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Essential Gadgets For Programmers

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Coding requires devices with reliable chipsets compatible with most programming languages and tangible screen sizes. You'll also need some essential gadgets that make your work easier and more productive. Gadgets for programmers are designed to make them write error-free codes faster and be more productive. 

As a programmer, some gadgets should not be missing in your workstation. Always remember that this is a one-time investment to boost your coding experience. Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a newbie, getting the most essential gadgets can elevate your coding game. There are many gadgets for programmers, and you may not be able to afford them when starting. We are here to help you pick the essential ones. 

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Essential Gadgets For Programmers

From mobile devices to computer peripherals, there are lots of gadgets for programmers that lean towards productivity. We have conducted research and highlighted some of the most essential ones. Let's explore the list of top accessories that will help you code better.

1. MacBook Pro

Apple Macbook Pro with Touch Bar - gadgets for programmers

If you're looking for a good laptop for coding, consider getting a MacBook Pro. You can use many fast and active laptops, but MacBook Pros are the best all-round computers today. MacBook Pro is recognized for speed, compatibility, multitasking, and security. They always have a long battery life. The best part is that if you're working on a project and your Mac goes off, don't worry! Your progress is safe. 

Pre-2020 MacBook Pro versions run on the seventh generation (i7) Intel Core processors, making them suitable for any task. They are ideal for launching apps and opening files to more advanced computing. MacBooks are built with high-speed SSDs and turbo boost processing up to 3.6GHz to enhance speed and reliability. The recent models have M1, M2, and M3 chips with even better batteries and impressive display screens. There is just so much to qualify MacBooks as essential gadgets for programmers. 

Furthermore, you can partition your Mac's SSD storage to run a second operating system and the capable default Mac OS. This is important if you want to work on software incompatible with the Mac OS. The latest MacBook Pro models with M3 chips start at $2,499 and can go up to about $4,000, depending on the specs you pick. 

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2. Binary Wrist Watch

Binary Wrist Watch - gadgets for programmers

If you have developer friends and want to get them gifts, this cool wristwatch will be perfect. The binary watch shows the time in the machine language. Machines are utilizing the binary method for everything they perform. It comprises only ones and zeros but can be converted to normal number modes. 

This is as nerdy as gifting gets, and we know coders love cool stuff that shows how smart they are. It also saves energy because the LEDs only radiate if the side button is pressed. The synthetic wristband is flexible between 5.5 inches and 8.2 inches. The watch requires a CR2032 battery, which is combined and can be replaced. You can get a cool and durable one on Amazon for about $45. 

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3. Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard/Mouse

Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard/Mouse - gadgets for programmers

An ergonomic wireless keyboard or mouse is essential for programmers. They usually come with miniature wireless transceivers that can be connected to a USB port. Some advanced models can be connected via BlueTooth with a similar connection range to the USB model. 

Programmers enjoy using wireless peripherals because of their convenience and tidiness. In terms of convenience, the ergonomic designs make them more flexible and easier to work with over long hours. They give comfort you cannot get from traditional keyboards or a laptop's trackpad. They are responsive with a good connection range. 

Top brands usually sell both as one package with one receiver. A durable, ergonomic wireless keyboard and mouse brand costs at least $65 on Amazon or BestBuy. 

4. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo - gadgets for programmers

Amazon Echo is a voice assistance hub for integrating apps and smart devices. You can use this device to control smart lights, fans, and other smart appliances at home. It is an essential gadget for programmers who work from home. 

The Echo can also play your favorite tunes and attend to many pre-programmed voice commands. The voice recognition technology on this device allows it to capture commands from other rooms within the house. The hub has a good mic and impressive audio quality. It has a woofer that increases audio and controls stereo pairing. You can also send messages and make calls via voice command with the Echo Hub. Amazon's Echo Hub paired with Alexa starts at $55 and goes up to $170, depending on your preferred version. 

5. Stance Move Sit-Stand  Chair

Stance Move Sit-Stand  Chair - gadgets for programmers

The stance-move sit-stand chair is a must-have for every programmer's workstation. It is crucial for comfort while working. It allows you to relax, bend, or sit in a comfortable position that won't hurt your back. This reduces the strain on your lower back and feet during long work hours. 

It comes with stuffed leg pads and chairs for more convenience. The steel frame is durable, with adjustments that will let you change your sitting position regularly. This makes it one of the coolest gadgets for programmers as it keeps them active during work sessions. You can get a good one for about $650 on Amazon. 

6. Google Nest Home Hub

Google Nest Home Hub - gadgets for programmers

Like Amazon's Echo, this voice assistant hub from Google is one of the best gadgets for programmers. The latest versions of Google Home Hub have several additional features, one of which is a display screen. The screen is practical yet aesthetically pleasing.

The Nest Hub is also easy to set up and works with voice recognition tech. You can integrate all your smart home gadgets with this hub and control them remotely. It also delivers good sound quality and comes with cool sounds capable of refreshing moods. The latest version of Google Nest Home Hub, 2nd Gen, costs about $99.98. 

7. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi - gadgets for programmers

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap, small, card-sized computer that rams into a laptop monitor or TV and utilizes a conventional keyboard and mouse. It is a proficient little tool that allows developers to examine computing and discover how to code in Python. 

This is one of the best gadgets for programmers who love to explore such geeky devices. It comes in various operating systems such as Ubuntu Mate, Arch Linux, Windows 10 IOT, Snappy Ubuntu Core, PINET, Raspbian, Pidora, OSMC, OpenElec, RISC OS, and more. The Raspberry Pi 4B is the latest model, costing between $150 and $250. 

8. Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds/Headphones

Wireless Noise-Canceling Earbuds/Headphones - gadgets for programmers

Wireless earbuds and headphones are top relaxation gadgets for programmers. You can connect with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to enjoy good music after long hours of coding. The best versions are made lightweight and comfortable to wear for long. The best versions offer the noise cancellation feature to promote ambiance.

A good brand like Apple, JBL, or Anker utilizes good sound quality to ease your brain to gain and sustain. They are made with soft materials, so you don't feel discomfort even after using them for a long time. The surround sound effect makes them safe to listen to while working. The best noise-canceling headphones and earbuds cost between $50 and $200. Find a durable brand that offers good battery life and ear comfort. 

9. Intel Compute Stick CS125

Intel Compute Stick CS125 - gadgets for programmers

The Intel Compute Stick is a stick PC created by Intel. It is a new system to plug that has utility in various media applications. This device adds several improvements for its second generation and works great for casual Web surfing and HD media streaming. 

The CS125 Stick comes packed with Windows 10 default. The latest model works on a quad-core Intel Atom x5 processor for top-class display quality and processor power. This $159 device that looks like an oversized USB flash drive can instantly transform televisions, monitors, and even projectors into a Windows 10 desktop computer. It is one of the cool gadgets for programmers and can come in handy in many situations.  

10. USB Power Bank

USB Power Bank - gadgets for programmers

Fast-charging USB power banks are essential for developers since they need constant access to mobile devices and the internet. For a developer who works remotely, this gadget is crucial. The best part is that this gadget can also be charged using your phone's USB charger. 

Most power banks these days come with power and voltage boosting technology, which gives the quickest feasible charge of up to 3-5 amps via USB ports. They are usually portable with multiple USB ports so that you can charge more than one phone simultaneously. You can also use them to charge smartwatches, headphones, AirPods, and any USB device. 

11. Anti-Blue Ray Glasses

Anti-Blue Ray Glasses - gadgets for programmers

This is one of the most essential gadgets for programmers. Coding requires sitting in front of a computer screen for long hours. Long screen time is unhealthy for our eyes, so Anti-Blue Ray Glasses are vital for coders. 

They help prevent eye exhaustion by reducing the impact of screen light on our eyes. They have a crystalline lens that shields your eyes from ultraviolet transmission. The best lenses are created using American HEV-Adsorb technology, which shuts out high-energy blue light and blocks UV400. Wearing these often saves you from blurred eyesight and hemialgia. You can get a reliable brand that still looks nice for about $15. 

12. Arduino Board

Arduino Board - gadgets for programmers

Developers love cool gadgets like the Arduino Board. Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping program that can be used to build robust electronic programming gadgets. Arduino Uni is a microcontroller board used to create digital devices. 

You can use them to assess gadgets in the real and digital world. You can also create a single-pixel camera along with an RGB sensor. The board can be powered with a USB or an external power supply. It costs about $30 on Amazon. 

13. Samsung SSD Drive

Samsung SSD Drive - gadgets for programmers

The Samsung SSD drive is an excellent gadget backed by V-NAND Technology. Both internal and external are good for programmers. The choice is yours. The user-friendly devices has a 2.5″ SATA III (6Gb/s) SSD. The high-tech drive control through Samsung Software allows users to control the drive. It is a cool storage device with excellent performance. 

This smart storage drive is portable and lightweight, hence convenient for coders who work remotely or while traveling. It comes in different sizes. Hence, the price depends on the storage capacity you want. The 1TB capacity goes for about $150 on Amazon.

Let's wrap it up…

The coding world is constantly evolving with technology. Packing the right gadgets will significantly enhance your overall coding experience and make you more productive. The gadgets for programmers listed above are essential coding accessories and other gadgets that will ease your journey as a coder.

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