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The Best Wedding Venues in Italy

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Step into the enchanting world of romance as we unveil the ultimate guide to the Best Wedding Venue in Italy. Imagine saying “I do” amidst the timeless charm of Italy's breathtaking landscapes and captivating ambiance. From historic villas to scenic vineyards, we're about to embark on a journey to discover the most magical settings for your special day. Get ready to explore the allure of Italy's top wedding venues that promise a celebration and an unforgettable love story against the stunning backdrop of this picturesque Mediterranean haven. Join us as we navigate the dreamy options and find the perfect spot to create memories that last a lifetime.

1. Abbazia La Cervara, Portofino

Abbazia La Cervara wedding venue in Italy

Abbazia La Cervara is a beautifully restored abbey next to Portofino. It features a magnificent two-story Renaissance Italian garden connected by beautiful terraces of Gardenia flowers, citrus trees, and wisteria pergolas.

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For those who adore beautiful art, history, and breathtaking scenery, this is the perfect location for a classy and sophisticated wedding celebration. You and your closest friends and family can have an excellent stay at La Cervara, which conveniently has 11 suites.

A stunning hall accommodating up to 250 people makes the venue suitable for large weddings. Furthermore, Abbazia La Cervara is possibly the most magnificent and beautiful wedding venue in Italy on the sea, where you may dance till dawn! The magic and rustic charm of the setting, along with an experienced planner, ensure an unforgettable celebration.

2. Tonnara di Scopello, Sicily

Tonnara di Scopello wedding venue in Italy

This sun-bleached rocky point, flanked by small weathered cottages and dipping into bright turquoise water, is where most Italians lay out like seals. If you’re looking for the best wedding venue in Italy, you can check it out. Spouses can choose to marry in one of Sicily's most dreamy coastal settings, where little to no décor is needed, by clearing out all of the sun worshippers and taking over the entire bay, an old tuna fishing village turned museum.

In addition, many locations for the wedding allow couples to pick from, and the main peach house's lace curtains swell in the saline breeze while cacti trace the cracks in the rock. There's a raw simplicity that feels painfully romantic. It also doesn't need ceremony music or worries about dance floor deadlines because of the exhilarating level of solitude and the calming sea breeze.

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Furthermore, the old Tonneria's garden, with cobblestone under the table, rugged rocks all around, and roses climbing the walls, sets a rustic mood for lunches and dinners. Guests will remember nursing Sicilian Negronis just meters from the sea, with a medieval tower thrusting ahead and the sun setting below the same Tyrannian horizon that the Ancient Greeks previously watched for invading fleets.

3. Villa Astor, Sorrento

Villa Astor wedding venue in italy

Villa Astor, set on the cliffs of the Sorrentine Peninsula, is a magnificent hideaway and a perfect representation of paradise. Lord William Astor, one of the wealthiest men of his day, purchased it in 1905 and made it his passion project. The main structure of the villa has six opulent apartments, each uniquely created by the famed French interior designer Jacques Garcia and adorned with art and antique furnishings from renowned Christie's and Sotheby's auction houses.

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Furthermore, the magnificent vistas and private gardens hailed as the best in Europe are two more reasons why this Italian private mansion is so beautiful. This Italian private home is famous for its panoramic views and lush gardens, which are regarded as the best in all of Europe. Its beauty goes beyond its tasteful interior design. Finally, Villa Astor is an ideal venue for lavish weddings and sophisticated gatherings that you won't soon forget, with splendor both inside and outside.

4. Villa il Balbiano, Ossuccio

Villa il Balbiano wedding venue in italy

Looking for the best wedding venue in Italy? Here’s one! One of the most famous historical homes on Lake Como's western shoreline is Villa Il Balbiano. The interiors are luxurious and refined, fusing modern design with antiques and original artwork. For couples searching for a unique and exclusive wedding venue, this is a romantic setting and Italian wedding venue.

Breathtaking features include two swimming pools, lavish marble floors, ample space in the expansive grounds, elaborate murals, and direct access to the lake. Exquisite paintings, silks, exotic velvets, and antiques adorn the villa's great entrance halls and reception room. You can see beautiful views of the lake from all six bedrooms. You can find further rooms in the annex. Up to thirty people can stay at the villa at once.

Furthermore, the villa's front lawn, rear garden, and poolside garden facing the lake, where a marquee can be set up for large people, are three distinct areas of the huge garden that are perfect for different wedding moments. The secluded villa boasts a magnificent entrance, a fantastic panorama, and a spacious garden.

5. Castello Del Trebbio, Florence

Castello Del Trebbio wedding venue in italy

Castello del Trebbio in Florence is a winery and castle venue 15 minutes from the city. You can also think of it as the best wedding venue in Italy. The fully-serviced location dates back to the eleventh century, is breathtaking, and is surrounded by Tuscan hills. You can use the castle's infrastructure, such as its private chapel and medieval courtyard, for your ceremony.

In addition, the La Sosta del Gusto restaurant, which is adjacent to the castle, hosts receptions. Enjoying stunning views of the vineyards is possible from the restaurant's terrace. You and your wedding guests can unwind in this European paradise at Castello del Trebbio, which offers on-site apartments, villas, and pools. They can assist you with every aspect of the planning, from makeup to flowers.

6. Castello Di Vicarello, Tuscany

Castello Di Vicarello wedding venue in italy

Welcome to Castello di Vicarello, an opulent, private, and beautiful castle hotel from the 12th century tucked away in Tuscany. It is difficult to think that it was merely ruins at one point. Castello di Vicarello was given a second chance at life by the Baccheschi-Berti family. These days, the luxury hotel is a popular location for exclusive rentals and intimate weddings.

The reason behind it is pretty simple. The magnificent gardens, fantasy-like ambiance, and amazing views create an ideal setting for both small and large gatherings. Every aspect of your intimate celebration, including lodging, food, wine, music, flowers, table arrangements, and more, will be handled by the skilled staff at Castello di Vicarello. On the big day, this gorgeous property will be all yours.

7. Villa Sola Cabiati, Tremezzo

Villa Sola Cabiati wedding venue in italy

Looking for the best wedding venue in Italy? Here’s it! Prestigious Villa Sola Cabiati is one of Lake Como's most exquisite homes. You will experience the opulent history of the lake like a Duke and Duchess when you and your family stay in this magnificent villa.

Here, fairytale weddings truly come true. Guests arrive by boat to the private dock to have dinner and a sunset cocktail under the stars or in the hand-painted fresco halls. It appears as though the best artists were invited to the villa to create intricate baroque stuccoes and frescoes on the balconies, halls, and rooms so that you could take the most breathtaking wedding photos inside.

Not your average wedding venue, Villa Sola Cabiati is a piece of art and a serene haven of  natural beauty, making it our perfect choice for an Italian destination wedding. Lastly, this amazing location is everything a bride deserves on her wedding day!

8. Hotel Villa Cimbrone, Amalfi Coast

Hotel Villa Cimbrone wedding venue in italy

Hotel Villa Cimbrone is located on the Amalfi Coast, making it popular immediately. But that only scratches the surface of its magnificence. The hotel is incredible, with spectacular views of the Mediterranean, restored 12th-century architectural components, a 2020 Michelin-starred restaurant, a pool, a solarium, and a private helipad.

Your wedding day will be no different, with various services available, such as personalized event planning, beauty treatments, entertainment, photography, videography, security, hostess services, interpreters, and more. Furthermore, your wedding celebration at Villa Cimbrone will be unique—with a background unlike any other—whether it occurs within the classy hotel or outside the verdant gardens.

9. Villa Pizzo, Cernobbio

Villa Pizzo, Cernobbio wedding venue in italy

A stunning privately owned home on Lake Como's edge, Villa Pizzo is the ideal location for a special occasion. Its vast, flower-filled gardens that face the lake and the exquisitely painted interior rooms make it one of Italy's most distinctive lakeside locations. You can consider it as the best wedding venue in Italy. 

In addition, it is a perfect setting for a dream wedding in one of the greatest wedding locations in Italy. It has charming nooks, tree-lined walks, lush foliage, baroque fountains, and picturesque lake vistas.

The beautiful Italian gardens will amaze you and your guests with unparalleled views. Furthermore, the spacious terrace overlooking the old boathouse provides a unique setting for the most romantic ceremony. Surprises await you around every corner!

10. Castello Di Rossino, Lombardy

Castello Di Rossino wedding venue in italy

At Castello di Rossino, the only castle in Lake Como that can host parties, the theme is “relaxed luxury.” Inside the castle are five tastefully renovated event rooms: Sala della Corte, which doubles as a cocktail room and backup lounge in the winter; Sala Benaglio, a seated event hall; Sala Manzoni, a dining room that can seat up to 120 people; Sala della Rosa, a room used for receptions and drinking; and Sala della Volta, a ceremony space for small weddings of 30 to 40 guests. You’ll find an olive tree garden, vineyard park, courtyard, and panoramic terrace outside, making it an excellent choice for wedding venues.

11. Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Borgo Santo Pietro wedding venue in italy

Still looking for the best wedding venue in Italy? This is it!! Borgo Santo Pietro is a five-star estate and boutique hotel in the Tuscan countryside that offers sanctuary to modern souls. With hand-painted murals, custom-sought antique furniture, and handmade beds, each of the 20 rooms in this boutique hotel has been meticulously crafted.

In addition to being an excellent location for celebrations, Borgo Santo Pietro is a great spot to rest and relax. There's no exemption for weddings! The experienced staff at the hotel would be happy to fulfill your wishes, whether you're thinking of having a little family gathering or an elaborate wedding ceremony in the gardens.

12. Villa Pliniana, Torno

Villa Pliniana wedding venue in italy

Opened in 2016, Villa Pliniana is a breathtaking 16th-century palazzo located on the renowned Lake Como. With its 17 magnificent bedrooms, the ancient Villa Pliniana can accommodate 33 guests. In addition to the helipad providing convenient access to Milan and major airports, the villa's private boat dock guarantees the safe harboring of boats, ferries, and Riva boats.

Furthermore, the villa features amazing interior stucco, artwork, and mosaics. It also has spaces for 200 people to have sit-down dinners. Larger gatherings are possible in the big beautiful garden. Various villas of various sizes and the magnificent Sereno Hotel are nearby to provide your guests with the best lodging.

Nestled in a prime location with no limits on outdoor musical performance, Villa Pliniana is the perfect venue and pinnacle of Italian style.

13. Villa Oliviero, Positano

If you’re looking for the best wedding venue in Italy, try villa oliviero. The staff at Villa Oliviero is sure that the site is ideal for your wedding in Italy. The website of Villa Oliviero describes the wedding as “the wedding you've always dreamed of—a day you won't soon forget.” The most stunning views will be part of your opulent wedding at this stunning Amalfi Coast cliffside property.

In addition, the location offers a professional chef, an in-house wedding planner, interpretation services, food, and help with flowers. They’ll also help with transportation, photography, entertainment, hair and makeup.

Furthermore, summer weddings at Villa Oliviero may accommodate up to 150 people for an outdoor buffet-style wedding and 120 guests for a covered buffet-style wedding. The villa is available for rental throughout the spring, summer, and autumn. Remember, this location is also one of the best wedding destinations overseas

14. Villa Talamo, Tuscany

Villa Talamo is a romantic Tuscan hideaway surrounded by lush gardens and the blue Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s such a romantic wedding venue. What was once a monastery has been transformed into an oasis ideal for relaxation, recharge, and celebration. There are ten magnificent rooms and three large suites at Villa Talamo.

Furthermore, each room is elegantly furnished with ancient Italian furniture that lends the area an ultra-modern atmosphere. You can find ample lounging spots with breathtaking views of the sea and fabled archipelagos like Montecristo and Giglio throughout the entire property. The setting for your wedding photos is wonderful!

15. Il Pellicano, Tuscany

Last on our list of the best wedding venue in Italy is IL Pelicano. Il Pellicano, which glistens with timeless beauty reminiscent of La Dolce Vita, was the go-to getaway for the stars of the golden era of cinema. In addition, the serene area offers magnificent views of the sea and coast of Argentario. Lush grounds surround this elegant hotel with exquisite interior design that will captivate you and your visitors.

A private waterfront terrace beach, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a distinctive health and beauty center are all available to guests getting married at Il Pellicano. These amenities will soothe and revitalize you.

Furthermore, thirteen spacious rooms and sixteen suites may accommodate up to one hundred people. As one of the greatest wedding locations in Italy, it is also the perfect location for a sandy beach wedding.


Discover the unparalleled beauty and romance of the best wedding venue in Italy. The enchanting locations redefine the essence of a perfect celebration, offering couples a dream setting for their special day. Embrace the magic as you exchange vows in Italy's most luxury wedding venues.

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