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12 Best Pink Sand Beaches in the World


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A few rosy sandy beaches spread all over the globe and the rareness of the beaches adds to their attraction. Their scarcity and beauty are both amazingly tempting tourism sites on the world’s pink sand beaches. This is the world’s best pink beach holiday option available, including top beautiful countries like; Bermuda, Greece, Italy, Maui, California, and the Bahamas.

Best Pink Sand Beaches in the World

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Sand Beach, Bermuda

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Horseshoe Bay Beach is a prominent beach paradise in Bermuda that has a magnificent curve of pale rose sand flowing into the stunning blue Atlantic Ocean seas and is called after its form like a horseshoe. The Bay offers a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling, however, due to periodically choppy waters, it is only recommended for strong swimmers.

The beach is a popular harbor for cruises and is often congested seasonally. However, you could enjoy a day at the beach if you visit it during the off-season. Many other beaches and hiking routes are located nearby.

Bonaire Pink Beach, Dutch Caribbean Island

Bonaire Pink Beach, Dutch Caribbean Island

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Bonaire Strip of sand on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Island Pink Beach is a narrow strip of sand. It is located on the island’s western coast, with clear waters and a calm wind. Because there are millions of small broken shells, the beach is pink.

The water in the vicinity is a perfect place to snorkel or dive as the quiet seas create good, transparent waters. The beach is an excellent area for relaxation and a picnic and a terrific site for sunbathing. The higher part of the beach is lined with a few palms, which give you some shade.

Elafonisi Beach, Greece

Elafonisi Beach, Greece Sand beaches, sand beach

Southwestern Crete beach, Greece is Elafonisi Beach. The islet is shallow, turquoise, with magnificent beaches of white and pink. The island is a protected area, thus only natural beauty exists in all directions. The sea between the two is very shallow and even non-existent and can be readily accessed by foot from the mainland.

It is a favorite place for families traveling with little children, because of its shallow, warm water. Elafonissi features various little cellars, sandy beaches, and fascinating rock structures that visitors can explore besides surreal and rose beaches.

Balos Lagoon Beach, Greece

Balos Lagoon Sand Beaches, Greece

The beaches, the brilliant turquoise waters, and the gorgeous surroundings are renowned for Balos. In the summer, people can jam the beach somewhat. The main beaches are white sand, however, in certain spots, they are rose because of tons of crushed seashells washed on land.

You may reach the beach by driving 10 kilometers of gravel road or by boarding a mainland ferry. Adventurous travelers can also hike in roughly 3 hours from Kaliviani. The water is extremely shallow and peaceful, but you have a good chance to snorkel when you go a little further. Sometimes in the region sea turtles and monk seals can be found.

Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

Great Santa Cruz Island, Sand beaches Philippines

The Grand Santa Cruz Island in the southern Philippines is a small island. The sand is colored by the little, cracked red organ tubes, which have been washed and combined with white sand. The island is transported by motorboat to Paseo Del Mar for 15-20 minutes.

The island offers many leisure activities for travelers to enjoy, for example, snorkeling, swimming, diving, or boat trips. There is thus no hotels or other accommodation on this island as a protected area. There are no restaurants, however, you can eat your own food on the island.

Komodo Pink Beach, Indonesia

Komodo Pink sand Beach, Indonesia

The island of Komodo is one of the islands in Indonesia that compose the Komodo National Park. On the backdrop of the magnificent environment, the Pink Beach of Iceland has wonderfully pink sand. For snorkelers and divers, the Pink Beach is heaven since its coral is in very good shape. The water is shallow and therefore a fantastic site for guests who only learn to snorkel or dive.

The beach offers numerous activities that keep your days full if you are not satisfied with swimming and sunbathing. There are several watersports possibilities and the sunset is a dream. The island is home to Komodo Dragons who may be very heavy and it is advisable to visit the beach with a guide.

Pink Sand Beach (Habour Island), Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, Habour Island Bahamas

The 3 miles stretch of pale rose sand and soft waves in the Bahamas are pink sand beaches. A coral reef offers a type of breaking wall for the beach and the water is warm and ideal for swimming all year round. Many luxury resorts and rustic accommodation facilities are close by. The coral reef is suitable for snorkeling and calm water conditions.

Fishing in this country is also a popular activity. Shopping in stroke markets or a self-directed walking tour might be an excellent approach for those who wish to visit the city for a few hours. This is the Bahamas’s best sand beach.

Barbuda Pink Beaches, Caribbean Sea

Barbuda Pink sand Beaches, Caribbean Sea

Barbuda is a tourist-not overrun island on the Caribbean Sea yet. Barbuda beaches are very lengthy with pink sand portions. The Atlantic side of the island has more red beaches but tranquil, turquoise sea and wonderful pristine beaches on the Caribbean side.

The sea provides the perfect place to snorkel or swim. The marine species, including sea tortoises, sharks, rays, and more, is diverse. The island has nothing to do with tourism facilities, yet it is the perfect place to go if you want a peaceful beach holiday.

Spiaggia Rosa de Budelli, Italy

Spiaggia Rosa de Budelli, Italy

Spiaggia Rosa is located on the minute, the deserted island of Budelli in northeastern Sardinia, Italy. The shells and remnants of red coral make the beach rosy. The park is within the National Park of La Maddalena.

Too many people took sand away from the beach so that the beach was closed to tourists, but from a boat or from the neighboring Spiaggia del Cavaliere you can still see the beach on your guided tour. Dolphin visitors often visit the seas close to the beach and boat cruises to observe the pink sands.

Tangsi Beach of Lombok, Indonesia

Tangsi sand Beach of Lombok, Indonesia

In Indonesia, Lombok is a gorgeous island where Tangsi Beach, a picturesque pink-sand beach, is based. This portion of the island is still not very famous to tourists, so it offers a quiet respite, though it is a little hard to get to. The beautiful rose beach on the eastern side of the island is close to a fishing community.

The sea is safe and quiet, thus the place for swimming and snorkeling is popular. Tangsi has cliffs and hills surrounding it, which make it a very picturesque place. The view of the beach and sea is offered to visitors by climbing a nearby bluff. There are other islands close by which to explore by boat from Tangsi if you’re interested in exploring.

Pfeiffer Beach, California

Pfeiffer Sand Beach, California

Pfeiffer Beach is found in Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur California. The beach boasts unusual, purple sand, washed away by the coastline’s imposing rocks. The purple dye of the sand isn’t always apparent, but soon after a rain, it is most obvious.

Surfing is quite choppy and often windy therefore swimming is not safe. But tourists can scratch the neighboring rock formations, so they have strong, robust footwear. In the immediate vicinity, you may also see the waves through sea caves. The beach and park are welcoming to dogs.

Red Sand Beach in Maui

Red Sand Beach in Maui

Red Sand Beach is a secret beach that offers nearly an other-world view of Maui, although a bit tough to get to. The beach’s crimson sand is generated by the close red lava rocks eroding on the coast.

The sea is brilliant blue with amazing contrast. To the beach, guests had to walk along the edge of a cliff along a somewhat perilous and slippy path. The visit is exclusively for experienced walkers suggested. The beach is also a popular beach, which features nudists and local excentricities.

Have you been to any of these beautiful pink sand beaches? or do you have any new pink sand beaches suggestions, kindly drop your experience/suggestions using the comment section.

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