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Barbados Attractions You Should Add to Your Bucketlist

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Barbados is an island in the eastern Caribbean, and it is part of the British Commonwealth. Many people go to Barbados because it has beautiful beaches and other attractions. There are also a lot of fun things to do in the country. So, if you're planning to go on a vacation, Barbados is an ideal choice. Read on as we discuss some Barbados attractions you must never miss during your visit.

beach- Barbados atractions

Harrison's Cave

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Harrison's Cave is the first on our list of Barbados attractions. It is a 1.4-mile underground cave filled with stalagmites, waterfalls, and natural tunnels in the middle of Barbados. People refer to Harrison's Cave as an active cave because it contains water.

Harrison's cave

Also, it is still very much alive because its stalagmites keep growing. However, the growth rate is less than the thickness of a sheet of paper per year. Visitors can get off the tram at the bottom of the Cave and walk along a spectacular waterfall that falls into a deep pool.

Downtown Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital of the island of Barbados and is a port town on the southwest coast. It is a historical site in Barbados that is worth seeing.
Downtown Bridgetown-Barbados attractions
People who live in Carlisle Bay might want to make this their home. There are many exciting things to see and do in the downtown area. The parliament building is the city's most photographed attraction.
Further, there are a lot of squares, fountains, churches, parks, statues, and beaches in the city, as well. With palm trees blooming on the beach and an underwater park on the seashore, it's a great place to enjoy.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St Nicholas Abbey is among Barbados attractions and is a plantation home, museum, and rum distillery. This tourist attraction is near Saint Peter, Barbados. St. Nicholas Abbey was restored in 1660.
St. Nicholas Abbey
Moreover, it is one of the three true Jacobean buildings in the western hemisphere, with its unique Dutch gables and red roof. We can find a functional rum distillery and a museum at St. Nicholas. These buildings illustrate the 18th-century plantation life on the island.

Cherry Tree Hill

Our Barbados attractions list would be incomplete without Cherry Tree Hill. Cherry Tree Hill is part of the land owned by St. Nicholas Abbey. There is an on-site rum distillery that makes St. Nicholas Abbey Rum.

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Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados Attractions

About 850 feet above sea level, this place gives a great view of the “Scotland District.” It includes the parish of St.Andrew, and they named it after Scotland's Patron Saint.
Further, Cherry Tree Hill may have come from many cherry trees. Mahogany trees, introduced to Barbados following the Treaty of Paris in 1763, now flank the route.

Bathsheba Bay

Bathsheba is a fishing community on Barbados' east coast, and the city has roughly 5,000 people and has developed into a fishing village. There is an Anglican Church of Sao Jose, established in 1600. However, a hurricane destroyed it, but they rebuilt it in 1800.
Bathsheba bay
Other popular attractions in the city include the Tower of Cotton and the Forest of Flowers. The coastline around Bathsheba, where they conduct the yearly surfing competition, is also beautiful.

Andromeda Garden

Andromeda Garden is another beautiful place to visit among the Barbados attractions. It was started almost 60 years ago by one of the best-known horticulturalists on the island. The six-acre Andromeda Botanic Gardens have more than 600 different kinds of flowers, shrubs, and trees from worldwide. You'll enjoy cool island breezes, and a bird's-eye view of the coast comes from its high spot.

Andromeda Garden

The Umbrella palm tree in the Andromeda Garden is one of the largest palm trees in the world. There are also orchids, ferns, hibiscus, and cacti in the garden.
Moreover, the garden smell is all around, and the scent of the flowers also draws butterflies to the garden. The garden also has a lot of flowers and plants in different colors.

Animal Flower Cave

Animal Flower Cave

The Animal Flower Cave is in the Parish of St. Lucy, and it was formed by the salt water from the sea hitting the hills and rocks out of an alley. Two British explorers on a boat near where they were sailing in 1780 found this Cave. In the animal flower cave, there are sea anemones. About 400,000-500,000 years ago, the cave floor was coral. There is also a large pool where people can go swimming.

Oistin Fish Fry

Oistin Fish Fry-Barbados Attractions

Another attraction among the Barbados attractions is the Oistin Fish Fry. The main ingredients in the food in Barbados are fish and seafood, like lobster and crabs. However, if you like red meat, there is a typical Caribbean barbecue to cook different meat. One of the famous places to enjoy their food is Oistins Fish Fry. On Fridays, there is live music, and it's a lot of fun to go there. You can buy the dish from different stalls and sit at one outside table.


The city has a lot of appeal because of its unique architectural features. There is so much difference between old and newer buildings on the island. This means that the city has continued to develop.
The vendors who set up shop in the middle of the streets selling fresh fruit and vegetables are also a unique feature of the city. There are also some fishers who have caught fish to sell.
Further, there are many ways to relax in the city. It's hard to beat the beautiful beaches in this area of Barbados. They're never crowded, making this part of the island a real treat.

Mount Gay Tour

Mount Gay Tour Barbados attractions

The Mount Gay tour is the last Barbados attraction on our list. It is a small museum where they show people the steps in making rum. The most enjoyable part of this place is that they fix a battle between teams to prepare the nicest rum drink. They hide behind the bar and use all the bartender's supplies. Finally, they take a vote to determine the winner.


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