break or enjoy background music while working. A smart wireless speaker is an excellent addition to your life as a student. The best smart speakers use Siri, Alexa, Sonos, and Google voice assistants. You can get a good model for as low as $80.  

14. Anti-theft Laptop Bag 

Most Helpful Tech Gadgets for Students

Students must always carry their laptops for classwork, research, or personal use. However, laptops are expensive, so investing in a reliable anti-theft laptop bag is crucial.

With an anti-theft laptop backpack, you are sure your gadgets are secured. Whether commuting to school, traveling, or simply walking around campus. This type of backpack has various security features, such as hidden zippers, lockable compartments, and slash-resistant materials to prevent unauthorized access and tampering.

Moreover, an anti-theft laptop backpack is not limited to securing your laptop. Still, it can also safeguard your other belongings, such as your phone, wallet, and textbooks. You can quickly get one on Amazon for just about $30.

Let's Wrap it Up…

There are good gadgets for students, and their importance to learning cannot be overstated. These practical gadgets are designed to ease the lives of students. We have reviewed devices that improve every aspect of a student's life. If you want to improve your life as a student, our list has the best tech gadgets for you. Buying the right gadgets is a purposeful investment for students. 

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