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150 Different Ways to Promote Your Blog

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Just publishing your blog posts is not enough to make your blog successful. If you want to increase blog traffic, you have to promote your blog actively. Often, many beginner bloggers neglect blog promotion because they think it takes too much time and effort. The thing is, there are things you can do that only take a few minutes of your time to promote your blog. With a little bit of time set aside to promote your blog each day, you can increase blog traffic. Some things you may notice can be used right away.

Here is a list of 150 ways to promote your blog to help you get started.

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150 Ways To Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

  1. Guest post.
  2. Submit your site to social bookmarking sites.
  3. Include social share buttons on all your posts.
  4. Quote experts to get links back.
  5. Comment on other blogs.
  6. Create images and post them to image-sharing sites.
  7. Create pillar articles- great, thorough articles that everyone links to.
  8. Add a link to your blog in your email signature.
  9. Submit to tutorial sites.
  10. Mention other bloggers.
  11. Rework your social media posts and share them more than once.
  12. Post at the most active times.
  13. Do a paid ad on another blog.
  14. Make use of relevant hashtags.
  15. Use tools to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.
  16. Remind your readers to share.
  17. Submit your RSS feed to RSS aggregators.
  18. Create ads on content delivery networks.
  19. Become an expert authority in your niche that people turn to for advice.
  20. Interview others on your blog. You add interesting content to your blog and can get a link on their site.
  21. Create a WordPress plugin and get a backlink.
  22. Create an ebook.
  23. Write about an experience.
  24. Include call-to-actions to download or share content.
  25. Write engaging posts.
  26. Create a challenge.
  27. Get traffic from search engines.
  28. Create different forms of content.
  29. Share your blog with your friends or peers.
  30. Link to other bloggers; they can link back.
  31. Make an extended guidepost.
  32. Write good, useful blog posts.
  33. Link out to established blogs and websites from within your posts.
  34. Create a giveaway.
  35. Submit your blog to blogging communities.
  36. Create a podcast.
  37. Share your posts on LinkedIn groups.
  38. Get active on relevant niche-specific forums.
  39. Create a contest.
  40. Interact in an online community or group.
  41. Submit to Scoop.it
  42. In your email signature, also link to your latest blog post.
  43. Post to relevant Google Plus communities.
  44. Submit your blog to directories.
  45. Do a study and publish the results.
  46. Post about relevant news events.
  47. Do a paid email ad on another blog.
  48. Use social media.
  49. Post to Facebook groups on your niche.
  50. Post your article to ViralContentBuzz.
  51. Create a best-of list.
  52. Repurpose (rework) your content into other forms to extend the duration of its effectiveness.
  53. Be a case study for an established site or blogger.
  54. Use Google alerts to get up-to-date post ideas.
  55. Be controversial.
  56. Trade mentions on social media.
  57. Create a page with resources.
  58. Build and use an email list.
  59. Include audio in your content.
  60. Thank people on social media.
  61. Create a scholarship.
  62. Post to existing Facebook accounts.
  63. Adapt and post your content on SlideShare.
  64. Join forum discussions.
  65. Get active on HARO to give information to reporters.
  66. Publish on Reddit.
  67. Publish to relevant sub-redits.
  68. Allow guest posts on your own blog.
  69. Post videos on YouTube.
  70. Submit your infographic to infographic showcase sites like visual.ly.
  71. Reach out to people who have linked to similar content.
  72. Make your blog available in other languages.
  73. Use Tumblr.
  74. Share content on LinkedIn.
  75. Respond to your blog comments.
  76. Make a webinar.
  77. Target popular keywords.
  78. Make your blog into a magazine on Flipboard.
  79. Create a forum.
  80. Have a fully responsive website.
  81. Use social media tools to manage your profiles and increase productivity.
  82. Publish more content per month.
  83. Create a challenge for yourself, such as a traffic challenge.
  84. Create good titles.
  85. Apply to Google News to be included.
  86. Be unique.
  87. Find resource lists and suggest your blog to their list.
  88. Utilize long-tail keywords to drive more SEO traffic.
  89. Use lots of images in your posts.
  90. Post frequently to social media.
  91. Build relationships.
  92. Use multimedia in your posts.
  93. Post on Triberr.
  94. Do a survey and publish the results.
  95. Find and improve on existing content, then reach out to those who linked to the original content.
  96. Pinto shared boards on Pinterest.
  97. Create link love posts (a list of recommended bloggers or bloggers you like).
  98. Ask an influencer for a quote and ultimately a link to your blog.
  99. Share segments of your content on social media.
  100. Cross-link within your blog posts.
  101. Create a series of posts.
  102. Email people you reference.
  103. Create an app or tool others can use on your blog.
  104. Connect to influencers and ask them to contribute to your post.
  105. Be different.
  106. Connect with people with similar content as you.
  107. Donate to sites that give a link back.
  108. Link to your new content from old content that has been popular to transfer link power.
  109. Write long blog posts.
  110. Make proper use of meta tags.
  111. Automate your social media posts.
  112. Make it easy to navigate your site.
  113. Do a shout-out.
  114. Promote your blog with a Facebook ad.
  115. Promote your blog with a Twitter ad.
  116. Promote your blog with a Reddit ad.
  117. Promote your blog with a Facebook ad.
  118. Promote your blog with a Pinterest ad.
  119. Promote your blog with an Instagram ad.
  120. Promote your content on Stumbleupon with their paid service.
  121. Have only a couple of share buttons.
  122. Syndicate and re-publish your content.
  123. Create infographics; they get lots of shares.
  124. Make sure your theme is SEO optimized.
  125. Update your site often.
  126. Submit a press release to the media.
  127. Submit your blog to Digg.com.
  128. Submit your blog to AllTop.com
  129. Submit your blog to Dmoz.com.
  130. Submit your blog to the BOTW directory.
  131. Submit your blog to www.blogs-collection.com.
  132. Have a well-designed blog.
  133. Do a case study on an influential figure in your niche.
  134. Share your posts as PDF documents on sites like Slideshare.
  135. Make a video version of your content.
  136. Give one of your posts a paid boost on Facebook.
  137. Mention influencers and then tweet to them.
  138. Make your content over 1000 words.
  139. Find the top shared blogs in your niche with BuzzSumo and reach out.
  140. Develop a posting schedule.
  141. Create a 101 list.
  142. Use a good SEO plugin.
  143. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and try to link back to your blog.
  144. Make sure your site is fast.
  145. Submit your blog to Onlywire.
  146. Submit your blog to SocialMarker.
  147. Change the post date to a “last updated” date to show search engines your content is fresh.
  148. Attend meetups and make connections.
  149. Attend events and conferences and make connections.
  150. Create a comparison or versus (vs) list in your contents.

Promoting your blog and increasing blog traffic doesn’t need to be a mystery.

With these 150 ways to promote your blog, you now have no excuse not to do at least some blog promotions. Furthermore, many of these methods take only a little time and effort.

As mentioned before, getting traffic to your blog takes time and continuous effort. Setting aside and dedicating at least 30 minutes a day can get you on the right path.

Marketing your blog shouldn’t just be something that is taken as an afterthought. Instead, it should be part of your schedule and routine. For example, after you publish a blog post, post it on social media and email the bloggers or people you mentioned in your post. This is just one way you can implement the many methods discussed above into your blogging routine.

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No one will ever know how amazing your blog is until they find out about it. Therefore, actively promote your blog, and you will increase your traffic and be setting yourself up for success.

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