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Most Beautiful Islands in the World To Visit

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On the off chance that you've seen an island on a postcard, it's most likely on this list. Some of the stunning islands of the world have grant access to beautiful beaches, lovely bays, rocks and blowholes; others offer amazing caverns, cliffs, culture, rainforests, and various other bizarre spots. Whatever your version of paradise, these following islands around the globe deliver sight to behold in abundance.

Prepare yourself to get stunned by the loveliest islands present on our planet.

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1. The Seychelles

The Seychelles Island
Situated off the east coast of Africa, these islands are an unadulterated paradise of our planet. Flawless beautiful seashores, impeccable clean water, huge amounts of islands to look over, and all the segregation nature loving travelers could desire for.

This group of 115 islands offers everything a natural beach lover could wish for. The best time to visit the Seychelles Island is during the cool season from May to September when it rains less.


  • The Seychelles Island is a collection of various 115 islands with an overall population of under 100,000 people.
  • The Seychelles was at one time a pirate hideout and local people say there is still a huge unfound treasure buried somewhere on the island!
  • Thanks to government preservation endeavors, the Seychelles Island is still a diving paradise.

2. The Maldives

The Maldives island
Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a chain of approx. 1,000 islands (200 are populated, and only 5 have any generous populace). These little coral islands are encompassed by exceptional diving spots, swimming locations, and beautiful white sand beaches, and are loaded up with friendly natives.

The best time of the year to visit Maldives Island is from November to May when the climate is cool and dry.

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  • The Maldives Island is comprised of 26 atolls and more than 1,100 coral islands.
  • It’s the lowest and flattest country on the entire planet.
  • The capital city named Malé is one of the most thickly populated cities in the whole world

3. Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe Island
Situated in southern Thailand, this Island serves delightful and mouth-watering seafood, as the island’s water is abounding with life. The travelers will find accommodation in their budget, with various facilities.

Nearby to this island is a little island that offers tremendous snorkeling opportunities to the tourists. If you are lucky you may even get some chances to spot a couple of reef sharks. To enjoy this Island perfectly, try to visit Ko Lipe Island between November and March, as at that time the weather is perfect for visiting. The most ideal way to reach out to this place is by boat which you will get from Pak Bara.


  • You can stroll from one finish of the island to the next in less than 60 minutes.
  • You will find no vehicles and just a few highways on this island.
  • There are under 1,000 full-time native citizens on the island.

4. Fiji

Fiji Island
Whenever the name Fiji is caught, visualizations of beautiful beaches and Tropical Ocean move inside the people’s minds. There's a valid justification for that – because this place is probably the best spot to visit on our planet, having so many islands, tourists guaranteed to find one they like.

Mostly it is a popular destination amongst youngsters and honeymooners. Generally, young travelers often visit the Yasawa Island group. The temperature on this Fiji Island remains mostly constant throughout the year, with tornadoes arising between November and January.


  • Fiji is a collection of 333 Islands, however, less than half are populated.
  • Approx. 1,500 different species of sea life have made this Fiji water bodies their home to live.
  • There are around 28 airports in Fiji Island, but only 4 have smooth runways.

5. Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii
Hawaii’s largest island has everything that the adventures and nature-loving tourists could ever want on their trip. But the thing that isolates this island from the rest of the islands is Volcano National Park. At this place, the travelers can explore volcanoes, hike through old magma tubes, and even can witness new lava flow into the sea. Along with this, the visitors can also enjoy the beautiful waterfalls on the Big Island.

The rainy season is from October to March. Regardless of being situated close to one another, climate conditions on every island can change significantly, so no one can tell what's in store!


  • Big Island in Hawaii is home to the world’s most active volcano (Kilauea).
  • Hawaii is the only single state in the whole USA that produces coffee.
  • Big Island has the major shares of the world’s macadamia nuts that it produces, every year.

So, if you love traveling and want to explore the new places, then this above-discussed list of top beautiful islands in the entire world should be in your bucket list. Whenever next time you plan your vacation, try to explore these stunning islands present on our own planet.

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