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PBX Technologies For Small And Medium Enterprises

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The PABX telephony system simplifies the communicative operations of an enterprise or residence by adding multiple extensions and lines in a single centralizer. That is, there is information exchange between extensions without the intermediary of a telephone operator. This union makes the management of telephone networks more efficient and cheaper, increasing production and drastically reducing costs.
PBX systems
However, this is a technology that has existed for about thirty years and has been improved over time in order to adapt and evolve along with technological development. Thus, there are several types of PABX, the most current, advantageous and widely updated is the Virtual PBX, which is based on VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol), a system that converts voice data into binary codes that are delivered to the receiver via the internet.
Here are some PABX phone system technology types that enable the use of PBX telephony in company phone systems for small enterprises.

Analog PABX

Older and ready for analogue operating equipment, this type of phone systems does not have advanced features and was the first to enable the use of PBX telephony. It is designed to receive conventional extensions from a fixed-line operator. Its use is very basic, with features like call barring and password for extensions.
These use analogue technologies and are complex equipment. They are used to receive conventional telephone lines and because they are complex, they demand specialized labour for installation and maintenance. Although there are already more accessible models, they are generally more expensive equipment and because they require specialized assistance they are more used by companies.

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Digital PABX

It works through a digital device, in a similar way to the analogue one, however, being in front of it. It has some more advanced functions like the significant increase of the quality of the connections, with features like the noise elimination in the calls and the DDR, abbreviation of direct dial of extension.
They use digital technology and are simpler and easier to service equipment than their analogue siblings. The connections with the virtual PBX are of better quality and there are features that it offers, not offered by analogue PBX as a company phone system. They offer the advantage of VoIP telephony, which allows you to reduce telephony costs considerably. Although more affordable than analogue, they are also relatively expensive and require expert assistance.

Hybrid PABX

As its name suggests, the hybrid PBX uses both analogue and digital technologies. The idea of ​​such equipment is to try to adopt the main advantages of each technology. Companies that have large structures of phone systems and who want to adopt VoIP and digital lines are good candidates to adopt this type of switchboard.
With this type, it is possible to connect and aggregate both analogue and digital lines, and it also integrates the VoIP system, which uses a network of internet to make the calls. It is ideal for companies that, for some reason, want to maintain traditional analogue or digital company phone systems, but during this transition, they can maintain connection to the modern VoIP lines.
The hybrid PABX provides the integration of the conventional lines with digital lines and VoIP, being a great option for companies that wish to take advantage of all these options. The disadvantage remains that it is complex equipment requiring specialized maintenance and assistance, which makes it feasible for small and medium sized businesses.


It is one of the most complex and resourceful models of phone systems available. Its mode of operation is similar to the proxy server, which is a server that acts as an intermediary between clients that share a network, generating access permissions between users. The physical VoIP PBX device, however, was designed to meet the requirements of some company phone systems that hosts the VoIP system between the lines.
The IP PBX is not a physical equipment like the others, but software that runs on a server and can be accessed from any computer terminal with internet access. Because it is a virtual tool, it does not require specialized manpower to install and perform maintenance. This model can be integrated into both conventional telephone lines and VoIP lines and is therefore the most adaptable and easily integrated PBX system to pre-existing structures.
Because it is cheaper and allows the implementation of remote extensions, Virtual PBX is a great option for small businesses and is the option that has been most indicated today. Its interface is simple and can be accessed from any mobile device with internet access.

Virtual PABX

Virtual PBX, today, is the leading edge of the company phone systems, the most modern, sophisticated and advantageous of all phone systems. The differential of this model is that it allows the connection between virtual extensions of any devices that have access to the internet, thus leaving the user connected to its network of extensions anywhere in the world. It is not necessary to install appliances, wires and cables because everything is done via the internet. The lines can be accessed via smartphones, tablets, PCs, cell phones and notebooks, provided they have access to the internet.
Highly adaptable, it runs as software, enhancing line efficiency and acting as an intuitive digital converter, eliminates the need to install a complicated infrastructure, and has a simple interface for managing all the features.
The Virtual PBX, integrated with a voice over IP service provider, can be used for calls of all types, with very low costs, or even free of charge for offices whose branch offices are connected to telephone systems. It is one of the most complete models, offering a range of advanced and affordable features including small businesses.
The PBX arises to meet the need of better communication for all business types, centralizing lines and extensions, allowing the organization of internal and external communication and providing total secrecy between the connections, with a great cost-benefit ratio for your business. Evolving along with the technology, today we have a great variety of PBXs available for enhancing business communications.

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