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Top 7 Torrent Sites of all Time

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Torrents Sites are mostly used by people when they are about to download some large files. On that case, you must be looking for some torrent sites which can provide you relevant content as per your needs. However, These site only gives you copyrighted content which is normally not available on other sites and that's the secondary reason for using these torrent websites. And who doesn't love free stuff right! even when if you have an iOS then you must be paying to download some apps but in android it is free. Similarly, instead of directly having the content from the official site, you should go for some torrent sites.
Here are some sites which will be appropriate whenever you want to use download any kind or torrent files.


rarbg torrent
rarbg torrent

This site is on the market since very past time. Here you will find all torrents which can be used for a variety of torrent downloading. Simply go to its torrent panel of the site where you will find a search box which you can use to search torrent for your use or download. Just run your torrent query on its search bar to get relevant torrent content.
Website link

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2. WorldWide Torrents

worldwide torrents
Worldwide torrent is the another site which has movies, Tv shows, games, Anime and much more other torrent stuffs. All you need to do is select a torrent category to start torrent browsing. The another best part about this site is that you can even upload your own torrent stuff or request for any specific torrent but before that just simply create an account so you can avail this feature.
Website Link

3. KickAssTorrent

Kickass torrents
After going down past year when the owner and workers arrested associated to this site, the popularity started to decrease. But again this amazing site came back live on its alternative extension. You might be Thinking that there is less torrent stuff available on site but it's a big No, because it has now, even more, torrent stuff available than before.
Website link

4. Torrents Me

Torrents me
Torrents me is not exactly a specific torrent website but it is more than that. This is a Search Engine of torrents which gather the torrent data from various and different torrent websites. The process of finding the torrents is same but this time you get more and relevant torrent according to your torrent terms on its torrent search engine.

5. Zoogle

Zoogle is the wide place of torrents. It has almost all category of torrents. Many torrent websites are limited in term of e-book torrenting but this site has a good amount or ebook torrents. You can give it a five-star rating because of this site worth it. ALso, this site is friends with the above site torrents.me which is a torrents search engine. This site also has a torrent search bar with an advanced searching capability which allows you to search the term within a specific size range, Category, language and time as well.  This is a perfect solution fortorrent sites.
Website Link

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6. Demonoids

Demonoids is a Top torrent community which has a high amount of different torrent contents. It also has an advance search engine which used for searching torrent stuffs on this torrent site of your need.  Also you can have torrent chats in the site's chat category. Apply filters of your need to get relevant result.
Website link


Are you finding a torrent site which can provide you varieties of ebook torrents? then this site is for you. This site is on the internet market since 2007, and it has a huge ebook database by which you can download torrents on variety of ebooks. If you thing that you belong to programming stream and you may not find some programming ebooks here then you are wrong. Here you can find ebooks on programming language such as java, c, c++, php, ruby, python and many other ebooks related to programming languages. It's like a complete solution for ebook torrents.
Website Link
Above are the 7 torrent sites which are live that is the main issue on most of the torrent sites. Due to copyright issue every year a lot of torrent sites go down but the above sites are live and will be available for a long time. This is because of the above-given sites are very popular, however in the in any case of unavailability in above sites, I can update the respected links to each site if that's the case otherwise you can enjoy your torrenting.

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  1. Anirena.com is another website for torrents downloading that caters the needs of anime followers. Surprisingly, the website does not need users’ account since you can download your preferred Japanese anime torrents straightaway.


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