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How-to Guide: Activating God Mode on Windows

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What is God Mode? God mode is a hidden windows feature that compiles an array of functions into one menu. Using God mode, you will be able to perform everything from selecting clocks for multiple time zones to defragmenting your drives, all in one location. It is also quite easy to set up and use. God Mode in Windows isn't just for power freaks. There are more than 200 administrative tools and settings that may be found in one place. All thanks to this God mode hidden feature.

God Mode was added in Windows Vista, and the majority of its options may be found in the Control Panel's various areas. In Windows 10, Microsoft has relocated much of the functionality of the Control Panel's setting options to the Windows Settings app. It still contains a number of useful options.

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Because the Control Panel is still present in the current Windows 11 beta build despite Microsoft's long-standing vow to delete it. Because of this, God Mode continues to work the same way it did in prior versions of Windows.

We will show you how to activate God Mode in Windows 10 and 11 and how to utilize it once it's activated in the guide below. There is no downside to using this function, other than the fact that it makes it easy for others to change your preferences. You can now play god on your PC if you've ever wanted to (smile).

How to Activate God Mode on Windows PC

– In Windows, right-click an empty space on the screen to bring up the context menu, then select “New.” A folder will appear in the side menu.

– Use your keyboard's F2 key or right-click the new folder on your desktop and choose Rename from the menu that appears. Using the text below, rename the folder to:

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God mode Windows 11

– Enter on your keyboard or click away from the folder to confirm the new name of the folder. A Control Panel symbol will replace the folder's icon as shown below. Enter God Mode by double-clicking this button.
Alternatively, you can right-click the icon and select Open from the menu that appears. File Explorer's “Quick Access” menu will now include God Mode.

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god mode in windows

How to Use God Mode on Windows PC

– God Mode presents a list of more than 200 Windows tools and settings arranged into categories and sorted alphabetically within them when you open the folder. Open a tool or setting by double-clicking on an entry or right-clicking and selecting Open from the context menu.

Godmode in Windows

– Use the “Create Shortcut” option when right-clicking on a specific Windows tool or setting.
Choose Yes to place the shortcut on your desktop instead of the God Mode folder when Windows warns you that you cannot create a shortcut in the God Mode folder.


– God Mode's category structure can be viewed in alphabetical order if you find it difficult to navigate. When you right-click on a vacant section in the folder, select “Group by,” then “Name.”

– As an alternative to a long list of text entries, you can display God Mode's settings as readily clickable icons rather than text entries. Use the View menu to pick between “Medium icons” or “large icons” by right-clicking on a blank spot.

– To remove God Mode, simply right-click the folder on your desktop and select Delete.

Note: Each feature in God Mode can be accessed individually via the Control Panel in Windows.

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