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Best Android Graphic Apps like Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is easily the most popular software for photo editing and graphic design. The software offers many practical tools, filters, and editing features to design top-quality graphics. However, Photoshop is only available on laptops and desktops, you cannot run the software on smartphones. Fortunately, there are several other Android apps like Photoshop. You can use them to edit images and design on your Android phone. 

There are lots of graphic apps that run on Android OS. Although most of them may offer the same tools and primary layout as Photoshop. Some important filters, effects, fonts, and design features will be lacking. Most of them even operate on a different layout from Photoshop, making them difficult to navigate. They do not support designing with ‘Layers', and as such, fail to deliver top-quality designs. Only the most functional Android apps like Photoshop can be relied on for your image editing and graphic design. 

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Top Graphic Design Android Apps like Photoshop

Since Adobe Photoshop does not run on Android, selecting the best alternative app is tricky. There are many options out there. Here, we have reviewed the top Android apps like Photoshop to help you make the right choice. Let's check them out!

Android apps like Photoshop

1. Canva

Most professional graphic designers say Canva is the best on our list of Android apps like Photoshop. This is because it offers much more than traditional photo editing software. Like Photoshop, Canva's utility stretches towards creating beautiful designs. The designs include posters, blog banners, social media banners, and images to post on any platform. 

You can even design invitations, celebration cards, and photo collages. Whatever image size or dimension you want to create, Canva can handle it. Its huge library of stock photos, support for typography, and custom templates make Canva a top choice. The app also uses layers and supports countless features to carry out on each layer.

It is easy for anyone to use, and most tools on the app are free. However, some special features can only be accessed via in-app purchases. 

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2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the top choices for Graphic Designers. It is filled with exciting features on an easily navigated layout. Like Adobe Photoshop, PicsArt uses layers; however, there are slight differences in how they fit on mobile phones' screens. It has options for users to add additional photos, colors, filters, or text to the original picture. Each new addition is treated as a new layer and stacked to achieve the desired visual effects.

You can create as many individual layers as you want. Also, toggle them on/off, transform or blend them, create masks, and a lot more. Unlike some basic photo editing apps, this one features the eraser tool. Additionally, PicsArt auto-saves your work as you go. The app can also be used to design clipart, backgrounds, stickers, callouts, AI-powered Prisma-style effects, built-in frames, filters, and more.

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You can access most tools and effects on PicsArt for free. However, in-app purchases are available for premium stickers, clipart, and more.

3. PhotoLayers

PhotoLayers is one of the top-tier Android apps like Photoshop. If you want to create composite photography by overlapping, cutting, and gluing different photos into one, this is your ideal choice. The features and user interface are straightforward, with a focused target audience. Hence, some design tools are lacking in this app. 

Moreover, PhotoLayers boasts all the important tools, including layers, rotation, shadows, flipping, resizing, masking, color correction, and cutting. The app gives users a detailed guide on the home screen to show all the app can do. The best part is that all features on the app are completely free to access. 

4. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Although Adobe released mobile versions of  Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Lightroom. Photoshop Mix is still preferred because it supports extensive photo editing. Unlike other Adobe Android photo editors, this one supports layers like in the desktop version. The app is ideal for photographers looking to edit or enhance pictures. With Photoshop Mix, you can adjust colors, contrast, add or remove filters, enhance an entire or a selected area, control opacity, blend, create masks, and a lot more. Since the layout supports layers, cutting and combining different pictures into one using different layers is easier.

Photoshop Mix stands out because its user interface and layers are easy to navigate. Additionally, all tools and layers are readily accessible and can be navigated by tapping icons on the UI. Unfortunately, Photoshop Mix limits users to five layers at a time. On the bright side, every feature on the app is free. As with most Adobe mobile apps, you are also required to sign in with your Adobe ID to use the app.

5. Pixlr

Pixlr earned its spot on our list of top Android apps like Photoshop, especially due to its reach toolset and layers-based user interface. Also, you can use it on multiple devices by syncing data. The Android devices should have active internet access and be logged in to the same Pixlr account. 

Its design and layout are very similar to Picsart's. It offers a wide range of photo editing tools, and the saved edits are always HD-level clarity. It also features the eraser tool, among other practical tools. The fonts, effects, and tools lists are extensive. 

Most features on the app are free, with in-app purchases for very rare effects and clipart. You can easily design flyers and billboard posters on Pixlr. 

6. Multi-Layer Photo Editor

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to Photoshop, then Multi-Layer Photo Editor is your guy. This app lets you edit your images using multiple layers, like Photoshop. The user interface features rich tools and effects and is still beginner-friendly. Adding, blending, and navigating layers on this App is super easy. 

You can move individual layers to the front or back by dragging and dropping them. Easily tune the opacity to suit your desired outcome. Some of the most popular features on this app are background erasers, frames, shadows, gradients, transparency, magic wand, horizontal or vertical flipping, masks, blend modes, etc.

Unlike some basic photo editing apps, you can design on a blank canvas using Multi-Layer Photo Editor. Furthermore, you can import and save images directly with your local network over WiFi. Most basic features come free with the app. However, features like custom output resolution, blend modes, and selection masks all come with the premium package, which costs around $7.

7. Byte Mobile – Image Editor

Byte Mobile's Image Editor is an Android app for graphic design that is comparable to Photoshop, and users highly regard it due to its support for layers and user-friendly interface. When you add photo frames, stickers, drawings, images, shapes, and effects, they are automatically placed on a new layer. 

You can customize each individual layer with features such as blending options, opacity, custom colors, material, drawing, lighting, and more. If you prefer, you can use the ‘Draw' tool to create your drawings, and you can still use layers as needed while drawing. This app offers all of its features for free, so you can take advantage of everything it offers.

8. Adobe Photoshop Express

We cannot talk about Android apps like Photoshop without mentioning Adobe's mobile photo editing app. If you want to unleash your creativity on the move, consider checking out Photoshop Express. It is free and user-friendly. 

Photoshop Express is essentially a mobile version of the famous desktop software. This image editing app from Adobe is one of the best available on the Google Play Store. It offers advanced features for selective editing, perspective correction, noise reduction, healing, and more. Additionally, it includes a spot-healing tool that can be used to remove blemishes and spots from your portrait shots.

9. Adobe Lightroom 

Lightroom is another amazing photo and video editing app by Adobe designed to run on Android OS. It is advanced and offers a wide range of practical and free photo and video editing tools. This app can be used to enhance the quality of your media files with just a few taps. 

With Lightroom, you can easily access your photos from your Android Gallery and apply the presets that have been crafted by professional photographers to create stunning images. The app offers hundreds of presets that can be customized to your liking, allowing you to easily achieve your desired effects. 

Lightroom also has a powerful video editor and reel maker, enabling you to create amazing videos and share them with others. Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual user, Lightroom is the perfect tool for enhancing your photos and videos on the go.

10. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is not as advanced as Photoshop, but it still provides some great photo editing options. The application comes with numerous effects, borders, and stickers that can help you enhance your creativity. Upgrading to Fotor Photo Editor's premium version grants users access to all the features and paid content. These include effect packs, collage packs, and sticker packs.

11. Lumii

InShot's Lumii is an excellent photo editing app that offers a wide range of advanced-level tools for professional editing. Despite its advanced capabilities, Lumii is designed to be user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for beginners as well. 

The app stands out for its ability to apply photo filters and effects to your images, allowing you to create stunning visual effects. The latest version of Lumii comes equipped with several essential tools, including a background eraser, background changer, HSL controls, and Double Exposure. 

12. LightX Photo Editor

LightX Photo Editor can be used on your Android for photo editing. It is considered the best and most popular app available. Although it may not be as advanced as desktop Photoshop, it still offers a range of useful photo editing tools. 

The app provides tools for adjusting light levels, curves, and color balance, which are professional-grade quality. You can also create collages and stickers and blur the background of your photos using LightX Photo Editor.


For graphics and photo editing, Photoshop is currently the top player. Although quite complex, the variety of tools offered makes it the most preferred choice. Since it doesn't run on Android smartphones, selecting which app is the best for you can be quite confusing. Our list of Photoshop alternatives features the best in the spectrum. Whatever your preferences or Android versions, there is an ideal app for you. 

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