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Solutions to “Applock not Working” on Android Devices

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Applock not Working is common nowadays so if you have the problem we will help you get it solved. Let's talk about Applock first; AppLock is just an App that can be used to lock SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings, Calls, and any app of your choice, with abundant options, allowing protection of your privacy. AppLock can also hide pictures and videos. AppLock empowers you to control photo and video access. Selected pictures vanish from your photo gallery and stay locked behind an easy-to-use PIN pad. With AppLock, only you can see your hidden pictures. We will discuss how to open app lock when it is hidden and the solution to applock not working in this post.

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How to Open Applock When it is Hidden

– Kindly open a browser on your smartphone and visit domobile.com/applock
open applock when hidden
– A page like the one shown above will come up. Just click to open hidden app lock. The application will open and ask for your security password for you to gain access to it.

Alternatively, you might have activated one of the below three options in the app lock settings. Kindly locate the apps on your smartphone and tried opening them.
open applock when hidden

But Most Android Users complain of Applock not working on their device after they upgrade to the new version of Android OS. Some also complain of the Applock not working on their new Android smartphones. I have also experienced this problem when I upgraded my Samsung and I found a solution to it.
Though there are different problems that can cause non-working of the Applock on your smartphone below steps mostly fix it;

The solution to “Applock not Working” on Android 4.4, 5.0, 6.0 & 7.0

What I simply do was to go to my device settings —> security —> Apps with usage access and enable AppLock.
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Applock Problem Fixed

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There has been an update about Applock not effectively working on the latest Android OS. If you are having any problem with Applock working on Android just go to your device settings >> Accessibility and turn on Applock under services.

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A friend also complains that Applock got disabled when he cleared recent Apps off. If you are also experiencing that you need to add Applock to the forbidden list of Apps to be closed. You can do this with either battery doctor or Du Battery Saver App. There are some phones that come with the System Manager App pre-installed, If you have it pre-installed then just open it and go to App settings to add Applock to the forbidden list of Apps to be disabled.

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The solution to “Applock not Working” on Android 8.0 Above

I recently switched to Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and installed Applock failed to work perfectly. Here is how to solve Applock not Working on your Galaxy or Android 8.0 and higher Android OS smartphones.
– Go to Settings >> Apps and locate the menu bar at the top right. Yours might not be top right since we have different Android devices. Just choose Special Access from the menu list shown after clicking the menu.
applock not working, applock problems
– On the Next screen choose Usage data access
applock not working, applock problems
– Now confirm if Applock is allowed. If not kindly allow it for data access.
applock not working, applock problems

Some users complained about Settings been locked by default once the Applock is installed: The settings lock is just to secure your App from been uninstalled by anybody. But to disable it just go to the Applock. Disable settings from the list of locked apps and it should work fine now.

Are you still unable to find any solution to none functionality of Applock on your Android device? or You have any questions to ask about the app lock or security of your android phone? You can simply drop a comment below and I would reply as soon as possible. Don't forget to share the post with your loved ones.

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Ogunrinola Adams
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  1. App Lock is best app on Play store and used by everyone. i am also use this app from last 1 year many times app was not working these steps will be helpful for me thanks hadharm

      • Once I make it “hide from home screen” I’m unable to access the app with any shortcuts (via dialer/browser). I’m not getting any error when I access any locked app. It simply opens as if it’s not locked. Randomly it works only for settings. I’m more interested in blocking the Explorer.

  2. I am using Marshmallow on my Android ans when I go to security and try to see Apps with usage access I cant see Applock there so I am not able to activate it, any solutions please

    • Hi Suraj, while on the app with usage access page look top right and tap on the three dots menu, then tap on show system. Now Applock should display and you can do what is expected.
      That should fix the problem.

  3. Applock is not working my new micromax Q352 what shall i do.I locked all the apps which i wanted to lock bt when i open those apps they are not locked..for e.g i locked whtspp n hike on my phone bt when i open whtspp n hike it simply opens up itz not locked though in applock i locked it..plzz help me

  4. Heya man,……I can’t find “applock” in apps with data uasage access….and yet evrything is allright and it isn’t working

  5. I had some apps locked before but now they aren’t locking! I think it updated. I’ve tried many different ways to get it to work but in settings when I try to say “ok” or “give permission” it will only let me press cancel and not okay. What the heck is going on?

  6. I’ve tried all of these solutions including Uninstalling and reinstalling on my Samsung Note 3 and it does not work. Lollipop is my OS.

  7. Hi!
    I am using Panasonic eluga prim. I installed all types of applock available. Some protection apps too which have applock in it . All of them tell me to enable applock and I have done it for all of them . But still its not working. No matter what after a while it stops . I need help please.

  8. I hid the icon of applock, and now the alternate method of opening the applock through dial pad is not working.
    Additionally, I’ve disabled the option for uninstalling the app, m stuck, please help.

    • Hi Sam, just open one of your device browser and go to domobile.com/applock a page will load that shows click to open applock click on it and applock will open. If you want to uninstall it just go to playstore search for applock and uninstall through the applock page.

  9. Hai
    Applock is not working in my new device gionee S6s even though i followed all the methods which was explained by you..
    Applock is working only when we again touch the applock and then whatsapp or hike etcc. Please give me a solution for the promblem. I even approached the service center too though the problem not sloved. Kindly help me.

    • It seems your device have extra security that is killings underground running apps. Kindly play around your device and add applock to ignore list of the security app that is killing the underground running apps.

  10. I have enabled both security and accessibility. Searched for an app that is killing the AppLock process, could not find it, restarted phone.
    AppLock still, does not work. Somebody give me a solution here. I would download a different app lock that does work, but they don’t have the same security options that I need in my situation.
    I need it to unlock for a part of the day, when I’m at work, and lock the rest of the time
    Phone is:
    Model number: Z963VL
    Android version: 5.1.1
    Configuration version: G15.ZTE.Z963VL.0
    Please help

  11. hi. I bought a gionee p5l model. In that mobile there is no app lock. how to enable this app lock. plz help me to set this feature in this p5l model

  12. Iam using Asus zenfone with android version 6.0.1.whatever the app used to lock apps,it will work for few days after then it won’t .what is the problem?

  13. Applock is not working my gionee s6s .after update my device nougat software .what shall i do.I locked all the apps which i wanted to lock bt when i open those apps they are not locked..for e.g i locked whtspp n galary on my phone bt when i open whtspp n galary it simply opens up itz not locked though in applock i locked it..plzz help me

  14. my aap lock is not function on vivo 5vs
    Accesbilty mei on krne k baad phir se thodi der baad aapne aap off ho jata hai
    Plzz give me solution.plzzz

  15. hi,i am using symphony p6 5.0
    i updated my phone from lollipop to marshmallow. after updated my phone app lock isn’t working.even i tried all of the settings like device administrators enable,app uses permission,accessibility but still it’s not working on my device.please give me a better solution so that i can use app lock.
    thank you

  16. I have a similar problem but its with screen lock. Anytime I activate it, it’ll work for a few minutes and then stop. Any solutions??

  17. I have yu yureka black smartphone and after updating it to android nougat, applock no longer locks my apps. But when applock is present in the background, the apps are locked.

  18. I cant lock apps in Vivo V9..
    In Accessablity.. The app lock gets automatically off…
    Please give a solution


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