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Safe Career Options during Covid 19

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Covid 19 has given a lot of worries and headache to the people regarding their health. Apart from health concerns, the Covid 19 has also impacted people’s career aspects and given lots of concerns regarding people’s professional career. Many jobs are lost; some have seen cut in their salary perks, while some have been struggling to keep their jobs intact. Thus, here we explore the Safe Career Options during Covid 19.
Covid 19 has shown that the ‘work from home’ as an important aspect, which people should explore very seriously. With the increase in remote working, the safe career options during Covid 19 surely will rotate around the distant jobs and jobs which can be done ‘work from home’. All frontline jobs losing attraction, the chances of jobs that can be carried through online mode are a preference.

Online Tutor

If you are a tutor, or ever thinking to become a tutor, you can explore this epidemic of Covid 19 for your best. Becoming an online tutor is one career option, which you can explore during Covid 19. It can be regarded as a safe career option during Covid 19, as no contact is done. Also, the future of online learning and education was increasing pre-Covid 19 situation and post Covid 19, this has been more emphasized.

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Becoming an IT Professional

Becoming an IT Professional like Digital Marketers, developer or designer is one career option which is regarded as somewhat better suited among several other career options. With the work culture suiting the ‘work from home’, the task is more dependent on the internet connectivity, delivery of reports and completed task on time. These sorts of jobs don’t require any contact and visits to the office premises compulsorily, the IT Professional jobs are considered as somewhat Safe Career Options during Covid 19.

Becoming a freelancer

While, becoming a freelancer doesn’t offer you a fix salary and incentives, the options are still somewhat better as compared to other jobs, which have now job security issues due to Covid 19. Becoming a freelancer offers you a chance to establish a good client base during this Covid 19 epidemic and who knows you can establish a physical workplace post-Covid 19 epidemic.

Automation Jobs

The automation jobs are another Safe Career Options during Covid 19, which offers you a chance to establish yourself firm footed in the industry. With big companies thinking and turning towards the automation and eliminate the lower skilled personal, the Automation jobs are the new career option which you should think very seriously.

Become a date scientist or an expert in cloud computing

The technology advancement during the times of Covid 19 has laid down a emphasis that the future is technology. If you are exploring the Safe Career Options during Covid 19, try to grab technology with both the hands. Either you can become a data scientist, or you can explore the fields like cloud computing etc to give yourself Safe Career Options during Covid 19.

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Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams is a Web Developer/Designer, Graphic Designer, Blogger, Content Manager/Writer, Digital Marketer, and UI/UX Designer.


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