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Recommended Android Apps for Productivity, Fun & More

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Android phones have seized the day and made our lives easier, faster, and more productive. Recently, phone prices have skyrocketed due to the advanced chipsets they feature, especially in flagship phones. Since our smartphones are more capable now than ever, finding ways to benefit from them is crucial. Many recommended Android apps can maximize productivity in your daily life. Let's explore the Google Play Store for the best available apps in all segments. 

Recommended Android Apps

Recommended Android Apps For Everyday Activities

You are in the right place if you have a powerful Android phone that can run top-demanding apps seamlessly. In this post, we have highlighted some recommended Android apps that will help you get the most out of your phone. Check them out below. 

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1. Google Maps

Google Maps is pre-installed on most Android devices, so you probably have it on yours. It's currently the best mapping app available on Android, iOS, and other operating systems. It offers excellent car, public transport, or bike/foot routing. Also, you can use Street View to look around selected spots via panoramas. 

The app gives you fast access to information about local amenities and entertainment. The offline mode enables you to save a chunk of a map on your phone to help you get around when there is no internet connection. Google Maps is completely free, and you get to sync your data to your google account. Lastly, you can take surveys and add reviews or missing information to help improve user experience.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is ideal for all manner of photo enhancement and fine-tuning. Featuring an intuitive user layout, the app packs a wide range of filters and effects. It is one of the recommended Android apps for YouTubers

Furthermore, its most recent updates offer more than just photo editing. A new feature, Stacks, converts each filter you apply into an editable layer. With this, each effect can be further improved rather than being burned into your image when applied. Giving way for more detailed enhancements and more scope for experimentation. You can download the app for free on the Play Store. 

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3. iA Writer

Although iA Writer is often described as a minimal text editor, it has plenty of features that make it closer in nature to a desktop product. The user interface is streamlined, featuring a plain text area and a small additional keyboard bar for adding Markdown. The Markdown preview offers multiple templates.

There's a focus mode for highlighting the current line and a night mode that makes it safe for the eyes. You can sync your work to Google Drive or Dropbox with many other export options. You get a minimal Markdown editor with local storage for the free version. Moreover, you have to pay about $9.99 yearly via in-app purchase to access all iA Writer's features. 

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4. Amazon Alexa

One of the most outstanding virtual assistants ever created is Alexa. By using the Alexa app, you can have your own customized assistant right in your pocket. It is possible for you to connect with Echo devices and remain linked no matter where you are. Listening to your audiobooks and making free calls or sending messages to other Alexa-enabled devices is also something you can do with Alexa.

5. Google Home

Google Home is among the top recommended Android apps for controlling your smart home appliances. You can remotely control your lights, smart plugs, thermostats, or Assistant gadgets using this app. You can also add Home members to use what you've already set up to make smart homes more accessible to everyone.

6. Chambers Thesaurus

From the developers of the Chambers Dictionary, this powerful thesaurus app is very helpful for writers. The app gives you everything you want from a thesaurus. 

It may be true that you can get the same services online for free. However, we recommend this option because it is ad-free, works offline, and is super-fast to use. 

You can use it to broaden your vocabulary when you most need it. Additionally, the app cross-references the Chambers Dictionary, but you have to download and sync it first. You can purchase this app for about $4.99 from the Play Store. 

7. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the best apps for getting the most out of your Android camera. It is a camera app that lets you add filters and make professional changes to your camera settings. It's among the recommended Android apps for content creators who cannot afford a professional camera. It may not match the experience of a DLSR camera, but you get to apply fantastic adjustments for shutter speed, exposure, ISO, focus, and much more.

You also get handy features for taking different kinds of photos. One of these is an ‘intervalometer’ that boosts your chances of capturing a decent time-lapse. This feature can also be applied for long-exposure captures to help you capture more radiant night shots. Although the free version offers many cool features, you can make the most of this app with the $4.99 premium package. 

8. Adobe Scan

The Adobe Scan app transforms your Android device into a handheld scanner. It can automatically detect the edges of whatever document is plonked on a table in front of it, enhance scanned pages, and fling the result into cloud storage. Documents can be saved as JPEG or in PDF format. The second is the clever bit because the app performs automatic OCR on your scans, meaning you can easily copy and paste text out of them.

9. Pocket Casts 

If you're into podcasts, Pocket Casts features one of the best players available. The platform is praised for discoverability, subscription, sync, and management. 

The player interface lets you skip forward or rewind as you want. You can also activate ‘silence removal' to boost volume and control the playback speed.

While the free version offers everything you need from a podcast app. You can subscribe to the Plus version to get desktop apps, cloud storage, and themes.

10. Stop Motion Studio Pro

Stop Motion Studio Pro is a top-tier Android stop-motion app. The app is feature-rich with a user-friendly layout offering all the tools needed to compose a miniature stop-motion masterpiece.

You can shoot live within the app, with onion skinning and a grid helping you position objects so your video doesn't feel unstable. Alternatively, you can import frames from elsewhere. Then, add music, effects, themes, and subtitles. If you make video content for any platform, you can benefit a lot from this app. It costs only $5.99 on Google Play Store. 

11. Grammarly

Most keyboard applications only check for spelling errors. However, Grammarly goes the extra mile by providing intelligent predictions, allowing you to choose from synonyms to enhance your writing. Additionally, this Android keyboard offers suggestions to rephrase unclear sentences and provides feedback on the tone of your writing. With Grammarly, you can improve your vocabulary and sound more professional while typing.

12. Ambience – Nature sounds

This is an impressive Android health app focused on mental wellness. The Ambience app can help you get a good night's sleep by playing calm nature sounds. It is crucial when you have to sleep surrounded by annoying noises. The app offers lots of nature sounds, ranging from rainfall and oceans to animals and chimes.

You can set timers for when the sounds should stop or switch to another. Also, there is a feature to customize personal mixes or enhance a preloaded mix. The best part is that all features and sounds can be accessed for free. However, you have to pay for an upgrade to the ad-free version. 

12. Duet Display

Duet Display is one of our recommended Android apps. It is the most reliable screen-expanding app available to Android users. With Duet Display, you can use any Android tablet or phone as a second display for your Mac or PC.

To use Duet Display, you must have the desktop app on your PC and the mobile app on your phone. You can connect both devices using wires or go wireless via Wi-Fi. The only drawback is that the wireless signal depends on proximity and may be less responsive.

13. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is one of the top recommended Android apps for video editing. Like Apple's iMovie, the app gives users an easy-to-use platform for video editing. Many cool features qualify this app as one of the best options for making reels and other video content. 

For instance, you can easily arrange, rotate, trim, or add titles to Clips and stills. You also get lots of transition effects to experiment with, including slow-motion effects. The free mode lets you access most core features, but you must pay about $4.99 monthly to remove watermarks and ads. Payment is via in-app purchase. 

14. Appy Weather

Appy Weather is arguably the best weather app for Android users. Its weather forecasting interface is easy to navigate and set by default to a timeline that outlines present and future conditions. The app displays a temperature forecast. You also get Hourly or daily summaries via push notifications.

Most of the app's panels can be expanded so you can dig deeper into the data. In some cases, you'll get extended forecasts. In others, wiggly lines and icons provide a visual representation of how a day's temperatures and conditions are likely to go.

Three tiers of payment are available for more features. The base tier gives you a radar and unlocks the best weather widgets for Androids. Meanwhile, the more expensive tiers unpack more providers and bolster customization options.

15. Soosee

Soosee is a vital health app that everyone needs on their phone. It's a vital app for you if you or a family member is allergic to any common foods. The app is designed to let you know if a meal you want to eat contains something that will make you sick. After inputting your details while setting up and stating the foods you want to avoid, you can use your phone's camera via the app to check on any canned food. You just have to point the camera at the label of what you want to get. 

The user interface is easy to use, and the wordings are clear and readable. Also, it features some default settings for vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, it is absolutely customizable, so you will be protected from allergic reactions. The app is available for free on the Play Store, although some features are accessible via in-app purchases. 

16. Runkeeper

The Runkeeper app is an awesome gym buddy. It is among the top recommended Android apps for users interested in fitness. You can track your runs, walks, and rides using the app. When setting up the app, you're required to input some details like your weight, age, and height. This data will be used to evaluate your exercises and tell you how well you have performed. You get information about calories burnt, distance covered, and how much you improved.

You can access the most primary features using the free version and share your achievements on different social platforms. Lastly, you can upgrade to Runkeeper Go for about $8.99 monthly if you want more. This subscription unlocks deeper insights, more workout plans, and live broadcasts.

17. Djay 3

The Djay app is a fun app for music lovers who enjoy mixing beats and sounds. If you are learning DJing and need a portable device to practice conveniently, this one's for you. The app has much more features than you'd expect. The intuitive layout lets you smartly match songs, set looping and cue points, and mess around with effects and samplers.

For pros who can afford in-app purchases for the extra features, it's a viable option for figuring out sets. Nevertheless, the most important features can be accessed on the free version. It's free to download on Play Store, and you can sync your data in the cloud to continue where you left off if you change devices. 

18. Automate

With Automate, you can build flows from actions, conditions, and event triggers. These can include UI automation, file transfer, file archiving, making calls, creating alarms, and more.

Many other apps, like Automate, can get your activities organized. However, very few have all the best features and a user-friendly layout.

19. Instapaper

Reading is no longer the main focus of the web. Nowadays, people prefer to skim through information and move on to something else quickly. When reading lengthy articles, you are often distracted by other content that tries to divert your attention away from the main article. This is why the ‘read later' systems were created, and Instapaper is an excellent example of such a system.

Instapaper allows you to send web content from your browser, and it removes any unnecessary elements, leaving only the article's text and images. Instapaper subtly adjusts to full-screen mode as you scroll through the article. Hence, it offers one of the most pleasant reading experiences on any platform, regardless of the web pages you save.

20. SketchBook

If you are looking for a reliable app for digital scribbling, you can't go wrong with SketchBook. You will love the pens and airbrushes offered in this app.

An intuitive interface provides quick access to specialist tools, such as the app's three layers and image import (for tracing). There's also a symmetry menu for those days when only fashioning a trippy kaleidoscope will do.

You get a ton of brushes, more layers, advanced selection controls, and smudging, all for free. 

Let's Wrap It Up…

The recommended Android apps we have reviewed in this post can turn your phone from a shiny glass tab to a pocket-sized supercomputer. They are feature-rich, the best in their segments, and run seamlessly. We also considered apps that are safe for your phones and protect user data. Also, some are free to download and use, while some have to be bought or require in-app purchases. Nevertheless, every app featured on our list offers astounding value while offering the best user experiences possible. 

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