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How I Registered & Verified Paypal Account as A Nigerian


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Mostly, nowadays marketing is now happening everywhere around the globe in which internet marketing is not left out of this. This online marketing involves buying and selling of goods and services in which paying with PayPal is mostly rapid for save payment. Before Nigeria was not amount the countries to be using PayPal but the Nation was later considered favourite as at last year, when they mostly detected Nigerians are still using this PayPal account but by using a different ip address and fake address to access it.

Are you a Nigerian? Did you need a PayPal Account for Marketing? Probably if yes then I would congratulate you that you have founded the solution to this today. I would be given complete guidelines I went through while registering my own PayPal Account which I Verified with my First Bank MasterCard. Therefore, using First Bank MasterCard doesn’t mean the below guidelines won’t work for you, you can use any bank ATM card once it’s either VISA or MASTERCARD.

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How to Register and Verify PayPal Account in Nigeria

Make sure you are connected to Network before starting this….don’t think you would just pick up your phone/computer and start surfing the internet without been connected…lol
1. Point your browser to www.paypal.com/ng and make sure you are not using IP Address.

2. Click on “Sign up for free” with the blue button as shown below.
How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian
3. A new page comes up, showing your Region i.e. your country and the flag of your Country. There are two options here either you open an “Individual Account” or “Business Account” but for me I choose Individual since the Business Account is for Companies. Click on “Open an Account” found below Individual.
How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian

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4. A new page shows requesting for your information. Fill all fields appropriately and continue.
How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian

5. Enter the CAPTHA shown to you in the provided box and Continue
How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian

6. Another page is displayed asking “How would you like to pay for your Purchases” which means you should connect your credit card. Choose your card type i.e. either MasterCard or Visa, then enter the credit card number (16 digit code founded in front of your credit card), expiring date of your card and CSC (3 digit secure code at the back of your credit card).
How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian
7. Click Continue and you would be charged something not up to $2 for verification of the credit card you are trying to connect but the money would be returned back you bank account after complete verification.
8. It would take some working days before verification would complete. You would be mailed once anything is happening to your account. This implies that you would be mailed once your account is completely verified, but you would need to confirm this with the paypal code sent to you in the verification mail and you can start buying and receiving funds with your PayPal Account.

How I Registered & Verified a Paypal Account as Nigerian

It is as simple as this but in case you have any problem, add a comment below and get replied as soon as possible.
Don’t forget to share this to your fellow peoples.

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