Google Chrome Themes that Will Improve Your Browsing Experience


Google chrome themes provide you with an enhancing experience when using this browser. They are eye-catching, meaning you will enjoy changing the way your browser looks. Google chrome is one of the most favorite and widely used browsers around the world. It’s easy to use, simple and secure, meaning users find it fast and appealing.

It features an app shortcut, pin tab, bookmark sync, and task management, making it among the top browsers across the globe. On top of these features, the Google browser gives you the customization option, where you can add games, themes, and extensions from the chrome web store.


Chrome themes are a type of extension whose primary function is to change the way your chrome browser appears. They enable you to have a great time when using this browser. Google has developed these aesthetics to enhance the user experience. This article looks at the 10 best themes for Google Chrome that users will want to use on their browser.

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Best Google Chrome Browser Themes

1. New York City Night Theme

Night Time In New York City theme
Any traveler’s dream is to visit New York City. It’s a city that never sleeps and the capital of the world. Thee Pupil offers you the NYC Night Theme and NYC lovers will surely love it. It features the best skyscraper assets in NYC, nightlife and illumination from every building.
Generally, the theme shows the busy yet fulfilled enjoyment of its residents. If you love thinking about this city and the many wonders associated with it, you should add the NYC Night Theme to your chrome. You’ll find it to be among the best Google Chrome themes.


2. Google Plus Theme

Google Plus Theme 600x375 1 - HiideeMedia
The Google Plus Theme is one of the best Google Chrome themes. It’s among the favorite themes and was designed while keeping Google plus in mind. The moment you install it, the resulting look is similar to Google plus.


3. Cancun Beach Mexico Theme

cancun beach mexico theme 600x318 1 - HiideeMedia
The Cancun Beach Mexico Theme gives you a refreshing feeling. This theme is offered by Amstar and freshens up the user’s mood. It’s perfectly designed in such a way that it covers both the land and the sea portion, resulting in it having the ideal nature look.
Whenever the user opens this browser, they will experience calmness and peace, which is one thing you need if you’re going to spend extended periods on your chrome browser. You can choose many other beach themes, which include aspects of the beach, giving you the choice of selecting the ones you love.


4. Panda Dumpling Theme

Panda Dumpling Theme 600x358 1 - HiideeMedia
One of the best Google Chrome themes for animal lovers is the Panda Dumpling Theme, which is offered by Apofiss. Most animal lovers only have the option of using cat or dog backgrounds.
However, the Panda Dumpling Theme gives the chance to explore other animals with a unique and different look on your chrome browser. You will love the look of the panda infant, ensuring you enjoy the look of your chrome browser.


5. Marc Ecko Theme

Marc Ecko theme
The Marc Ecko is extremely good-looking and creative. Its offered by Artists and is among the best Google Chrome themes. Depending on your mindset, you may love or dislike the zigzag patterns, but most people love them. This theme is designed by Artists for keen artist.


6. Into the Mist Theme

Into the Mist Theme 600x372 1 - HiideeMedia
Pjatton offers users the Into the Mist Theme, which sounds mysterious. It’s among the most amazing and good-looking Google chrome themes. You will love the woody and green colors in the dense trees, while the white and black contrast ensures you enjoy beautiful views on your browser.
This theme offers you a narrow path, which is surrounded by the dense and dark forest, giving you a real natural feeling. Narrow sunlight penetrates the area, ensuring the best views. The mist enhances the theme’s density and indicates seasonal effects. Users who love nature, philosophy, or introverts in nature will love this chrome theme, which is very interesting.


7. Windows 7 Google Chrome Theme

As the name suggests, the Windows 7 Chrome theme has a Windows 7 look. The Windows 7 is one of the most loved versions of Windows. However, Microsoft suggests that users upgrade to Windows 10. The Windows 7 Google Chrome theme should be among your top choices if you love using Windows 7.


8. Raindrops Theme

Google chrome themes
Hay Hsu offers chrome browser users the Raindrops (Non-Aero) theme. It’s the best choice for use during the rainy season or winter. For instance, you will love the look of heavy water droplets on your browser, which look as if the Chrome Web World has rained. It gives you an amazing natural look as if you’re in the outdoors. It’s the best choice if you want to match the virtual world with the real world.

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9. Planet Spaceix Theme

Google chrome themes
Spaceix offers users the Planet Spaceix Theme, which is among the best Google Chrome themes. If your field of interest is space science, you should choose this theme. You’ll fall in love with it as a result of lighting contrast. It’s splendid, with one part featuring daytime and loving the sunlight while the other one gives you the best nighttime looks.


10. Material Dark Theme

Google chrome themes
Deschênes provides the Material Dark Theme. It’s entirely based on the material design concept which was introduced by Google almost two years ago. Android lovers find this theme to be amazing. It was applied on the Google chrome themes along with the Smartphones.
Users may notice that this theme is identical to the material design wallpapers that were launched with the Android Lollipop version. Something that appeals to the eyes is the combination of gray and red colors. It’s one simple but classy look and the best choice for material design enthusiasts.

When choosing the best theme for your chrome, you want one that will appeal to your eyes whenever you have a look at it. Remember we all have our preferences, which means that what may look good in your eyes may not impress others. However, the above Google chrome themes should be able to give you the desired results. The best thing to do is to make a wise decision and enjoy checking out the many chrome themes on web store. Did you find another chrome theme that is cool, let us know about them in the comment section.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Graphic Designer, Blogger, Graduate Civil Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur.

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