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Recommended Best Android Tablets: Top Picks for You

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Android tablets have become more prevalent in recent years. They have gone from ‘alternatives to iPads' to become the preferred smart devices for many tech enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the giant screens. The best-performing Android tablets are recommended for tech lovers for their top-notch hardware and software features. You can rely on these recommended Android tablets to perform the most demanding tasks. You can ditch your laptop for a tablet, depending on your preference.

Best Android Tablets to Make You Ditch Your Laptop 

There are tons of solid-performance Android tablets in today's market. For this, finding the best one for your needs has become challenging. In this post, we have recommended the best to help you make your choice. Our recommended Android tablets offer the best performance across all charts. Here we go.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Recommended Android tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra operates on Android 13 OS with a 14.6-inch water-drop display. Its fantastic performance that earned its spot on this list is booted by its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. You get to choose between the 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options. This Android tablet has a Micro SD card slot for external storage. It is powered by an impressive 11,200 mAh battery. 

This tab contradicts the belief that Android tablets have poor camera quality. It features two 12-megapixel selfie cameras and two rear cameras (13MP-wide & 8MP-ultra-wide). The Tab S9 is evidence of Samsung's top-tier multitasking. The large 14.6-inch OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate further increases its value. 

This Galaxy tablet offers one of the best Android performances for a tablet, with a powerful chipset. It can fire through any level of computing stress without lagging. The sleek display is perfect for movies, games, and photo editing. This flagship-performance tablet is a convenient replacement for your laptop.

The Tab S9 Ultra price starts at $1,199, typically considered expensive. It is, however, a fair price considering the functionality of this Galaxy tablet. 

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2. Google Pixel Tablet

Recommended Best Android tablets

The Google Pixel Tablet is a remarkable Android tablet. Without the speaker base, this tablet is a replica of the Nest Home Hub. The chipset on this device is insane. It runs on the fantastic Tensor G2 chip. It has 128GB and 256GB storage cap options and a 7,020 mAh battery. The camera rating for both selfie and rear photography is 8MP. The battery rating may be small compared with others on this list, but the battery life is in the same range. 

The display is a 10.95-inch screen with a 60Hz refresh rate and 1600 x 2560 resolution. The picture quality is top-tier and way above expectations for an LCD panel. The device comes with the Android 13 OS and does not offer a Micro SD slot for external storage. The sound quality on this tab is excellent for immersive audio. This makes it perfect for movies and gaming. 

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The Pixel Tablet offers an OS that feels like Pixel phones optimized for tablets. This makes it combines the functions of an overall tablet and a smart hub package conveniently. This makes it an essential home gadget. The Pixel Tablet is one of the recommended Android tablets for students living away from their parents. 

It combines as a smart speaker and hub thanks to the dock that comes with the tablet. The dock's speaker is impactful for its size. The Tensor G2 processor chip handles games and photo editing perfectly. For a starting price of $700, you can enjoy smart AI-driven features like Google's Magic Eraser, which is used to erase objects when editing photos. 

3. Lenovo Yoga Tab 13

Recommended Android tablets

It is typical for Lenovo devices to offer additional features in their build. The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 can be propped up with its built-in stand. It does not need 3rd-party case accessories, and as a result, it has no rear camera. Another impressive feature is the micro HDMI port. You can use this to connect the tablet to a laptop for screen mirroring.

The Yoga Tab 13 has a giant 13-inch display with a 1350 x 2160 screen resolution supporting a 2k display. The view is super clear, and the speaker quality is super impressive for a tablet. It runs on the powerful Snapdragon 870 processor and Android 11 operating system. Although this tablet does not have a Micro SD slot, you get to enjoy 256GB as internal storage. 

With this tab, Lenovo proved the myth that tablets are not good for taking pictures. The device offers only an 8MP front selfie camera. Although the design is quite challenging to use with a case, you probably would not need a case with the built-in kickstand. With a long-lasting 10,200 mAh battery, the Tab 13 is ideal for users who enjoy working with a second screen. 

You can also enjoy immersive gaming and movie time with excellent audio and video quality. For about $680, you can get a new Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, which can take on almost any Android software. 

4. OnePlus Pad 

Recommended Android tablets

The OnePlus Pad is one of the recommended Android tablets for tablet fans who cannot afford an iPad. Its properties are comparable to expensive counterparts. 

This Android tablet boasts a super-neat display that's sharper than most tablets out there. This 11.61-inch display screen has a 2000 x 2800 pixels resolution and a fantastic refresh rate at 144Hz. This makes it perfect for gaming, movies, and any application that requires display clarity. In addition, the tablet comes with 13MP and 8MP cameras located at the front and rear, respectively. 

The OnePlus Pad runs on the MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor chip, which can comfortably run most Android apps. It is powered by a long-lasting 9,510 mAh battery, featuring a fast charging feature. This tablet can also be used with a keyboard cover. When installed, this feature is usually detrimental to portability. 

This Android tablet comes with 256GB internal storage and no Micro SD slot for removable storage. The processor on this device is pretty mundane compared to other top tablets on this list. However, for a $479 base price, this tablet is an absolute steal. 

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

Recommended Android tablets

If you are a fan of Samsung devices, you cannot afford the more expensive models. The Galaxy Tab A8 offers you the usual Samsung flare at an affordable price. The 10.5-inch display tablet has one of the best display clarity in the market, with a screen resolution of 1200 x 1920 pixels. You get to choose between the 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal memory options, though expandable up to 1TB. 

The processor speed and battery strength may be average but considered when compared to other tablets offered at about the same price. It runs on the Unisoc Tiger T618 processor chip, powered by a reliable 7,040 mAh battery. This means you can comfortably navigate most high-end software. 

This tablet comes with either 3GB or 4GB RAM to support its multitasking ability. It is ideal for reading e-books and watching movies.

The battery life on this device is considerably long for a 7k mAh battery. You get to enjoy the 8MP and 5MP rear and front cameras. It may not be ideal for heavy video editing, but it can play the most demanding video games without lagging. The price range for these Samsung tablets is between $196 and $400, depending on the RAM and internal storage caps. 

6. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus - Best Android tablets

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is an affordable and exciting tablet. It comes with an 8-inch HD display featuring 880 x 1280 screen resolution. The Fire OS and a 2.0 GHz hexa-core processor offer solid performance on this tablet. It has 2MP cameras on the front and rear.

The performance on this device is pretty basic, following the introduction of Amazon's Fire ecosystem. However, some impressive introductions, like the wireless charging feature, make it a top choice for many users. 

The Fire HD 8 Plus can be matched with an optional dock and perform like an Echo Show.

The Fire HD 8 Plus offers 32GB and 64GB internal storage options, with 3GB RAM as standard. The Micro SD slot can take an external storage up to 1TB. You can enjoy the impressive performance on this Android tablet for just $160. 

7. TCL Nxtpaper 10S

TCL Nxtpaper 10S - Recommended  Best Android tablets

The TCL Nxtpaper 10S strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and performance. The tablet boasts a 10.1-inch display with a 1200 x 1920 pixels resolution. And that's not the best part. The screen features a display mode that filters blue light, reducing eye strain. This feature makes it safer for e-readers and users who spend long hours on the screen. 

It runs on the MediaTek MT8768 chip that outperforms every metric. You also get 4GB RAM to help with multitasking. The tablet handles most video editing apps and mobile games with ease. If you want a device that is great at multitasking with a fantastic battery life, then TCL Nxtpaper 10S is for you. 

You will enjoy the long-lasting 8000 mAh battery and 64GB internal storage. The storage space can be expanded using the Micro SD port. The 10S comes with an 8MP rear camera as the primary camera and a 5MP selfie camera at the front. The current retail price for the TCL Nxtpaper 10S is about $399.

8. Xiaomi Pad 6

Xiaomi Pad 6 - Best Android tablets

This is one of the most recommended Android tablets for buyers on a budget. The Xiaomi Pad 6 boasts IP53 water and dust resistance. The 11-inch LCD display on this device comes with a silky 144Hz refresh rate. The impressive 1880 x 2880 pixels resolution offers 4K Dolby Vision. You can also enjoy the immersive audio experience provided by the quad stereo speakers. This tablet features a super intuitive version of Xiaomi's MIUI for tablets.

It may not be a dedicated gaming device, but Qualcomm's Snapdragon 870 flagship chipset delivers a thrilling gaming experience. With an 8840 mAh battery, the battery life is impressive. This device is excellent at multitasking, with 6GB and 8GB RAM options. You can save all you want on the 128GB or the 256GB internal storage space with no Micro SD slot. Slight price increases differentiate the options. 

While the primary 13MP rear camera can record 4K videos, the front selfie camera is 8MP and can record only up to 1080p videos. The camera quality is fantastic for a tablet in this price range. And with that storage size, you can conveniently make and edit your reels on this tablet. Depending on the storage options, the cost of a Xiaomi Pad 6 ranges between $344 and $450. 

9. Oppo Pad Air

Oppo Pad Air - Recommended Android tablets

If you're looking for an affordable alternative to the iPad Pro, the Oppo Pad Air is an excellent choice. It has a sleek metal design and quad stereo speakers, making it stand out from other budget-friendly tablets. The IPS display is also top-notch in visual clarity. In addition, the tablet has a long battery life, making it reliable for time-consuming tasks. 

The Oppo Pad Air comes equipped with a 10.36-inch IPS LCD screen, which offers a stunning 1200 x 2000 pixels resolution. The high-quality display allows you to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and games in crystal-clear detail.

The tablet is also equipped with an 8MP primary rear camera and a 5MP selfie camera, enabling you to capture your precious memories easily. It is important to note that the Oppo Pad Air does not have a SIM slot, meaning it can only be accessed through WiFi connectivity.

Moreover, the Oppo Pad Air features a 2K Eye-Care Display and 4GB RAM, which can be expanded to 7GB. It is powered by a Snapdragon 680 8-Core 6nm Processor, delivering fast and efficient performance. The tablet also comes with a 7100mAh battery, providing long-lasting battery life. These fantastic features make the Oppo Pad Air an exceptional value at just $273.

10. Nokia T21

Nokia T21 - Recommended Android tablets

If you're looking for a well-rounded, budget-friendly tablet, consider the Nokia T21. The Nokia tablet is a more compact option with a 10.36-inch screen. It could be more brightly, so using it outside may be difficult. On the other hand, it runs on an OS similar to the original Android. It's a good option for those who enjoy loudspeakers as an excellent relaxation companion. Commercial buyers may appreciate its second-screen connectivity and SIM slot. However, the device charges slowly. 

The device has a 10.36-inch display with 2K resolution, which makes it ideal for HD streaming and sufficiently bright. The screen is protected by toughened glass. The impressive multitasking quality is a result of the 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The Micro SD slot can support up to 512GB of external storage. 

A Unisoc T612 octa-core processor powers the tablet. Its battery life is impressive thanks to the 8200 mAh battery. The build quality is excellent, and it has reliable technology for a price range of around $300. However, you'll need to purchase a charger separately, as it's not included in the package.


A lot of people prefer using Android tablets nowadays. There are fantastic products that have been recommended based on performance and reliability. Our list of recommended Android tablets features flagship products from top brands. They offer the best processors, displays, and other essential features. 

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