How to Connect AirPods to Android Devices & Check Battery Level


The Apple Airpods work best with Apple devices. However, they still offer the same quality of work when paired with your Samsung S9 & S9 Plus, as well as any other Samsung device or an Android phone, tablet, or computer. This is because the pair can work as a basic pair of Bluetooth earbuds and so it can connect to any Bluetooth device. I just get a new pair of the Airpod and it is working effectively with my Galaxy S9 Plus. This post will give you a detailed procedure of how you can connect your Airpod to Samsung or any other Android smartphone.
android connection to airpods

How to Pair AirPods with Android Devices

Before you learn how to pair your Airpods with an Android device, it is important to understand that not all Android devices work the same. So this procedure explains how you can connect to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. But the steps also apply to most Android phones.
Step 1: Go to the notification area by swiping down from the top of the screen then go to the settings icon. From the options, choose Bluetooth and ensure the Bluetooth radio on your phone is switched on. The switch is located at the top of the screen.
Step 2: Go to the back of your Airpods and locate a tiny circular button. Long press it for a few seconds (make sure the Airpods light changes to white. The Airpods will show up on your Bluetooth search result list. If it doesn’t show up on your screen in the list of available devices, you can switch your Bluetooth off then on. Depending on the device, this may take several attempts. But it is quite easy with the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus.
Step 3: Once the device appears, tap on it. It will connect and the volume bar might show up at the top of the screen. The setting icon also shows up right next to the listing in the Paired Devices section of the Android Bluetooth settings screen. Select the options and you can turn on or off other functions like Media audio, Phone audio or Contact sharing.
A prompt will appear from the first two functions telling the phone to either play phone or media audio through the Airpods, normally if there is a checkmark right next to them. If there is none, the audio will play through the speakers of the device. But it is important to understand that the last one will not work with Airpods since these devices only play audio.
But even as you connect your Airpods to your Samsung or other Android devices, it is important to understand that there are things that will work with an iPhone but will not work with Android devices. For instance, when you take the AirPods out of your ears, they automatically pause if you are using them with an iPhone. All these features are also available on Android as well, all you need is an android app called “AirBattery” from the Google play store.


How to Use All Airpods features on Android Devices

– After installation of the AirBattery App. Launch it and you will see something like the screenshot below.
Airpods battery on Android
– Go to the AirBattery App settings and customize it exactly like the screenshot below.
airbattery settings for airpods
– You will see battery percentage left from your notification bar every time you are connected.
Airpods battery bar
One of the advantages of using Airpods with your Android device is that they will automatically reconnect to your Android device as they would with an iPhone if you put them back in your ears. However, this will only work if they were last connected to the same phone. So if you disconnect the Airpods from your Android device and reconnect with an Apple device, they will reconnect with the Apple device automatically.
When you use Google Assistant or OK Google then the audio responses will come through the earbuds. With the AirBattery App, you will be able to see the battery life from the Bluetooth settings screen. Opening the case will also not display a pop-up to show you how much battery you have left.
The outstanding features to enjoy with this device including playing and pausing music by simply double-tapping the side. The double tapping also works for answering incoming calls. You will also find Airpod quite convenient since you can request Google Assistant to play an artist or a band from Google Play Music.
That was how I have been enjoying the Apple Airpods even without having any iPhone. In case of any problem with the connection or further questions. Kindly make use of the comment section.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Graphic Designer, Blogger, Graduate Civil Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur.

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