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How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues on iPhones

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Smartphones will be dead nowadays without an internet connection. It cannot be more frustrating than the Wi-Fi problem. There are several types of issues relating Wi-Fi such as the dropping connection, slow Wi-Fi, unable to connect to Wi-Fi and many. If you have recently purchased an iPhone X, but you find it unable to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot, here are some methods you should try to fix iPhone X Wi-Fi issues before taking it to the Apple Genuine.
First, you should try the following method:
Toggle Wi-Fi off and then turn it back on
If that doesn’t’ change anything, try enabling Airplane mode and then disabling it.

How To Fix iPhone Wi-Fi Issues

Turn Wi-Fi Networking Services Off

Although it’s a simple way, the method has already helped some iPhone X users to fix the Wi-Fi issues. All you need to go to:
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and turn Wi-Fi Networking off.
Wi-Fi networking is not linked to Wi-Fi and just relates to the location services. If you turn it off, your Wi-Fi will not be affected.

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Force Restart iPhone

Sometimes, a force restart can help to solve the problem of dropping Wi-Fi connection and fix other the iPhone X’s Wi-Fi issues. From iPhone 7, Apple has changed the way make a force restart or hard reset. All you need to do is:
– Press Volume Up button and quickly release it
– Press Volume Down button and quickly release it
– Now press and hold the Power button until you see the Apple logo before releasing the button.
– The Volume Up + Volume Down buttons should quickly be pressed and then released. That’s done.

Forget Wi-Fi Network And Connect it Again

If you see the continuous prompts saying that you have entered a wrong password, you should then try forgetting the network and reconnecting it again. Do the following steps
Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap on Wi-Fi and choose Forget This Network when you see the prompt
Back to the home screen, wait for 10-20 seconds and head back to Settings > Wi-Fi, choose the network and then enter the password.
This might fix the Wi-Fi problems.

Set Custom DNS

The problem might sometimes come from the DNS server. You should try switching it to an OpenDNS or Google DNS. Here is what you should do.

Launch Settings App on your iPhone

Now, tap on Wi-Fi and locate your connection and then choose the ‘i’ icon
Scroll down until you see the DNS section and tap over the number written beside it
Now, enter a new DNS address for your Wi-Fi network.
For OpenDNS, use
For Google DNS, use below
There are also other DNS available, but it will require you to use a third-party tool to find out which one is the best for you.

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Reset Network Settings

If none of above the methods works, resetting network settings is the last resort. Besides clearing the network information as well as the DHCP settings, the method will also flush out caches. Most common Wi-Fi problems can be easily fixed with this simple tip. Here is how to reset the network settings on your iPhone X. Go to Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings option.
The above solutions are not difficult to follow and can help you fix your iPhone X Wi-Fi Issues.

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