Point Godaddy Domain to Blogger Now with this Simple Guide

I bought a domain from godaddy, headup to google for guide on how to point it to my blogger blog, fortunately I saw many results but it’s applicable to old Godaddy Dashboard I visit Godaddy again and started checking the dashboard and later on I got it done. To help others so I decided to share the steps I followed.

How to Point Domain to Blogger

1. Login to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings
2. Scroll down and you would see domain section. Click on +setup a third party url for your blog as shown below.

godaddy2blogger2 techblogng - HiideeMedia

3. Enter your domain in the provided box and click on Save.

godaddy2blogger4 techblogng - HiideeMedia

4. You would be provided with a new page as below. The page shows unable to verify authority to the domain.

5. Copy out name/host/target field and destination somewhere as surrounded with rectangle below.

6. Visit Godaddy and Login Note: You would have purchase a domain from godaddy before or purchase now.

godaddy2blogger1 techblogng - HiideeMedia

7. Your dashboard looks like the above image. Expand Domains section by clicking the + icon.
8. Launch the domain you wanted to point to blogger.
9. Here’s your domain details page, Click on DNS ZONE FILE.

godaddy2blogger5 techblogng - HiideeMedia

10. The DNS ZONE look like the below image.

godaddy2blogger6 techblogng - HiideeMedia

11. Scroll down till you see CName Alias and delete default www host found there as shown below

godaddy2blogger7 techblogng - HiideeMedia

12. Now scroll back to top and click on Add Record shown at top left side.

godaddy2blogger8 techblogng 1024x591 1 - HiideeMedia

13. A popup comes up requesting for which type of record you wanted to add, choose CName Alias.
We would now enter the host details you kept at step 5. Enter www in the host section and ghs.google.com in point to. Click on add another and enter the second details.

godaddy2blogger9 techblogng - HiideeMedia

14. Save your settings.

godaddy2blogger10 techblogng - HiideeMedia

15. It’s now time to add AHost details. Click on Delete icon to delete default Ahost.

godaddy2blogger12 techblogng - HiideeMedia

16. Click on Add record again as done in step 12. A popup comes up again, select AHost for record type, in Host section just put  @  while there are four IP address (Google IPS) to point to:

Pick them one after the other and don’t forget to use @ as Host.
17. Save Changes after completed and you should now have your CName Alias and AHost as shown below.
godaddy2blogger13 techblogng - HiideeMedia


godaddy2blogger14 techblogng - HiideeMedia

18. Go back to Blogger Dashboard >> Settings and enter the domain again and save. If you got an error just wait for maximum of 24 hours and repeat steps 2 to 3.

godaddy2blogger15 techblogng - HiideeMedia


19. After you domain started working edit it again and mark redirect example.com to www.example.com and save.

godaddy2blogger17 techblogng - HiideeMedia


20. All is done now visit your site and see your domain working.
Incase you have any questions about this add your comment and I would reply as soon as possible, don’t forget to share to your social networks.

Adam Hiidee
Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Civil Engineer (GNse), Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and Serial Entrepreneur.

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