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TechBrowsersHow to Fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Error on Google Chrome

How to Fix ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED Error on Google Chrome



During operation in chrome, one may experience Chrome problem stating ERR_NAME _NOT_RESOLVED. The issue usually points out a problem associated with the Domain Name System setting of the computer being used. It can also be pointing out an issue about the URL used.
Some of the reasons that may make the err_name_not_resolved occur are:
1. The possible internet Domain Name System block causes make the problem occur.
2. Browser cookies may jam the internet Domain Name System address.
3. The computer operating system may block the DNS.
4. WIFI router connections may at times cause the problem.
Follow the steps below to see if you can fix the problem
1. Use another browser.
2. Ensure the internet is successfully connected.
3. You should check the website address correctly for spelling errors.
4. You should refresh the webpage.
5. eliminate any Domain Name System and use Google Domain Name System instead.
6. You can restart your computer and router again and ascertain whether the problems are solved.
If there is no change even after trying the above procedures, then the following steps can be of importance:
1. Renew Domain Name System using the control promptly.
This is a simple solution for the ERR_NAME_NOT _RESOLVED. You should follow the following instructions under this technique.
i. Type the “cmd” in the search box. After which you should right-click the control Prompt in the results and then afterward tap Run as Administrator.
ii. Then run the commands that appear which are, flushing, refurbish, and registering. The programmed controls can reinstate the servers.
iii. After completion, shut the control prompt and then start over the computer.
2. Turn Off Prediction Service.
Under this, You should keenly follow the following steps:
i. At the right corner and undo the settings.
ii. Then scroll down till the end and tap on the Advanced.
iii. After opening it, locate the option “use a prediction tune in loading pages more quickly” and stop. It is found under the privacy and security group.
iv. Refresh the page.
3. Deleting Browser Cookies.
At times browser cookies can be the cause of the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error. Therefore clearing browser cookies can fix the issues.
You should follow the following steps:
After opening the chrome;
i. Type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData”. Then press Enter.
ii. Verify on the cookies and other sites together with plug-in data too. After carefully checking, remove the browsing data.
4. Change your Domain Name System to Public Domain Name System.
If the problem persists, one can change the Domain Name System and form a public one. Tag along with the guidelines:
i. Press Win + R. Then type “control” and press Enter.
ii. In the Control Panel, move Network and Sharing Center and undo it.
iii. Glance on the left pane and tap on change adapter settings.
iv. Right-tap on the network and then choose properties.
v. Select the option Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then tap on properties.
vi. Select the option. Use the following Domain Name System address. Enter for preferred Domain Name System and for Alternate Domain Name System server.
vii. Press OK and save the change.
5. Clearing Chrome’s Domain Name System cache.
You can also fix the fault by deleting Chrome’s Domain Name System store by following the steps outlined below:
i. In a new tab on Chrome, type chrome://net-internals#dns as the address and press Enter.
ii. Then tap on the Store button. After clicking start over Chrome.
6. Start over Router Power Cycle.
The router can be the primary cause of the problem. It’s therefore essential to verify for transient network faults that may happen and cause the problem.
Follow the following outlines in restarting the router:
i. Shut down the router and then pull back the power cable from the router.
ii. Leave it for at least five minutes.
iii. After five minutes, plug the cable back and press the power switch on the router.
iv. Once the router is on, check the problem has been solved.
7. Confirm the Firewall and Security Software.
At times, the firewall or security software being used may block the network connection or even prevent the browser, thus causing the Domain Name System block error. If that is it, it’s advisable to verify the firewall and security software settings and unblock the browser and the network connection in use.
8. Install the Latest Updates of Chrome.
Some issues concerning the browser may be the reason for the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error. It’s therefore highly recommended that one should install the latest updates of the browser. You can also make a manual verification of updates by following the steps below.
i. Tap the list of options in the peak right corner.
ii. Then choose Help > about SEO from the menu.
iii. The browser will then verify available updates in a new tab. When there are any updates, they will be downloaded and installed automatically in the background.
iv. Once they have been established, start the browser again.
9. Stop All Extensions.
Some browser modifications can also cause the problem. Some extensions may modify the connection. By stoping all challenging extensions, You can solve the problem.
i. Tap the list of options always located in the upright corner and get More tools > Extensions.
ii. Glance for the extensions disabled and get on on the snap control adjacent. iii. After which, post stop all connections and start again chrome
10. Rearrange Chrome.
Specific instructions may cause the issue at times. When one resets chrome, all the instructions will revert to the default and all the directions removed. You should follow the following steps
i. Open the directions tab in Chrome.
ii. Move to get to the bottom of the page and tap on Advanced.
iii. Then tap on the reinstate setting their unique formats in rearrange and uncontaminated up section.
iv. Tap the Reset button and confirm.
v. After the browser has restarted.
I hope this fixes any of your issues and hope that you found them helpful. If you know of any other solution that worked for you, you can share it in the comments section.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Blogger, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and Programmer.

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