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Switching Off These iOS Features Will Improve Your Iphone’s Battery Life

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These days, it's nearly impossible to live without a smartphone, and we don't want them to run out of energy at an inconvenient time. iOS devices i.e. Apple iPhone and iPad are among the best selling smartphones nowadays but have received some complaints about the fast draining of some ios device batteries today I would be explaining how to save your iPhone battery life.

Before we look at strategies to extend the life of your battery in the short term, it's crucial to know what you can do to make it last longer.

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ios battery life

In addition to the myths we have dispelled, the Responsible Battery Coalition recommends that lithium-ion batteries be stored and used at temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold. This will help improve iphone battery health.

It's best for batteries to spend as little time as possible at maximum capacity (100%) charge and 0%, as both extreme charge states can be damaging to batteries. So you need to pay attention to your battery power and battery usage.

As convenient as they are, fast chargers degrade lithium-ion batteries faster than regular charging. So it is advisable to use the charger that comes packed with your device.

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It is possible to alter settings and turn off the functionality to save energy. Now let's discuss how to extend the battery life of your iPhone/iPad so that you can use it throughout the day without needing to plug it in.

How to Improve iOS Device Battery Life

Say Goodbye to Motion

Tips on How to Improve iOS Battery Life

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iOS devices have a great number of visuals with plenty of zooms, icons, and even a few floating graphics than other iOS versions. While these look great on iOS 8, they also use a lot of power to run on your display. Putting the motion control feature on a diet can increase your battery‘s life. Locate Settings app > Accessibility > Motion and turn the Reduce Motion feature to the off position. This should not only boost your battery but also your processing power. This is one of the tips to reduce battery drain issues as an iphone user.

Manually Turn off Background Apps

ios battery life

One of the best battery boosters for iOS 8 is to turn off the apps running in the background. Even when you close your apps, some continue to run in the background of your Apple devices refreshing automatically. Turning this feature off will increase your battery. Simply go to Settings App > General > Background App Refresh. Refresh and turn off all the apps you don't mind refreshing manually. This small tip will also improve optimized battery charging.

Enable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is one of your most effective weapons against battery drain. Downloads and mail fetching are disabled when it is enabled, therefore background operations like downloading are also disabled.

Tips on How to Improve iOS Battery Life

Automatically, Low Power Mode kicks in when the battery percentage falls below 20%, but you can also manually activate it to keep your phone going longer (but it will only work if your phone's battery is below 80%). Navigate to Settings > Battery and turn on Low Power Mode. A yellow battery icon will appear in the top-right corner when this feature is turned on. This will help improve your iPhone battery life.

Auto Lock and Reduce Screen Brightness

Battery life is being reduced by larger and brighter smartphone screens. Fortunately, they are easily dimmable. The first thing to do is activate auto-brightness. Scroll to Settings App > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness and put it on.

Tips on How to Improve iOS Battery Life

Your iPhone will now automatically adjust its brightness according to your current lighting conditions to suit your needs. A battery-saving feature will automatically turn off the screen if there is enough light for you to view it.

By utilizing the slider bar, you may also manually adjust the brightness levels in Settings > Display & Brightness. In the Control Center, you can also access a brightness slider by pressing lightly on the icon and dragging it up or down.

Download When You're Ready

While automatic downloads are mighty convenient, it's best to live without this little feature. App Updates and ios operating systems are always a good idea but they should be done manually. Applications can run faster and smoother with certain updates that reduce the amount of processing power they require when updated. It is set to automatically update apps when a new version is released, so you're always up to date. As an iPhone user, go to Settings > App Store > Updates and turn it off. Flipping this switch off will get the app to stop checking in the background for new downloads, and you'll save quite a bit of your battery.

Disabling Location feature

Tips on How to Improve iOS Battery Life

For apps such as Google Maps, Fitness tracking apps or Taxi, location services are useful, but they drain batteries quickly and it may affect your iphone battery lifespan. Location services can be turned off altogether in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. A lot of valuable apps, however, will stop working as a result of this. If you want the latest prediction, your weather app won't know where you are, and you won't be able to use Google Maps to get instructions based on your position. Apps can be set up to use location data either never, only when using the app, or always.

Try Airplane Mode

Airplane mode disables all wireless features on your phone, which is useful if you're in a severe power bind. However, you may still use Wi-Fi to send iMessages and perform other chores. Looking for the airplane icon in Control Center and tapping it is the quickest way to accomplish this. Alternatively, it can be enabled in the Settings menu. You'll know it's on when you see the airplane icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Switch off Bluetooth, Airdrop, and WiFi

Tips on How to Improve iOS Battery Life

However, even if Wi-Fi is a great way to reduce your data usage, the battery life suffers when it isn't actively being used. When you're out and your phone is continually searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks it uses the battery. This is why the list of available networks varies frequently. As with Bluetooth and AirDrop, they're always trying to connect, but there's no reason for them to remain active all the time either.

Disabling these features in Control Center is the fastest solution. Open the shortcut Menu by opening the menu from the top right-hand side of your device. You may turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth by tapping on their respective icons on the shortcut menu. To access the AirDrop symbol, press and hold the menu options in the upper left corner of the screen for a few seconds. Also, you can disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirDrop by going to the respective settings menus. Just be sure to switch them back on when you need them once again. You can turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airdrop by scrolling down to Settings > Bluetooth, Settings > Wi-Fi, and Settings > General > AirDrop > Receiving Off respectively. You can also use “hey Siri” to switch off these battery draining features.

Other things to be done to reduce your iPhone battery life includes:

1. UNINSTALL Apps you no longer use.

2. TURN OFF push notifications on non-essential apps

3. Set EMAIL and Social Media Apps to Manually Refresh

4. Don't Auto-Update Apps

5. Turn Off Background App Refresh

6. Buy a Battery Case

7. Turn Off Wifi in poor signal areas

8. Turn off Airdrop

9. Turn On Auto Brightness

10. Reduce Screen Brightness

11. Turn off Vibrations

12. Keep your phone away from Direct Sunlight and heat

13. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

14. Turn off Bluetooth and Personal Hotspot when not in Use.

Below is a Video from Payette Forward, to help with ios battery draining issues.

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