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Common Issues with Netflix and How to Fix Them

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Netflix is a wonderful platform that enables viewership of movies, documentaries, TV shows and many more entertainment categories with the help of internet streaming services. People have come to love what Netflix has to offer since it could show on different internet devices. Though there are a lot of benefits that come along the use of Netflix there are some issues that arise that may cause technical interruptions which may reduce the performance of Netflix. The issues that may occur include stream quality issues, buffering, failure to respond among many others. The problems that may arise are however common and easy to fix.netflix issues
Below is a list of some of the common issues with Netflix and their solutions.

Failure to connect to Netflix

Some of the issues that a lot of the users may face are a failure of the browser to launch due to poor or no connection or the application might have crashed which comes along a notification advising on connection failure. Issues that may arise are many but if a connection issue hits you there various ways to handle this issue.
You need to learn that if there are issues with the service provider then you can do little about. If Netflix's system has issue patience is all that is required since they are quick to respond to such issues. If the problem lies on your side then check your internet connection. You could do this by trying to reset your router and computer. Once you solve the connection issue, test your devices by checking if other websites work. If you discover that it doesn't work, contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

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Poor Netflix App Performance

Due to the diversity of internet devices, there are different versions of the Netflix app. The performance may vary depending on the device used and you could have different experiences with the same application but different devices. You could across different technical issues such as chopped videos or the app doesn't open at all. You need to learn and know the kind and extent of the problem in order to apply the ideal solutions. A much easier way of dealing with this issue is by uninstalling and re-installing it once again for you to obtain the default app settings. If you find it difficult to solve this issue go ahead and get assistance from an expert or just report a bug.


Buffering can be categorized among the internet connection failures and it should be treated as one. Netflix recommends that for maximum efficiency, streaming and satisfaction you need high connection speeds on your internet. It is not a fun feeling when you are faced with constant interruptions due to connection failures. To fix this issue check your computer network settings and diagnose the connection issues. At times you may discover that your internet connection is slow and it may require an upgrade which something you need to work on. Remember, before you judge Netflix check out if you have an excellent internet connection.

Regional Blocks

There certain situations when some Netflix users travel and go far away from their areas of residence and along the way they find that they can't stream using Netflix. Come to think about it, it is unfair sometimes inevitable due to some stringent regional blocks. It is usual to go to some countries and different regions and realize that you can't enjoy using Netflix and you have paid to acquire their services. Fortunately, it is easy to handle this kind of issue by the help of IP hiding application such as the Virtual Private Network (VPN). These applications use encrypted connection which means that your internet device can connect to an offsite secure server. They effectively do this by masking your IP address which hides your location status and allows you to mimic a location that allows Netflix streaming services. Therefore, do thorough research on the best VPN you could use to effectively stream on Netflix without coming across regional blocks.

Poor Video Quality

This is one of the turnoffs most people face when they come across an interesting movie that has such bad traits. It may be as a result of poor internet connection or caused due to constant buffering which kills the interest of streaming anything. Check and resolve any internet connection problems that may contribute to poor quality videos. If you realize the issue is with Netflix check on what other online users are saying about their streaming services. Another issue might be the package you subscribed for. HD streaming is quite expensive than the regular packages and if you don't like the video quality, you can upgrade and pay for more and enjoy watching more quality videos.

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Strange Account Activity

There are times when you receive some notifications from Netflix to requests you don't remember asking. A strange notification would be a reminder sent to you to continue watching a series you don't remember starting. There are other occasions where you might find unfamiliar results in the recommendation box. There could be a possibility that a close friend or member of your family has your password and you may have different tastes and preferences in terms of entertainment. This might be the case or you might have fallen prey to a hacking incident. When you find a strange activity that you are unfamiliar with contact Netflix and report the incident. Additionally, as a precautionary measure change your account's password to be on the safe side.

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  1. As we all know Million of users stream Netflix everyday and facing a small problem and getting it fixed can be quite hectic. Your post comes in handy as it lists the basic problems that are faced worldwide. Good work keep it up.


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