How to 99% Secure Your Adsense Account from Banning


I have been using Adsense since 2014 and up till now I only got banned once. But I am able to recover my account since I provided the full details of what causes invalid activity on my account on Adsense Apology Page. Ever since then, I haven’t got any mail again talking about “Adsense Account Disable”, it is not because my Adsense account is a premium one or my website is totally 100% policy free, we have no Mr. Perfect but I still manage to save my account from banning. Website owners involved in click fraud are having their Google AdSense account terminated, sometimes wrongfully. This kind of fraud is normally present where there is money to be made easily, especially in the click for pay online business adverts. The only way to be free from banning is to make sure your secure your Adsense Account.
How to Secure Adsense Account form Banning
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Back to the main headline, I will show you different ways you can prevent your Adsense account from banning.


1. Write & Publish Quality Contents
Quality content is very important because when people come to read your article they want to know the information about it. And that is one of the reasons to go in depth with your article write-up. Content is what can make or break your traffic and even your site. You can spend thousands of dollars paying for advertising and ad words to get traffic to your site, but that will mean nothing if your content isn’t good. Especially if you’re having first-time visitors on your site, if they come to your site and see your articles are either copied or just complete rubbish 99% of your new visitors won’t visit again. Since good and quality contents determine your visitors time on your blog, Google also mandates Adsense users to have quality contents on their blogs/websites to bring in more quality traffic.

2. Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website
Did you just start a website, check out things to do when you just start a blog / website. Driving quality traffic is a kind of tedious work for most website owners but the best is working on Search Engines Traffic. With lots of quality traffic flowing to your web blog, Adsense may never want to ban you, because higher page views will generate a lower CTR (Click through rate) and hence, Adsense account will be safe.

3. Remember to Connect Adsense to Google Analytics
Google Analytics is one of the best tools to know number and quality of website visitors. Analytics is basically just the study of the visitor behavior on a website that is on the internet. It is a process of measurement, collection, and analysis of activity from visitors to the website. This helps determine the aspects of the website that work towards reaching a higher and better business goal. Google recommend connecting of a website to analytics and to Adsense Account. This will help them in determining how quality your website visitors are. Google analytics connected to AdSense could be used to ascertain the number of earnings websites can get via its traffic, hence if your earnings via google analytic continually match what Adsense dashboard shows, you are a little bit safe from being banned, anyways, try and connect your google analytics today because it will teach and help you improve on devices driving earnings to your website. To connect your Adsense to analytics click on gear icon just beside email on the top right hand side of Adsense dashboard, click on settings >> access and authorization >> Google Analytics Integration.

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3. Connect Your Adsense to Youtube Account
This is not mandatory but if you know you are monetizing your youtube channel with Adsense then you have to connect your account to it. Make sure you connect your Adsense to youtube account via the same email, upload some cool videos and you will earn even more when your videos are been viewed and also this can help you safe from banning.

4. Report Invalid Activity on Your Adsense Account immediately.
Yes we all have enemies and no one is free from attack, sometimes you will notice unusual activities on your account. Wen you are getting more clicks and higher CTR than you use to have before and no boost in your page views, these might be efforts from your enemies trying to tell Adsense to ban you. Kindly report to google immediately by filling this invalid activity form. After reporting, they may not respond, but will surely deduct those invalid activity earnings from your AdSense at the end of the month. Doing this will free you from banning. When reporting makes sure you drop the countries where the clicks came from, and any other details you noticed.

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5. Turn Away from Black Hat Method of Earnings.
Black hat which is a way of getting clicks and earning in a way that is illegal. If you do this, you will be surely caught and banned at the end. Why would you suffer today to earn and suffer banning tomorrow? so deviate from what they call black hats, Adsense will only allow you earn up to some thousands of dollars and few days to cash out, you will be banned and all your earnings reversed, so it’s better to follow due optimization steps to earn a little bit of thousand dollars daily.

In conclusion, make sure to create quality contents and let your Adsense remains safe, those with scrap and copied contents always gets their account either banned or suspended. Also, make sure your site don’t violate any Adsense policy. It is very unusual to earn 200$ today and 20$ tomorrow. This is suspicious and you might get banned on your Adsense account. Kindly keep up your traffic to earn a constant unique earning curve.

Adam Hiidee
Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Civil Engineer (GNse), Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and Serial Entrepreneur.

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