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How to Choose A Good Gaming Laptop

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Mobile computers are a fast-evolving branch of electronics. In the past decade, they’ve transformed from an almost useless piece of technology into effective machines. Nowadays, if you want to enjoy your favorite game without being tied to one place, you surely can do it. Recent development of small-scale tech has spawned hundreds of models of gaming laptops. Let’s hope this article will help you to choose one.

Graphics Card

Graphic Cards tbng
The most important part of a gaming laptop is its graphics card. The market is dominated by NVIDIA mobile cards. If you want at least an adequate gaming experience, you should check out models after GeForce GTX 950M. Recent additions of the GTX lineage, 980, 1060, and 1080, are real monsters in terms of efficiency.
Graphic Cards techblogng
If you prefer AMD cards, look for Radeon R9 M290X – 295X, but be sure that the laptop is equipped with good enough processor.

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Central Processing Unit

Core i7 Processor
CPU market is also monopolized, this time by Intel. Quad-core Core i7 is a mandatory element for your 60 fps 1080p experience. But the difference between newer models is insignificant after the model i7-4702HQ.

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Random Access Memory

If you want to play new games, a minimal storage capacity of your RAM should be at least 8 GB. With less memory, even an open browser may cause some lags in your GTA V. It is also important to consider the double data rate (DDR) standard of the RAM, as it is directly connected to its frequency. DDR3 and recently presented DDR4 are an optimal choice.

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Contrary to a popular belief, 4K display is not mandatory for a gaming laptop. IPS matrix with FullHD works perfectly fine without too much of a pressure on your hardware. TN matrix is more budget friendly, but it rarely can provide FullHD experience.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is a fairly new feature, but it is really fun and immersive. Unfortunately, it is available mostly for the latest generation of graphic cards (GTX 980 and better), so such an experience is pretty expensive.
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In fact, most of the models with the features, mentioned above, are more expensive, than PC of the same quality. Obviously, you have to pay for your freedom of movement. But there is a way to minimize you spending – buy a used computer. Firstly, it’s cheaper, secondly, by buying from a real person you can always make sure, that you will get what you want. So, check out to see laptops for sale and choose the one for your own use.

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  1. Hi,
    Excellent post Hiidee and most important all above mentioned Considerations very useful actaully for those who looking for a Laptop with Great Gaming Features….!!

  2. Thanks for the advice. I built a gaming PC and I use it for everything, not just games. A gaming Computer is the way to go nowadays, the more power you have, the better!


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