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Recommended Android TV Box for Entertainment

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Looking for the right device to stream your favorite shows and movies? We've got the recommended Android TV box to make it easier! An Android TV box connects to your TV and lets you access a world of entertainment. These small devices will turn your regular TV into a smart TV by giving you access to games, apps, and streaming services like YouTube and Netflix. It's like giving your TV a big upgrade instead of buying a new one. With different types available, finding one that suits your needs best is important. Here are some of the top picks we've curated for you. Let's go!

1. Nvidia Shield TV Pro

Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The most recent Nvidia Shield Pro isn't really innovative, but it doesn't need to be in order to maintain its position as the greatest streaming box and retro gaming system available. This set-top-box/gaming console runs on Android and has features that will appeal to movie and video game lovers. It offers 4K movies in several HDR formats and top-notch PC games that can be streamed to your TV. Though there has been a spec upgrade, it still offers less value for the money than earlier models.

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2. Google Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast by Google TV

Regardless of how you look at it, the most recent Chromecast is an excellent streaming partner for nearly any space. It’s a recommended Android TV box. Everything you require for high-quality streaming is available regarding specs and hardware. The Chromecast includes a processor that keeps things operating quickly for most jobs. It supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and allows 4K HDR streaming.

Although the remote lacks a few buttons, it is well-made and useful in a small, stylish package. Chromecast's ability to run the updated Google TV interface gives it a significant advantage over the other products.

Even though Google TV is essentially an Android TV platform, the company has integrated new software to make the experience entirely different. Everything looks much better and functions flawlessly across all of your apps. It also has new home pages that curate content from your streaming apps so you can find something to watch more quickly.

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3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is also a good recommended Android TV box. All of the Android TV boxes on this list can provide 4K streaming, but the streaming providers must grant permission for the boxes to access the content. Up to this point, they have only authorized boxes from well-known companies like Sony, Samsung, and NVIDIA.

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This implies that you generally need a quite pricey box to stream video in full 4K from your favorite streaming providers on your Android TV box. Instead, a 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick is required. This small stick is less than fifty dollars, and if you purchase it with the gigabit Ethernet connection adaptor, the price drops to even less than seventy dollars.

That is an excellent price, especially considering the stick connects with your Alexa smart home system and comes with the Alexa remote. Since it's an Amazon device, its operating system is the locked-down Amazon Fire TV operating system rather than the regular Android OS.


4. Turewell T9

turewell t9 android tv box

Fast and quick, the Turewell T9 Android 9.0 TV box comes pre-installed with Android 9.0 Pie. It’s one of the best Android TV boxes.  The Google Play Store gives you a wide variety of experiences. This Android TV box has a good selection of games and a stylish interface—all at a reasonable price.

It can play nearly all common music and video formats, including 4K HD video, and it also supports video decoding. Furthermore, its H.265 decoding will use 50% less bandwidth for streaming than H.264. This enables you to play thousands of Android games on a big 4K screen with less buffering and better quality.


5. TiVo Stream 4K

TiVo Stream 4K android tv box

The TiVo Stream 4K, which is somewhat less expensive, is still capable of playing 4K HDR material, is compatible with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and has a voice remote for simple access to the Google Assistant. It’s a good recommended Android TV box for your enjoyment. The TiVo Stream 4K's main selling point is its exclusive TiVo Stream app, which is more appealing than its affordable pricing.

TiVo provides personalized recommendations for episodes and movies to watch within the app based on your interests and choices. All of your other streaming services are accessed through the Stream app, giving you quick access to them in one place. In comparison to Google TV, it isn't quite as smooth.

But if you'd prefer the conventional Android experience, the Stream is a great option. If you want a standard Android TV interface with recommendations for top-notch programming, the Stream is a great choice. Several free channels from providers, including Pluto TV, Cheddar, Tubi, and Tastemade, are available on TiVo Stream.


6. Dynalink 

Dynalink android tv box

The Dynalink can be the ideal choice if you're searching for a recommended Android TV box with many high-end features in more expensive models. It accomplishes this by providing a user experience equal to that of the Amazon Fire TV Stick through the use of the Google operating system.

This enables this reasonably priced box to offer many features absent from other boxes in its price range. In particular, it offers 4K streaming for the major streaming services, along with voice control and smart assistant features from Google. Like the Fire TV Stick, it lacks an SD card expansion slot and has little storage.

It also does not support USB devices. This implies that while the box can stream content flawlessly, as intended, it is not as powerful when used as the hub of your personal media library.


7. Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV android tv box

Google did a great job with the Chromecast, but if you're not into Chromecast, you might want to consider the NVIDIA Shield TV. The Shield TV's hardware makes it one of the smallest Android TV boxes available. It's more like a small tube than a box.

That's why, no matter how your entertainment system is set up, it's small, hidden, and invisible. Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and compatibility for 4K HDR content are just a few of the streaming technologies available on the Shield TV. Moreover, AI upscaling turns HD video into 4K for even sharper images than before. You can simply expand your capacity with a microSD card slot and use the Ethernet connector if you want a wired connection for speedier streaming.


8. QPLOVE Android TV Box

QPLOVE Android TV Box

If you're searching for a recommended Android TV box perfect for installing Kodi or creating your own video collection, the QPLOVE is a great, reasonably-priced option for customized features. For less than $70, you can obtain an incredibly big amount of power and space with a respectable CPU and 4GB of RAM. You can store your own media if you'd rather download than stream, thanks to its ample 128GB of ROM and expandable storage choices. But it isn't included with the high-end functions that come with more costly boxes.

You can't stream Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in full 4K or use voice control with it, nor can it be integrated with smart homes. As a result, this box is for advanced streamers who wish to create their own media centers that may be used for Kodi, gaming, torrenting, and other purposes. 


9. Onn. Google TV 4K Box

Onn. Google TV 4K Box

You may not be familiar with the Onn brand unless you are a frequent Walmart customer, but it has a highly recommended Android TV box. However, you might want to start being mindful, if only with the Onn, a 4K streaming box from Google. Despite its lengthy name, this box is the most reasonably priced option for experiencing Android TV-powered streaming.

Enjoying a stock Android TV experience means you won't be bothered with obtrusive and bothersome advertisements urging you to join Walmart+. The provided remote control is nearly as lovely as the streaming device. Apart from the standard TV controls, the remote has four shortcuts to some top streaming providers and a button specifically for Google Assistant.

Regretfully, some compromises must be made with this inexpensive streaming gadget. The largest problem you may encounter is the 8GB of non-expandable storage. If you intend to watch the downloaded video, you'll need to search elsewhere. Those who solely use streaming services, however, should be OK.


10. Xiaomi Mi Box S

Xiaomi Mi Box S tv box

Last on our list of recommended Android TV boxes is the Mi Box S. While Xiaomi Mi Box S is not as good as devices like the Nvidia Shield TV, it's still a viable choice if you're searching for Android TV on a tight budget. Even though it's not flawless, it has several advantages. So if you're searching for an inexpensive Android-based streaming box, this is a good choice. 

However, you won't be able to use it for many high-performance tasks. And you will have to put up with a few flaws and a remote that doesn't always function properly. It supports internet services like YouTube, Vudu, and Netflix. This is also one of the best tech gifts you can get your boyfriend.



Choosing one of the recommended Android TV boxes ensures a top-quality streaming experience with advanced features and user-friendly interfaces. Investing in a highly-rated device can transform your TV viewing, making it more enjoyable. Thank you for reading!

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